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Orders large OEMs affirm the high efficiency of the engine exhaust gas Analyzer Oberursel (Taunus), 20.03.2013 after the launch last year HORIBA expects that the latest generation of its engine exhaust gas analysers 2013 clearly meets the expectations of sales figures. As a leading company in the field of emission testing, HORIBA has received already binding orders from various German, U.S. and Japanese OEMs. Many more requests from vehicle manufacturers as well as engineering services and inspection centres are also the company. The analysis system provides an improved inspection efficiency and thus an acceleration of engine and vehicle development as compared to conventional systems.

It follows not only the tradition of the very successful MEXA-7000 series, but is superior to its predecessors in terms of usability, ease of maintenance and self-diagnostics, as well as in the design. The MEXA-ONE was also awarded as a hardware innovation of the year. The benefits of our Engine and vehicle manufacturers help latest engine exhaust gas analysis system, to reduce costly development time”, says Atsushi Horiba, Chairman, President & CEO of HORIBA Ltd. we are also very proud of the system that underscores the high technological standards of the company. Click here is likely to increase your knowledge. Thanks this our highly motivated and experienced staff of course.” The compact exhaust gas measuring system is used to evaluate catalytic systems for the NOX aftertreatment and supported vehicle manufacturers comply with future emission standards. An intuitive user interface, a new integrated operating platform, as well as the newly developed device design with front access improve the system maintenance and guarantee a continuous and stable operation. The high commercial value of MEXA-ONE in the area of exhaust gas measurement was recognized also by the automotive testing technology International (ATTI) magazine. A jury consisting of features from experts for automotive testing and industry journalists the ATTI award Efforts by individuals or companies, which contribute to changes in the field of automotive development.

“” The HORIBA group at the ATTI 2012 awards the prize in the category hardware innovation of the year “for the MEXA-ONE and came in the company of the year category” in the shortlist. About HORIBA headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, the HORIBA group is a worldwide leading manufacturer of measuring instruments and systems for the areas automotive test systems, process and environmental technology, medical diagnostics and semiconductor manufacturing. In addition, HORIBA has a wide range in the area of molecular & elemental analytical instrumentation for research, quality control and laboratory analysis. The Internet address of HORIBA is. HORIBA automotive test systems as part of the worldwide HORIBA group has HORIBA automotive of test systems (ATS) as a leading company in the field of exhaust gas measurement, of test systems for the Powertrain and the development of test bed certification systems established. HORIBA ATS offers its customers turnkey solutions for drive, motor and vehicle testing. HORIBA ATS serves manufacturers and suppliers in every industry, the combustion and turbine engines required: automobile, truck/off-road -, commodity, marine, air and aerospace and railway industry.

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