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Freshly Tapped…

The new homepage of Kulmbach beer week the famous Kulmbacher beer week has received a new home on the Internet: presents itself with the new design, sophisticated navigation and friendly recycled content. The new site offers a fresh tapped platform for all beer week fans and those who want to be there. “Authenticity, tradition […]

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PCs Computype

As the saviors of TippTopia have a quick feeling of success and are still motivated the next day to continue the mission and to learn typing. Each module concludes with a comprehensive report, in which details of errors and typing speed are represented graphically. Parents are regularly informed about the success of children by E-Mail, […]

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IT Operations Manager

“The trend has been toward more and more applications in the cloud “Companies the freedom to move their processes in the cloud and on it from anywhere to access,” says Marcel Maron, IT Operations Manager at Mikogo and pioneer of cloud desktops. Futurist usually is spot on. Accessibility and reliability as the main benefits of […]

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Steve Jobs Death Is Used For Facebook Scam

The CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, died last week at the age of 56 years the CEO of Apple, Steve jobs, died last week at the age of 56. The passionate tinkerer, which is a role model for many IT thinker, was considered not only as an outstanding entrepreneur, but changed with the invention of […]

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Independent Films – Watch TV Over The Internet

More and more possibilities of the consumption of films via the Internet films produced by major studios without sales support or funding, is called: independent movies. First there were the phenomenon only in America, but now it is in many countries. These films are usually small movies. Manufactured under very high pressure of time, but […]

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Tamaris Shoes Online Easy Buy

Tamaris online shop offers invoice purchase with BillSAFE in Berlin/dreilinden, August 18, 2011 shoe lovers Tamaris can buy from immediately the mark comfortably the Timarete per invoice. The Schuhhaus shooting oHG, which now has decided on the issue of payment for BillSAFE, the invoice purchase provider most popular according to TNS Emnid in Germany online […]

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