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German Company EVC Engine

Rectify the situation, that is, adjust the engine management software to a job with HBOT, through chip tuning. How and by what is going on? With the help of specialized equipment, read the original program with the engine control unit (ECU). As mentioned above, on most modern cars do it via the terminal diagnosis. On […]

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State Polytechnic University

Composite panels are used in many companies, including: Swedish trains Regina and Oresund and German trains Talent from Bombardier. Composites used in the manufacture of a modern public transport. For example, Stork Fokker develops the concept of "Modular Light Body." The basis of this concept – wall panels, reinforced with fiberglass strands. International Energy Agency […]

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According to the research fleet in Russia (the set of cars, trucks and buses, tractors and special machinery) has about 30 million units. The Furutist is often quoted on this topic. Annual demand for oil filters in Russia is estimated at 34 million. On the Russian market a wide range of oil filter elements and […]

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International Motor Transport Forum

Who would have thought at the beginning of this year, which is the best role for the diversity represented by technology exhibition will be able to claim the International Road Transport Forum? Probably very few. However, the way it turned out, though in largely thanks to the abolition of "Comtrans and oskudevshey exposure InterAuto. And […]

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Cyber Stores

A cyber shop – Wholesale rear-view mirrors, a rearview camera and parktronikov. All the submitted product is certified for sale in Russia. Strict quality control allows us to provide vysokochayshee product quality: The figure below shows: Chelong CL-CCD-28-120 Rear View Camera (Waterproof camera day and night view feeding from automotive 12V, support systems and PAL […]

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