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PCB Manufacturers

‘ ‘ I called the spirits that I won’t geht now that I called the spirits, I don’t get rid of now “the MicroCirtec GmbH, manufacturer of printed circuit boards from Krefeld, completely rejects trade with PCB from Biliglohnlandern as a replacement or supplement of the own portofolios. In addition, its Managing Director, Andreas Bruggen, […]

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Daniel Schneider

Edge LEDs provide the advantage, that the screen with one of only two to three centimeters deep frame comes out. Achieve a deep black and sharp contours. An essential feature of a good TV picture is also the so-called ‘checkerboard contrast’, where the device again is a pattern of black and white surfaces. The resulting […]

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Embedded Module

Multi-core processor for multimedia applications: Dual-cores bring in comparison to the use of a single-core processor a number of advantages. So convincing Dual-cores with lower power consumption, what, increasingly is required such as in industrial applications or in the manufacture of white goods due to legal requirements. Low power consumption means also less heat and […]

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Federal Statistical Office

Longer dwell within your own four walls with HomeMatic empty, August 10, 2011 – predicts the Federal Statistical Office, that up to the year 2060 every seventh German 80 years and will be older. In addition to, and many people have to live as long as possible independently in your own four walls. An increased […]

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Vulnerable companies special lighting technology to protect against accidents during production the risk may often go unnoticed: A dust layer is deposited on an electric motor. The engine overheated, in the dust formed a nest of embers. Now, a draft is sufficient to trigger a dangerous dust explosion. But not only dust, also, vapors, or […]

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Touch Screen

The Zieger GmbH factory representatives from Berlin inform nowadays keeps a Notepad in his hand or faces a Metro card vending machine, whose control very reminiscent of scenes that film of the early 1990s may come from a science fiction. The idea that one day would merge in a touch screen and control, to be […]

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KUPA Announces New 10-inch Tablet PC X 11 With Windows 7 To

KUPA X 11, a Tablet PC with digital pen, multi finger touch control, 128 GB SSD, and complete Windows 7 Professional and 10 + hours battery life. But is just one of many apparent novelties on the Tablet PC market the X 11? No, because the X 11 by KUPA is different than the standard […]

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Lightwolf Of Mobile Lighting

Up to 8 effects on a tripod – Eurolite KLS serial of key to the extension sounds really unspectacular, the result is anything but that. 4 additional cold device Sockets, 4 more devices to the KLS can be connected at the back of the bar. The mounting is very easy thanks to the mounting screws. […]

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Delkin Elite 633 X – One The Currently Fastest SDXC Cards

Up to 80MB / s write speed for HD and 3D video and high-resolution photography. The new Delkin elite 633 X “for filmmakers and photographers developed, who place great demands on speed and data security and want to be well prepared for use under extreme conditions. Large photo and video data transferred at high speed […]

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Hama Bluetooth

Hama has also some headsets, the a 2.5 mm jack plug have exactly the headsets, one for the Xbox and certain mobile phones must use. Of course, there are accordingly the appropriate adapter by Hama, so that you do not necessarily have to change the headset. The nice thing about the headsets of Hama is […]

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