Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Dalai Lama

When we see somebody practising the evil, we costumamos to say that if the same energy was used for the good, the world would be very better! In the same line, if the will of living was stronger and it did not lose propositalmente to the death, we would have a better world and with […]

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The Sprouting

Already the parents, in its majority, feel themselves anxious and divided between perspective to see its children conquering new spaces, at the same time, to have that to leave them with unknown people. Not rare times are felt threatened to lose the love of its children or to have that dividiz them with others. It […]

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Pitty Band

It is difficult to divide what it is the history of the Pitty band or what is the history of the Pitty singer, artistic name of Priscila Novaes Leone. The singer is the face and the spirit of the band, creating a direct identification with rockeiro public young e. Pitty always liked rock and frequentava […]

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