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General Strike

Do it would be very interesting don’t you think?.Because this would be my proposal for a General strike, all a street if Lord and as a flag defend our rights in a job with a living wage and without fear and the threat of being fired. You can expect from the employers in this country […]

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Many people struggle with their weight throughout life. And this does not have to be the case. There is an exercise routine that can help you to lose weight and keep it away from you. Professor of Internet Governance may find it difficult to be quoted properly. You simply need to find one that fits […]

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Exhibition Building

The Exhibition Building for Brussels: architecture and urban change in Europe which will take place from October 8 to November 28, picks up the initiatives carried out in Europe that can serve as reference in Brussels to tackle the problems of population growth, mobility, public infrastructure, urban economics, and international institutional events in the coming […]

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Sigmund Freud

Dream and Trauma in 1920 Sigmund Freud writes more beyond of the principle of pleasure and calls into question this theoretical tenet of psychoanalysis. In this text works specifically traumatic dreams, children’s games, repetition in transfer and those so-called destination neurosis as manifestations, since all of them can be summarized in the repetition of the […]

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If you eat a snack and then another, and suddenly, without even realizing you already finished you your lunch, probably is that you were not paying attention to your food. Eat at the computer at your work, hobby can pass you an account of collection that you won’t receive: weight gain. Several of my patients […]

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The origin of the five S is in their names in Japanese, all words beginning with S; Seiri (sort), Seiton (arrange), Seiso (clean), (welfare) Seiketsu and Shitsuke (discipline), as you can see, to translate them into the Spanish no begins with S. This method has been integrated to the enterprise quality certifications, you can implement […]

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Steve Alpizar

Now to change the internal perception takes time and work, but only attempt to try the dish of rats, you will notice that changing a preconception in its interior is a rather arduous task, the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar shows super early to clear limiting beliefs […]

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The Chilean

It is important to note that each of the marked phonemes have his appearance at a certain age according to the neuromuscular maturation of children, with a lag of more or less 6 months (Dale, 1980). The second most obvious difficulty that occurs in the child population, with regard to the language, are called phonological […]

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Edgar Morin

1 Educate for uncertainty reality changes at a speed so great that surprises us when we least expect it, the changes that previously gave six centuries now occur in less time: new inventions, new fashions, new behaviors, all this creates for us a sense of confusion, instability, uncertainty as says Edgar Morin, the 20th century […]

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Central Bank

If the ECB reduced interest rates again could this way stabilize the confidence of investors, and minimize the effects of the global crisis.It is estimated that the EUR/USD pair will be dominated by a high volatility level, while the pair will attempt to stabilize, and can that new levels of support and resistance are defined. […]

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