Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Car Nascar Racing

If nowadays much people say that ' ' race game is everything igual' ' , they must this to the Papyrus, that created has one decade the classic Indianapolis 500 more than, visa as the first realistic simulator of professional race. After it, all the companies had tried to catch vacuum behind it and the […]

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Contemporary Philosophy

A wide inclined environment for the sprouting of a infinity of fetiches was created, in the marxist direction of the term. By the way, the same ones if have become each time more banal. To search on this problematic one urges of the necessity to go deep itself the knowledge of the process of social […]

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It is lived immersed in an ocean of sounds, even so not if it has conscience of this during most of the time. For the man, to appreciate the sounds of the universe is current fact since the times most remote of the humanity. Peoples and diverse cultures present different sonorous landscapes. The sonorous landscape […]

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Electronic Governana

On the basis of the study of the Managing Committee of noBrasil Internet (CGI), that it demonstrates to the evolution of the use of technologies of the information ecomunicao (TIC) in the Brazilian governments and the dosgovernados degree of envolvement in the approach with its managers, more becomes basic avaliaodeste advance in the relation citizen […]

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