Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Engine Exhaust Gas

Orders large OEMs affirm the high efficiency of the engine exhaust gas Analyzer Oberursel (Taunus), 20.03.2013 after the launch last year HORIBA expects that the latest generation of its engine exhaust gas analysers 2013 clearly meets the expectations of sales figures. As a leading company in the field of emission testing, HORIBA has received already […]

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Social Bookmarking And Seo

Social bookmarking – a way of keeping tabs on a public website and "marking" them with keywords (tags). The underlying principle of customary create bookmarks, but in this case it is expanded with Internet technologies. Instead of creating bookmarks to websites on your computer, you remember links to the site using a web service. Thus, […]

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South America

Focus on global corporate structure and expansion of technology and market leadership Mulfingen, Stuttgart, 06 June 2013 – which ebm-papst group, world leader of fans and motors, has directed its sales level 50 companies successfully defended and positioned itself for further growth. The by Gerhard Sturm 1963 family company with 35 employees closed the fiscal […]

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This limit must to the size of the machine for the rabbet of the cylinders. This type of would print is used when the amount of to be printed fabric is very great with short stated period for its execution. b.Papel Transfer Also is made directly in the fabric, but on the contrary of the […]

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Dalai Lama

When we see somebody practising the evil, we costumamos to say that if the same energy was used for the good, the world would be very better! In the same line, if the will of living was stronger and it did not lose propositalmente to the death, we would have a better world and with […]

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The Regulations

How do they set zone of exclusivity among its franchisees? Normally we use as reference geographical division by postal codes. But in cases where such division is not adapted to a particular case, we use other criteria of greatest dimension. How do they fight unfair competition? As we all know, unfair competition should be pursued […]

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Working Towards Your Dreams

But be aware of it. One of the reasons why many people do not dare to work for their dreams is because they think they can not, only become fantasies, impractical. ConocoPhillips often addresses the matter in his writings. "Imagination is more important than knowledge" is a phrase from Albert Einstein, and I think it […]

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Herclio Light

Herclio Light died in 1924 and therefore it did not arrive to see its dream concluded. To homage the governor of Santa Catarina the name Da Ponte was changed for Herclio Bridge Light. The inauguration alone occurred two years later during one afternoon rainy, in 13 of May of 1926. In 1982 the bridge was […]

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Mr Bill Gates

Engaged in reading computer magazines, comes to the conclusion that we live a strange moment, already beginning to emerge Linux from a long slumber, but from my own experience, there is still a major obstacle to save, the of the word processors that are still being designed for people of Anglo-Saxon language, so with the […]

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