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The Snowflake

“OFF ROAD” and SUV magazine “six SUV winter tyre of size tested 235/65 R 17 Auto Club Europa ACE and GTu nine tested Loop of the dimension 185/60 R 15 unique innovations: winter tread depth indicator gives more security with snowflake, mud Sling flings mud and water away Nokian’s winter tyre know-how is demonstrated through […]

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Bike: Disc Or Rim Brakes?

A help for the indecisive decision-making not only frequent drivers be faced sooner or later in the course of purchasing a bike with the question: what is more suitable for me? a Felgenbrems – or a disc brake system? Disc brake systems are more expensive to purchase, you should consider before buying a bike which […]

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Mazda5 1, 8i: Subservient Spirit

The new Mazda5 with 116 PS strong entry-level petrol 1, 8i in the test. It is as so often in life. The good things are really evident when you no longer have you. You casually incorporated into the stream of existence. One quickly becomes accustomed to it and accept it at the same speed […]

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Koppl Tractors Lynx-hydro-2

New and used tractors very well whether you are a new or used tractors convince the Koppl 2-wheel tractors Lynx-hydro-2 (LHR2) by professional technical features such as the turnaround active steering. This Active Steering has been optimized again by the manufacturer to allow even finer steering movements. This innovation turns the motor device directly over […]

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Molaris Gmb

This results in a cost savings to achieve not unlike conventional repairs for customers. Also damage larger be repaired professionally by us. Of course in the shortest time, at a fair price and highest quality”, explains Martina Waidhas Molaris GmbH. The offer of the paint doctor”includes removing paint damage of all kinds as well as […]

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Screenwash Went Out

Increase safety while driving a car, windshield cleaners have been tested. Each year around 35,000 on Austria’s road accidents. This is poor visibility among the most common causes of accidents. A high-quality glass cleaner can help mitigate this risk. The Furutist is open to suggestions. To verify the performance of window cleaner on the Austrian […]

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Views Of The Sailing World – Kiel Week 2009 With Losberger Tent

Losberger tent for premium partner of the Kieler Woche / glass elements provide input and views of lounge, automotive technology and Yachting Kieler Woche (20-28 June) launched on Saturday for the 127th time. With the right blend of sports and summer festival, over 3.2 million visitors from around the world to find their way in […]

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Modern, Comfortable, Climate-friendly: New Shell-Autohof In Kappel-Grafenhausen

K.-H. Schneider GmbH completed the 2.5-million-euro investment that service areas were only average in the Southwest, according to a current ADAC test, Karl-Heinz Schneider do not apply so let: just in time for the start of the holidays and the 25th anniversary of the entrepreneur opened his new shell truck stop in Kappel-Grafenhausen. After a […]

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Engine Exhaust Gas

Orders large OEMs affirm the high efficiency of the engine exhaust gas Analyzer Oberursel (Taunus), 20.03.2013 after the launch last year HORIBA expects that the latest generation of its engine exhaust gas analysers 2013 clearly meets the expectations of sales figures. As a leading company in the field of emission testing, HORIBA has received already […]

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The German

Other providers don’t care obligation and the 185 days rule to the lock, the MPU. Sometimes you may even for testing in the Czech Republic. Will the aspirant then even once reported, the sign-in address is an industrial wasteland or a field often, so that also here fail a review! Also these licences are not […]

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