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Cast iron sectional radiators radiator Such transfers about 30% of the total amount of heat radiation, and 70% of the heat transferred by convection. Section radiators cast iron. Operating pressure 6atm. The most widely used radiators have the MS-140 (GOST 8690-75). A distinctive feature of the radiator – high thermal inertia.

Because of the low speed coolant radiators in sections, over time, sediment builds up, leading to non-uniform heat transfer from the radiator. This calls for periodic flushing the radiator. Most of the heat capacity and thermal inertia of the iron-pa diatorov not quickly change the temperature in the room. Therefore, they are poorly suited for systems equipped with hourly temperature regulation. Widespread cast-iron radiators were in systems with natural circulation of coolant.

Steel Radiators Panel type Panel radiator is made of two stamped and then welded together steel plates of thickness 1.4-1.5 mm. The heat sink may comprise one, two or three panels. Panel radiators are designed to operating pressure to 10 atmospheres. Radiators of this type are widely used for individual heating and hot water heating systems connected to the heat network to the independent circuit. Radiators are available with side and bottom connecting carrier. Option with the lower connection is equipped with built-in thermostatic valve. The panel steel radiators have low thermal inertia. This type of radiator works well with systems Auto maintenance and daily temperature regulation. Panel radiators have a high hydraulic resistance and are designed for systems with forced circulation of coolant. System heating of steel panel radiators must be constantly filled with coolant. The coolant radiator is necessary for these deaerated to prevent corrosion of the inner surface of the radiation-General. Aluminium sectional radiators Sectional aluminum radiators are collected on the same principle as the cast iron, but has a modern design and low thermal inertia. Radiators are made of special aluminum alloy that is resistant to corrosion. Radiators are available for use in systems with pressures up to 6 bar and 16 bar (usually with the prefix super). Aluminium radiators are demanding to acid-base balance of the coolant. Recommended value of pH 7-8. When installing a heating system, equipped with aluminum radiators have automatic air vent, otherwise, probably airing of the heating system, especially in the first two years of operation. For the right choice size heaters need to know the heat loss (premises), the desired temperature in the premises and parameters of the coolant (t1 and t2). When using materials from the web on obligatory.

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