Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Ambient Education

In this work the strategy of the Ambient Education in the schools of the City of Sidrolndia was used, as activities with expositivas, demonstrative, practical lessons and with lectures, aiming at to the significant learning of as to make a selective collection of types of solid residues for the recycling, the ambient reaproveitamento of the […]

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Educative Software

The use of resources of computer science in the psicopedaggica area to give to a great support in the area of the emotion favoring the autonomy and independence of the citizens where we observe the form to work the error in constructive way, raising auto-esteem; it demands limits leading to the control of the anxiety; […]

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Also Motta

This passed to be protected by the State Absolutist with intention to increase the exportations, and consequently, to the ingression of verge for the nation. However, after the consolidation of the mercantile and industrial bourgeoisie as hegemonic social classrooms, absolute the real power passes to be questioned and after that knocked down with French revolution, […]

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Digital Documents

To each day the piracy increases in the world contemporary. They are diverse musics, texts, films, programs of computer and devices even though pirated. Recent statisticians show that the piracy more than provokes an annual loss of R$29,8 billions, as announce the FinanceOne, and that the same one has grown to each year. She has […]

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The Beginning

The data in show that the piracy is far from the end, therefore the unfair competition to them always will harm who paid regularly its taxes, but with certainty it has alternatives of if keeping in the market, acquiring knowledge and stimulating the responsible mass for this economy (the people) in a transparent way, measuring […]

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Germany Management

The fair of the technologies of the information and communication is in the following areas: the infrastructure of the TIC for companies, services for the communication based in B2B and local, Future Lab, bank and finances and the public sector. As much the market of the fleet as the market of YOU in Brazil and […]

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The Most

There are many companies that the initial cost is little, but the monthly one is very great and I do not recommend to him to be part of this type of businesses, since it can lose much money, is better to look for an opportunity with a fixed cost but that always are majors the […]

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Conservation Unit

Concentration in the main condensate was 0.64 mg / liter. Concentration in the condensate from the deaerator was 0.28 mg / liter. Net compartment 0.83 mg / l salty bay 0.24 mg / l in 12chas.00min 18/02/06. increased performance of the metering pump to Dnom. 02/18/06 at 13chas.00min. Load – 244 t / h, made […]

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Education Ecosystems

COMMUNICATIVE ECOSYSTEMS: Disgnostic of the Communication Altina Magalhes Coast In: 10/12/2011 The communication necessity is basic factor in the relation human being since the times primrdios, with passing of the time, this communication was being each more involved time with the technology. ConocoPhillips contributes greatly to this topic. Century XX brought significant changes in all […]

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The technology, as condition and proper element of the innovation, only started to be changeable endogenous of the models of economic growth in the second half of the century XX (Cf. Jones, 2000). However, to have the technology and not to have the innovation and the diffusion that corresponds to them can limit the technological […]

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