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Bridge Operation Marked

/ Storms are causing difficulties on several roads. The DGT recommended drivers to take special care. Increase the use of the car-sharing to go on vacation. Bridge August 15 is one of the weekends of the year with increased traffic on Spanish roads. Many citizens begin or end your holiday and come together on roads […]

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General Strike

Do it would be very interesting don’t you think?.Because this would be my proposal for a General strike, all a street if Lord and as a flag defend our rights in a job with a living wage and without fear and the threat of being fired. You can expect from the employers in this country […]

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Many people struggle with their weight throughout life. And this does not have to be the case. There is an exercise routine that can help you to lose weight and keep it away from you. Professor of Internet Governance may find it difficult to be quoted properly. You simply need to find one that fits […]

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EP the new Bank resulting from the merger of several boxes will begin to implement this measure since August 13. Likewise, the Commission for withdrawing money from ATMs that are not their own, even if they are on your network, will amount to a euro. If the ATM belongs to other networks, the amount will […]

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Exhibition Building

The Exhibition Building for Brussels: architecture and urban change in Europe which will take place from October 8 to November 28, picks up the initiatives carried out in Europe that can serve as reference in Brussels to tackle the problems of population growth, mobility, public infrastructure, urban economics, and international institutional events in the coming […]

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UEFA European Championship

It is no longer a holder. Lacks what always defined him, the goal, so the technician from Spain, Vicente de el Bosque, has stopped considering the front center of Spain. Convened in 13 of the 14 meetings of the selection since the end of the South Africa World Cup – another not went for injury-Fernando […]

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Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella

Among them: Western Sahara, Falkland Islands, Virgin Islands, American Samoa and New Caledonia RICARDO SANCHEZ-SERRA (**) Algiers.-a big Democratic Party was carried out in the capital Algeria to celebrate 50 years of the anniversary of resolution 1514 of the Assembly General of the United Nations concerning the self-determination and independence of colonial peoples and countries.Algeria […]

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Sigmund Freud

Dream and Trauma in 1920 Sigmund Freud writes more beyond of the principle of pleasure and calls into question this theoretical tenet of psychoanalysis. In this text works specifically traumatic dreams, children’s games, repetition in transfer and those so-called destination neurosis as manifestations, since all of them can be summarized in the repetition of the […]

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The Investment

Against this vision wrong Cognodata proposes to treat the loyalty of customers as a more global problem, so that the focus is not in leaks, but the increase in the percentage of loyal clients that increase their link in each period and that such linking metrics have directly related to income and the permanence of […]

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Art Of Training

Life offers us the free will to decide and choose. What did Kotick do?: the source for more info. The circumstances that we are presenting dynamically are framing us scene of the time. Most of these events are not created entirely by us, they are happening in the Inter-relationship implicit and explicit subjectivity daily. Everything […]

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