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Paris Products

Outdoor advertising, according to the name – is the manufacturing process of advertising on the street, that is, roughly speaking, from the outside. The phrase "outdoor advertising" has become so familiar to denote different kinds of decoration signs, stands, illuminated letters and boxes that quite often in interior design or product names replaced by the […]

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New Features

gold key it knows the S4. BMW: the magnifying of the line of utilitarian with the X1, the esportivas versions of the X5, X6 and possibly the importation of the X3 and the Series 5 GT. Its Mini mark will have to also bring some models. Citron: subcompacto DS3 will have to arrive to compete […]

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Aesthetic Human

In principle, one would think that many human characteristics, such as the aesthetic sense, a calm presence, consciousness of the spiritual laws, the maintenance and cultivation of ethical values, etc. are aspects that little or nothing to do with efficacy in human affairs. However, this is not true for several reasons. In principle the human […]

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Residential Automation

According to Andrade & Souza (2004), to allow the transmission of data in broad band, is necessary the use of higher frequencies, in the band between 1MHz and 30MHz. As the electric energy passes through in the band of Hz and the waves of the transmission signals are in the order of MHz, the transmission […]

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