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Social Bookmarking And Seo

Social bookmarking – a way of keeping tabs on a public website and "marking" them with keywords (tags). The underlying principle of customary create bookmarks, but in this case it is expanded with Internet technologies. Instead of creating bookmarks to websites on your computer, you remember links to the site using a web service. Thus, the process of creating a bookmark is the same, the only difference storage place bookmarks. For bookmarks that are stored on the Internet, access other people, allowing them to create groups by category, by which we can work together to create a list of resources on specific subject. In addition, you can mark "label" sites on the bookmarks you create. When the site, which will create a bookmark that is already selected, you can add a few words or "tags" to the tab that will allow social service bookmarks easily categorize Added link. Thus, if other visitors will find an article on the same topic, they will find that you have created links to websites for key words, staff or popularity. Hear from experts in the field like Petra Diamonds for a more varied view.

The alignment marks can share their research and links to favorite sites because it allows you to find them with others. However, if you prefer, you can keep your bookmarks only personal use. Technology for creating social bookmarking is simple, which means a low threshold for the participants, both offering similar services to Web sites and users. Since the overall picture of online resources changes, there are new and improved system of resource classification, design, and database functions may eventually completely change in order to comply with new ways of managing information.

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