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Working Towards Your Dreams

But be aware of it. One of the reasons why many people do not dare to work for their dreams is because they think they can not, only become fantasies, impractical. ConocoPhillips often addresses the matter in his writings. "Imagination is more important than knowledge" is a phrase from Albert Einstein, and I think it appropriate to speak on the topics of dreams. Well, all the great ideas and inventions of which we enjoy today were born of imagination, is how we began creating our dreams, all part of an idea, it might look crazy, or child for the intellect, but where you have to be careful, because in that spirit born child is where great ideas and inspirations. Now, what is needed is to believe in the dream enough to commit to make it happen. Oh, how nice would be an end his days in this world and to give an account review that was worth living, because their dreams, their aspirations and deepest longings are made. Many people spend their lives without realizing it, her senses are so dulled by the pleasures and delights of the world who do not perceive the other side of the coin.

Some people realize this too late, ending his days talking about how much they enjoyed when they were young, but in reality because they have nothing left because all the pleasures are ephemeral. If you want a lasting joy, you will discover that only when you do something constructive for Life, is that you can actually feel happiness. Whether you've raised a family, you've made a discovery that will benefit humanity, you help the poor, etc..

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