Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

State Contacts

-The sales process management: control of potential clients, accounts/clients, contacts and sales opportunities. Vtiger CRM includes modules for budget, orders, invoices and tariffs (already features more characteristic of commercial management programs). -After sales: incidents associated with clients and staff of the company assigned control module. VTiger CRM implements a section of frequently asked questions (FAQ) […]

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Site Computer

Computing resources are currently one of the most important elements in the expansion of a company, deliver us large benefits in the control and exploitation of information as well as process automation. One of the main limitations of a company in expansion is investment in human resources that have a computer profile, this tends to […]

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Bartlet Between

This Park and its system of terraces can be visited since It has a good program for public use. The Sierra Maestra mountain system, the most extensive, wide and high in the country, is located on the edge of the coast, between Cape Cruz and Baconao. The road that runs parallel to the coast, next […]

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CRM Knowledge

CONVERGING knowledge required for progress in the management of clients using ICT background: customer management evolves by leaps thanks to the technologies of the information and communication technology (ICT). Quickly companies have adapted many of their older systems of promotion, management of sales, services, logistics, distribution and control of interactions with customers. The traditional administrative […]

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Key Access

Many times it happens, in the workplace and at home, we need to leave the computer turned on, but we do not want another person to have access to the documents which we are using or Windows that you have open while we are absent. Turn off or suspend the computer is an option valid, […]

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Improve Employee Productivity

In a time like the present, where unemployment in Spain affects more than 5 million people, may seem inappropriate raise issues such as the quality of the work. If we put ourselves in the shoes of any stopped it is understandable that, at first instance, it may even be offensive approach to issues such as […]

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Paris Products

Outdoor advertising, according to the name – is the manufacturing process of advertising on the street, that is, roughly speaking, from the outside. The phrase "outdoor advertising" has become so familiar to denote different kinds of decoration signs, stands, illuminated letters and boxes that quite often in interior design or product names replaced by the […]

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Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking or Social Bookmarking are a way to store, classify and share links on the Internet or an Intranet. Besides general links markers, there are specialized services in different areas such as books, videos, music, shopping, maps, etc. Social bookmarking also form part of the social news bookmarking like Digg. In a social bookmarking […]

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