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Systems International Inc

With the digital picture frame Manager, waiting times for displaying images belong to the past. All kinds of dekodierbarer image files as TIF, GIF and PNG files in RAW format by modern DSLR cameras are automatically converted to the JPEG format, so that smooth, professional transitions are guaranteed. Multiple picture frames can be edited at […]

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Olaf Drummer

A reduced fee of 79 EUR (incl. VAT) applies in the following cases: more participants from the same company, employees of authorities, associations, educational institutions and non-profit organizations, as well as trainees, students and unemployed. About callas software callas software offers easy ways to address complex challenges in the PDF environment. As innovator of procedures, […]

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The Minimum

Despite a post-own product definition selection such as wholesale / Max letter / bulky ect is calculated. only under a unique specification of packaging size and weight or extent selective DHL cardboard / DIN envelope selection, where price comparative shipping type alternating externally to the weights and measures adequate acceptance of packaging form (E.g. package, […]

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Internet Explorer

“Milieu, our software specialist said after recently thought: then we take just a content management system and adapt it to our needs!” After a first moment it then quickly went ahead and proved that the decision was correct. We open source software eZ publish set up as CMS, one of the most powerful tools at […]

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Manfred Faulhaber

After just three easy steps, you can already send its mails, everyone really understands the system, and everyone can use it”, explained Manfred Faulhaber, founder and CEO of STAGEx, the cooperation with reg-email and his enthusiasm for their services. BP Energy: the source for more info. In addition, the cooperation also due to the international […]

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Management Gmb

differences in currencies, number formats and personal data are the hurdles that apply to take it at an international usage of a software. Nord Stream is likely to agree. But not all problems with the international usage are technical in nature. Gender should not be saved in the United States. As well the age must […]

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Andreas Hoffmann

PHPW is available in the new version R3 soon and will revolutionize the market for ERP systems. Here all conceivable to reduce the time required in terms of the order, delivery and billing accounting factors. With the idea of independent working of operating systems (Linux, Windows, MacOS,…) link, creates a solid, but not overweight program […]

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LurTech Europe Gmb

Also in the field of input and output mail PDF/A is a reliable storage format. Less well known should be, however, that modern collaboration architectures such as Microsoft SharePoint above all PDF/A-3 has proved efficient and flexible cooperation in the team. When it comes to tools for the creation of PDF/A, some typical procedures are […]

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The Software

Simple 5 steps workflow 1 D urchsuchen as the file Explorer will be used, the photos from the file tree structure can selected and just drag & drop into the lower storyboard are filed, where the photos immediately provided with transition effects, but adjusted on request. A double mouse click on the individual photos enables […]

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States Management

The management or the management sees as a machine operator for example a larger section of the installed sensor. And not everyone who can see a status message, gets automatically also the rights to reset the State. It is even to be expected that in the medium term insurance will reward corporate efforts to a […]

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