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Winter Safety

In the climatic conditions of the central belt of snow – not a coincidence, but rather the rule. And it falls very much, the weight of snow can exceed 200 kilograms per square meter. Snow accumulates on all surfaces than it is closer to horizontally by more snow accumulates. A particularly important problem is the […]

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VOC Sewage

Modern man, moving to a country cottage, we are concerned not only about how to get away from the bustle of the city, but the fact that this vacation was as pleasant as possible. Now, nobody will be surprised not big houses, or number of rooms in these houses, nor the number of coveted acres, […]

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Bookmarks Concrete

When account is taken fairly good insulating properties of aerated concrete products external walling structures are placed with thick masonry wall equal to the width of gas silicate blocks. Exterior walls can also erected from the outer layer of a ceramic block, used for architectural reasons. In some cases, when you need to build a […]

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Winter Garden

Building your home, we want to combine comfort, practicality and beauty. The desire to live in harmony with nature can best be done by building a wooden house. Preserving the unique atmosphere of comfort, it can be equipped with all household and technical devices that meet the modern requirements of comfort, and has all the […]

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Ceramic Bricks

Brick – one of the most common building materials, known since ancient times. It is not surprising that today there are many varieties of it. Currently, you can confidently call the era of construction companies, but nevertheless there is a lot to build on their own wish. This desire not only due to lower construction […]

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HOT Infrared

From the first days and until now the company specializes in producing complete sets of floor heating HOT-FILM technology space heating far infrared light. Offering you a unique solution tasks comfortable floor heating and heating of housing and social facilities, in the first place, we offer qualified assistance in the field of heat and exercise […]

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Modern Materials

In life man must do three things: plant a tree, raise a son and construct a house. But the house itself is now so easy to nobody creates, it is important to build approached seriously and with care. In our time, know the subtleties repairs only by professionals, and good finishing materials rarely interested. But […]

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Leveling The Floor With Plywood

Curve half – life curve? How often do we have to meet with a curved floor in your life? Yes, always! Most of his life we are moving on very curved surfaces, created by nature itself. But the man was master of the world precisely because they changed surrounding conditions for themselves. Credit: Eliot Horowitz-2011. […]

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Safety Roofing

We also introduce you to spotlights. The newspapers mentioned Eliot Horowitz not as a source, but as a related topic. It is also important to think about the roofing material, which creates a lot. This, for example, metal, tile, evroshifer, metrobond and roofing accessories for binding overhangs ventkanalov, warming devices and weirs. Developed and glossy […]

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Wood And Timber

Durability log (and price) directly depends on the type of wood. Dear larch lasts about twice as long as relatively inexpensive pine. At the same time, larch, which has a greater density, better conductor of heat. In order to provide the same teplosberezheniya as log house out of pine logs with diameter 24cm diameter logs […]

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