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Sepp Herberger In The Train From Berne To Germany

Original films of Deutsche Bahn from 1954 Kempten surfaced, October 2009 Sepp Herberger in the train from Berne back to Germany: the winning team of 1954, he celebrates in the train compartment of the Deutsche Bahn. To see in old original movies of the Deutsche Bahn. For many years the films of the 1950s and […]

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Franco Cuban

LUIS AMADO BLANCO (1903-1975) I don’t know anything. Nothing. Nothing. I have, admittedly, my hands, my eyes and my mouth my mode of watching swallows, but of that sacred game of the gods I can only unveiled dream, the fontana numb on winter mornings. The Sun at sunset after the mountains. Additional information is available […]

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Elizabeth Kostyaginoy

If you search the net for information about the group or Monoliza specifically about the singer Elizabeth Kostyaginoy, then surely read phrases such as 'group Monoliza – opening of the year', 'Best Rock singer of the year', 'striking phenomenon' and much more positive. Personally, I have not once or even twice, but as much as […]

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Free Ticket To Independence

“With a”ticket to independence”,”Bo”Boom Boom A free ride hosts parties with the project” has Germany’s largest independent mobile service provider mobilcom-debitel, the first 6-month scholarship for artistic freedom and independence”at the Hamburg musician Bo” award. Over a period of 6 months (April to September 2010), this will be the musician Bo”given the opportunity, regardless of […]

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Moving Shadow

See the light of such cheeky 'horror stories', like 'The Dreamer' and 'The Virus'. Creative events committed by Mark, get publicized in the media authority: magazines Muzik and Knowledge in its Review called Sound Technical Itch'a 'hard-terrorist noise with different experimental part. " Many days in the studio working in conjunction with the disparate number […]

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Player Sound

As a rule, immediately after the purchase "spinner" was subjected to thorough tuning and then successfully worked for a long time and accurately. In this case, the process of modernization was like "Dances with shamanistic tambourine "because you can always find another tune and replace the unit. Adjusting the arm and speed of rotation of […]

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The Choice Of Mixer

It's no secret that the mixer is a basic tool dj. It is through this device and is mixing multiple audio sources into a single signal, so that we can enjoy electronic music and surprising new compositions. The choice of the dj console – is no easy matter, and not just for beginners. The longer […]

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