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Herclio Light

Herclio Light died in 1924 and therefore it did not arrive to see its dream concluded. To homage the governor of Santa Catarina the name Da Ponte was changed for Herclio Bridge Light. The inauguration alone occurred two years later during one afternoon rainy, in 13 of May of 1926. In 1982 the bridge was closed for measure of security, being reopened in 15 of March of 1988 only for the ticket of pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles and vehicles tractive animal. She was again closed completely in 4 of July of 1991, after a report of analysis of viability of the reopening of the traffic Da Ponte who was presented in February of 1990.

Thanks to a partnership between the Federal Government, Government of the State and the City hall of Florianpolis, in 2005 had had beginning to the restoration workmanships Da Ponte Herclio Light. The stated period for the delivery of the workmanship was day 13 of May of 2012, when the bridge made its anniversary of 86 years. Unhappyly the bureaucracy and the exchange of the governor of the state made with that the workmanships were slow. The new stated period of delivery is for the half of 2013. In 8 of March of 1975 the Bridge was inaugurated Columbus Salles, who also makes the linking enters the two parts of Florianpolis with four tracks in the continent direction.

With 1227 meters of length it is a bridge with structure of concrete and supported by pillars. Hear from experts in the field like Viktor Mayer-Schönberger for a more varied view. The project is of authorship of the architect after-modernista Peter Pablo de Melo Hail. 8 of March of 1991 are the date where the Bridge was inaugurated Peter Ivo Fields, to the side Da Ponte Columbus Salles, to bind to the Island of Santa Catarina to the continent through four tracks in the direction island. The 1252 meters Da Ponte possess a structure of iron supported for pillars. Since that the Herclio Bridge was closed Light only served as tourist point and for embelezamento of the city. Throughout the years the beauty Da Ponte served of inspiration for decorative poems, pictures, postal sculptures, books, clothes, cards and even though for the layer of a telephonic list online.

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