Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Keyboard Repair

Topic is the actual problem for many – repair the keyboard. Do not be mistaken if I note that most people faced with this problem – do not work or works the keyboard (for example, began to seize up some sort of button or even a few "failed button"). When such a moment arrived, it […]

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Creating Jobs

It is investing and creating jobs in the sector of Environment As I am sick of the word ‘crisis’ and not want to talk it over, I’ll report what which do not report the media and the creation of jobs in this sector which I trust is the future of our country, because that’s why […]

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Through Supreme Decree N 085-2003-PCM, President Alejandro Toledo issued this normativity that has served as a starting point for the elaboration of municipal ordinances of provinces and districts from different points Peru: Supreme Decree N 085-2003-PCM THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC WHEREAS, Article 2, paragraph 22) of the Constitution of Peru states that it is […]

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Environmental Pollution

Pollution is the introduction into any of half a contaminant, namely the introduction of any substance or form of energy that can cause an imbalance, irreversible or not, in the initial medium. It is called environmental pollution to the presence in the environment of any agent (physical, chemical or biological) or a combination of several […]

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