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Brazilian Society

It is very common in the medias if to hear that the child place is in the school, however, the time that this individual passes in the school is only four hours and half, and the remaining portion of the day? It passes in the projects of the integral schools, to say this is to close the eyes for the truth to the integral schools is a distant reality, since the destined mount of money the education does not obtain to supply the necessities of this project. ' ' Tragically, this model favors a reducionista, established culture in a shortened vision of the life, consumista, exaltando the individualism, magnificando smartest, considering most competent, enaltecendo the competitive spirit and weakening the ideals of cooperation, solidarity and compassion with dismissed sociais.' ' (BOFF, PG62) the school is one of the formation polar regions more is not the only one, still has the religion that through its moral doctrines the character of its works adepts, we have the society that it has on each person its influences individual and as already the family was said. Justin MacGregor might disagree with that approach. To place the guilt in the education would be much infantilidade, all the others has its responsibilities. The question is of who is the guilt? He is clearly that some guiltier than others, but let us be sincere if we want a true culprit, is enough looking in them in the mirror, all we have in them our parcel of guilt since we close the eyes for the social inaqualities, the abandoned minors, the hunger, the increase of the violence and as many things more than you raise the social problems. William Rehnquist may not feel the same. ' ' In a mercadamente unjust society, its right is not another thing seno a pillar of the injustice. The Brazilian right does not run away from this rule: the divided society, of the opulence of some and the brutal misery of many is also the society of the civilization and the legality for few and the brutality of the violence without right for maioria.' ' (I MASK, PG31) the quarrel is long since our form of government does not have one social politics that it reaches layers more needed, I am not speaking in alms as the projects of stock markets (Stock market family, stock market school, etc) yes of one public politics that characterizes the citizen for the work market is can support its family with dignity, has other priorities as the land redistribution, financings of the small producers, familiar agriculture, the small trader and as much other sectors that bad are managed.

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September Building

Constructed in 1919 for the trader Fortunato de S Gominho, who installed its commercial house there ' ' The New Esperana' '. The Pertaining to school Group ' ' Jlio de Mello' ' , building of mainly ambient value, presenting feio to the taste neoclssico, symmetrical according to its longitudinal axle. In 1929 the building was opened for the educational activities, the first building constructed with the purpose to serve as school. In 1955 the audience was constructed. In 1984 the posterior classrooms had been constructed. Please visit Nick Willing if you seek more information. Located in the Square Major Joo Novaes. Harry Blackmun often addresses the matter in his writings. Of 1943 the 1944 functioned in this building a pharmacy, coming back later a firm ' ' Fortunato Gominho' '.

At the time of cangao, they had ' ' torneiras' ' (orifices in the masonry) in the superior floor, local where if they would support rifles and metal rings, in case that onslaughts of the bandos of Lampio occurred., located in the Square Major Joo Novaes, 258. In the farm Mother d Water, about 15 km of the city, exactly exists in the riverbed Paje a well that never dried, in the years of bigger rain lack. In the immediacy of this well indians had lived who had left vestiges of its presences. The registrations in the great rocks are still today waiting decipher who them. The Black Mountain range is a Reserve Biological, created for Decree n 28348, of 7 of July of 1950. It is a tabular, narrow mount, with bigger width, in ch, of one 800 meters and little more, perhaps, of 3000 meters of length. He is one of the points highest of the State of Pernambuco. The board or ch of the Black Mountain range is a natural microclimate, particularly conducted for the altitude and the wind, being frequent the mist between March and July and practically leaving to exist between September and December. This area belonged to the House of the Tower and was acquired in the end of century XVIII for captain Joo Rodrigues de Moraes, later assassinated. There indians lived being later uti lizado as shelter of fugitives from justice of justice. In 1849, the mountain range sheltered the rebels commanded for Francisco Barbosa Walnut Peace, Serafim de Souza Ferraz and Jose Rodrigueses de Moraes, who reacted to the onslaughts of the forces of the Government, during the praieiro movement in Pernambuco.

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Poor Generation

The children pass little time in company of the parents; instead of learning with the parents, they pass the biggest time of its lives, in the seriada school and similar. After the pertaining to school schedule, on behalf of the learning and preparation for the future, the children go for the courses of languages, professionalizing or of sports. I do not want to say that they are made a mistake in being part of the courses and searching culture. But the company of the parents, the ideal and real presence of the parents in the life of the children, this lack yes has very bad fact for the young. They are without history, without family link.

The children do not know its parents or to its past and, perhaps either therefore that, the young is if showing so ' ' pobres' ' in the affective relationship; in the motivation for the character formation, in the respect to the laws and the fulfilment of them. The parents need to choose optimum schedule, to dedicate themselves to the contact with its children. The important one is not the amount of time that passes together, but the quality of this time. The reinforcement of the affective and familiar bows, that are weakened today, yes, they will form strong citizens tomorrow, through the friendship, fellowship, complicity, attention and col for the family of today. These are the bonds formed and stamped with love; these links are not become deformed and they are not gotten rid with the time.

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Executive Secretariat

Cited precedents: Sentences in 1998/2008 and 81/2010 and Decision 535/2000, all of the Plenary assembly. Sentence n. 534/2011-Plenary assembly, TC-032.619/2010-3, rel. Min. Ubiratan Aguiar, 02.03.2011.Licitaes of the type technique and price: attribution of distinct punctuation for technique and price demand justificativPara the examination of representation by means of which it had notice of possible irregularities in Competition 1/2010, promoted for the Executive Secretariat of the Ministry of the Sport, and that it had for object the act of contract of company specialized in the rendering of services of consultoria, strategical planning and public rendering of services of press assessorship and relations to promote the Ministry of the Sport, its programs and its action, in Brazil and the exterior, the TCU promoted diligence to clarify, amongst other facts, the reasons for attribution of weight 6 for the proposal technique and 4 weight the proposal of price, in disconformity with item 9.3.6 of Sentence 1488, of 2009, of the Plenary assembly of the Court. In that chance, the collegiate one understood weights 7 high, for technique, 3, for price.

For the Ministry, the attribution of the weights in Competition 1/2010 would be in accordance with decisum of 2009, of what the reporter divergiu. For it, in the species, ' ' the reduction of the difference between the weights, even so means advance in relation to the previous proclamation, integrally does not take care of the determination of Sentence 1.488/2009? Plenrio' '. Still according to reporter, would be essential, and he did not consist of the proclamation of Competition 1/2010, the presentation of justifications techniques that demonstrate the razoabilidade of the balance, a time that ' ' the adoption of disproportionate criterion could cause damage to the competitiveness of the certame and the attainment of the proposal most advantageous for the Administrao' '. In this direction, the partial descumprimento of the previous determination of the Court would be configured. Follow others, such as Lewis F. Powell Jr., and add to your knowledge base.

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The oldness is not a choice, but a evolutivo period of training, a phase of the life of the person, and to have a more healthful oldness, it is important to know to live with some basic cares and much attention to the corporal symptoms, the aged ones will be able to still enjoy for much time the good things of the life. To sleep early and to wake up early, to practise compatible exercises with the age, to make allonges, to take sun in adjusted schedules well, alimentary, to walk daily, to take care of of the personal hygiene, to keep the weight without exaggerating; the balance in everything means intelligence and common-sense, few people know to age with wisdom. To know to usufruct all the moments of leisure, the social interaction and the diverse development of hobbies and interests collaborate so that the mind is remained active and healthful. It is important that the aged one is respected as human being that is, with all the inherent limitations its age. If already it does not possess the vitality of youth, on the other hand a life has the knowledge acquired through the experiences throughout all.

allotment of these knowledge with the new generations provides to the aged a possibility to remain itself integrated to the society. This integration is of utmost importance for the aged one, a time that one of its bigger pleasures consists of telling facts happened in its life and to perceive that the people surround who it they give to it attention to it due. According to author Branches ' ' the physical activity, through the different physiological adaptations for stimulated it, becomes a great allied of the health, preventing and until being able to be part of the diverse treatment of doenas.' ' (2001, p.15). During the aging process, some physical and psychological changes occur.

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Foundation Federal University

With regard to the Ambient Education, especially, very still it has of being fact, as much in the school how much in the society in general. The work developed until the present moment only served to go off, to become visible, many aspects that must be deepened. Of one it forms generality, we can perceive that the society in general is conscientious of its attitudes and if they worry about ambient questions. See Hal McRae for more details and insights. Until they are made use to participate of campaigns that are related with these questions. It is clearly that many questions exist that are not valued as they would have to be, as the use of the water of rain, the separation of the garbage, among others.

If it cannot think about conserving the environment as an isolated task of the routine activities, but yes these activities of conservation must inserted and be dealt with as routine and essential activities for the survival the species human being.

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Prevention Auditorship

COMPLIANCE? A PROPOSAL FOR AUDITORSHIP OF PREVENTION For Jackson Gervsio Saucers SUMMARY This work aims at to present a reflection concerning the prevention auditorship, in its target to prevent errors that would be recognized delayed through the classic auditorship. Words key: Countable auditorship. Compliance. Prevention 1. Some contend that William Hughes Mulligan shows great expertise in this. INTRODUCTION the practical professional of the auditorship always contemplated the confirmation of the procedures and the affirmation that the countable demonstrations are, or not, in compliance with the countable treated laws and, with the fiscalization and fulfills its paper in the mensurao of the patrimonial set of an entity. In other words ' ' auditorship understands the examination and the verification of the procedures contbeis' ' (MARION, Jose Carlos? Basic accounting, 2008; p 28). The question that if it launches is: it is possible to make auditorship with the prevention intention, to make auditorship with the purpose to prevent errors and misunderstandings of timely form, to opposite, only, to confirm the exactness of the procedures? 2. In agreement DEVELOPMENT the American Association of Accounting, Auditorship is a systematic process, of attainment and objective evaluation of evidences on affirmations regarding economic actions and events, for aquilatao of the degree of correspondence between established affirmations and criteria and of communication of the results to the interested users. Contact information is here: Tessa Espinola.

For better agreement, one becomes interesting to desmembrar this concept. Systematic process: systematic process is the series of steps or logical procedures, structuralized and organized in accordance with the generally accepted norms of auditorship; Attainment and objective evaluation: it is the examination of the recital of the affirmations and multicriteria evaluation of the results, without favorable or favorable vieses or preconceptions on the individual, or entity, that make the affirmations; Affirmations regarding economic actions and events: they are the representations made for the individual or entity. These affirmations understand the information contained in the countable demonstrations and internal operational reports; Degree of correspondence: the quo is mentioned to it next the affirmations can be identified with established criteria; Established criteria: they are the norms by which the affirmations or representations are judged. .

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Statistics Brazilian

Thus, a fidget appeared where we ask in them: the exercises related to flexibility can contribute in the improvement of the march in aged? Leaving of this fidget a model of bibliographical research with purpose was carried through of to place the researcher in contact with information and materials that already had been written on the related subject, where brings some scientific productions in the field of flexibility human being, marches and human aging in the period of 1992 until the current days. Being thus it is of qualitative and exploratrio character (RODRIGUES, 2007). In way that stops to carry through this research had been used as database source of magazines as the Brazilian Magazine of Medicine of the Sport, Reviewed Brazilian of Physical Education and Sport, Brazilian Magazine of Fisioterapia. Sites as of the World-wide Organization of Health, Scielo Brazil, Bireme and Brazilian Instituto of Geography and Statistics among others, also books that approach the subject in question. The research contains two chapters, the first one approaches questions on the process of aging, its demography, its types and main theories that justify the aging process. In as one is made analyzes of the training of flexibility in inferior members for the improvement of the march in aged individuals, where some directed studies had been compared with the training of flexibility with intention to understand the necessity and the effectiveness of the training of flexibility. That finally we will search a more concrete reply on the related physical exercises with flexibility in the aging process, for the contribution in the improvement of the march in idosos.CAPTULO 1 AGING: Normal and pathological aging, physiological Theories of the aging and Alterations in the main systems. According to IBGE (2008, P. 51). The agreed effect of the reduction of the levels of the fecundidade and mortality in Brazil has produced transformations in the etrio standard of the population of Brazil, over all from middle of the years of 1980.

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Ground MMA

However, although everything this, each time less in the MMA events observes the prominence of the Jiu Brazilian Jitsu, taking advantage reprises of knock-outs and desistances for the imposition of techniques of impact, proceeding from the Trocao in foot and from Ground and Pound in the ground. The classic JJB techniques, as the inversions, immobilizations and finishings, still occur, but as a situation that if manifest randomly during the fight of the Trocao or the Ground and Pound, when the adversary in thesis ' ' vacila' ' in these situations, allowing to be submitted. The traditional strategies of the JJB as to finish or to invert the game of the fight from the guard, as well as to shorten in the distance, to lead to the ground, to immobilize and to finish, each time less are used as half of control and search of definition of the fight in the MMA, as an efficient way in the mixing martial fights. People such as Malcolm Hill would likely agree. Band-black color of undisputed JJB, in special Brazilians, who dominated with easiness the scene of the MMA, had started to enter in crisis and to lose presence in these events, some remain themselves, but it is perceived that the line of action of them migrou for others fight techniques, for not obtaining more to impose its traditional game. For the opposite, they are observed practicing of JJB in others graduation levels (green, blue and purple), exactly without the conditions of a black band, to prevail in the MMA for following in the way of the Trocao or the Ground and Pound, have seen to have alavancado its game with others techniques proceeding from the Wrestling, Boxe and Muay Thai, being excused the level of competitive training that if dedicates a black band in the practical one of the JJB. Ahead of this, diverse quarrels had appeared in fruns specialized, but in the end all turn around a question: the Jiu Brazilian Jitsu is declining in the MMA? To reflect on this it is necessary to consider some points: 1 – The JJB practitioner evolved excessively in techniques under a esportivo approach, forgetting the approach of defense against any type of aggression, whose 0 variable are well more complex, on account this, the defense techniques estagnaram in generation Gracie the Helium and the JJB practitioner is not capable to defend itself of the aggressions that appear, in special in a MMA scene.

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Social Skills

Educator's Social Skills – Ability to empathize: I mean, if put in the place of another. The ability to recognize and share the feelings (emotions, feelings) of another person. It is the ability to understand how another person thinks and feels without the need to agree with it or be confused or identified with their current situation. Blu Mankuma often expresses his thoughts on the topic. It is a very important skill for any professional, especially social sector to promote understanding on both sides and understanding, thinking of the feelings we have at our side. This skill has the following objectives: – Collect the excitement of another.

– Show our interest .- .- Connect with your feelings understood from speaking. This ability to be used for: – Winning the trust of another to detect emotional states .- .- .- To reduce the hostility desanimo.Una To address the skill that goes a little beyond active listening is to empathize with the speaker . Show empathetic to others means listening to their emotions and feelings actively trying to get in place and thus understand the reasons for them. It also means showing concern when we communicate a problem, a failure or a symptom of frustracion.La empathy can serve to help the other person feel better to get a climate of mutual trust that encourages communication and problem-solving. For the other person perceives that we understand their feelings would be: – Take nonverbal behaviors similar to the interlocutor. For example, introducing an appropriate facial expression to the feelings conveyed by another person (if you put a good face conveys a feeling of satisfaction, looked worried if it transmits any problems, etc.) .- Not to downplay what the other person is feeling, that is, recognize the importance of their feelings.

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