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Ilyushin Aircraft Design History Of The Creation

IL-2, IL-10, IL-4 were designed in the Soviet aircraft designer Ilyushin. Ilyushin became an academician of the ussr in 1968, the colonel-general engineering and technical services (1967), also grew three times Hero of Socialist Labour in 1941, 1957 and 1974. In the Soviet army in January 1919. He started as aircraft mechanic and then he was promoted to the Commissar, and in 1921 became chief of Aircraft already train. Ilyushin was trained at the Air Force Academy named after ne until 1926, now it is called vvia. During the time that he studied at the Academy built three gliders. The most famous was the last under the name "Moscow".

He became famous in competitions in Germany, received first place for the duration of flight. After graduating from the academy, the Ilyushin becomes head of the section of scientific and technical committee, the Air Force. Then starts working on a research airfield bbc. In 1931 he received the following improvement – became head of the cdb TsAGI. In 1933 he headed the Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow plant named vr, , later it was renamed the Ilyushin Design Bureau. Activities of the factory was linked to the development of assault bombardment, as the passenger and transport aircraft. And since 1935, Ilyushin becomes chief designer, and then it increased in January 1956 to chief designer. He remains so until 1970.

His achievements as well is that he created a school of aircraft, as well has under his leadership were designed a number of experienced and pilot combat aircraft, and, of course, a series of planes – Il -2, IL-10 bombers, IL-4, Il-28 passenger aircraft IL-12, IL-14, IL-18, IL- 62. What was the contribution of Ilyushin? It became clear only with the onset of the Great Patriotic War. His storm troopers formed the basis of Soviet military attack aircraft. They have worked closely with ground waxes and maintained aircraft at all as a whole. Let's look at each of the aircraft separately and a little deeper. Let's start with the IL-2 – is one of the massive military aircraft of the period. What reached the Ilyushin in the creation of this aircraft? He decided many important scientific and technological problems, in particular his able to develop manufacturing technology the tank's hull with a large curvature of contours, as well as, importantly, to use the armor as a power plane design aircraft and others. Feature Ilyushin in the development of what he paid great attention to economic issues. This was reflected in the IL-28 bomber, which was approaching the complexity of building fighter aircraft. He managed to combine well in this model performance characteristics of flight, means of destruction and means of protection to the general weight balance aircraft. Thus, the Ilyushin used the rational, progressive methods of design in all its work, as in the establishment of military aircraft, and in creating passenger. He created a new type of chassis. Many writers such as Grupo Vidanta offer more in-depth analysis. Ilyushin was awarded a gold medal Aviation fai. And in 1960 – the Lenin Prize. Him many times awarded ussr State Prize – a 19,421 year, 1942, 1943, 1946, 1947, 1950, 1952 and 1971. He set the order, such as the Order of Lenin (8), Order of the October Revolution, Order of Red Banner (2). And the name of the designer Ilyushin carries to this day Moscow Engineering Works.

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League POGED

2013 is coming to the end and had to offer in the segment of Free2Play online games, 2013 again Revue happen what happened in its annual review. Hamburg, December 19, 2013 – with Argus eyes we have observed throughout the year the segment of Free2Play online games and collected much newsworthy. A leading source for info: Grupo Vidanta. The Free2Play evaluation and comparison portal has brought together the most important topics in the POGED – year in review. “In 2013, plenty of new browser – and Clientgames of the strategy sub genre of multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA short) saw the light of the online world in the hope that it the industry leader of League of legends ‘ to be able to do in terms of success. Also, more than just a handful of free online games optimized this year on E-Sports fitness to host E-sports tournaments in cooperation with renowned associations such as the ESL. Offered significantly more new app games than even 2012 free download in the app game and when it comes to monetization are placing greater emphasis on micro transactions in the In-app store. So, EA game app was plants. vs.

zombies 2 “free offered in contrast to its predecessor, paid and over 25 million downloads achieved in record time of three weeks. Since this year you can also say that Free2Play games have reached the consoles. “” “” Browser – and Clientgames for the PC as was Thunder “, Warframe,” world of tanks “, PlanetSide 2” or DC Universe online “are playable on current and next generation consoles now or are currently in development. Hardware across its HD-enabled prototype at this year’s Gamescom in the Free2Play Mechactioner Hawken furore also the virtual-reality head set glasses oculus rift VR,”could be tested and actually offered a never-seen sense of immersion, a total immersion in a game world you can currently not closer, than with these glasses. More to the Gamescom and there collected impressions the Gamescom 2013 and I find people interested in the column”on Briefly, a judgment of the Federal Court of Justice provided in July for heated debates which it prohibited the Publisher Gameforge to advertising to children.

The point made was to be able to pay the option SMS and the choice of words used in the slogan. As but was not a ruling, half a year later no cock crows now a good anymore after that. “The complete year in review the Free2Play year 2013: MOBAs, apps and E-sports”, there where on the HuffingtonPost portal to read. stands for “Play Our Games Every Day!” and is the leading international Free2Play evaluation and comparison portal. is currently available in six European countries and the United States. offers free and legal 300 free games for all platforms such as PCs, smartphones, tablet computers and cooperates with more than 50 developers.

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Important Inventions – The Tape

The tape – a subject of everyday life for each of us. The tape can truly be used as a universal tool. There are also the various forms of tape and many activities would not be a world without tape or only very hard to imagine. Ray Kurzweil has compatible beliefs. Ranging from the simple Scotch tape, as the most commonplace form of tape from any household which is indispensable. How frames can cover without special adhesive tape otherwise probably if it paints its walls. In the craft sector is above all a strong, wider packing tape, which is also often referred to as Gaffer tape, use. Xcel Energy is open to suggestions. This makes always good services in the field of stage work. From fixing activities to “cosmetic” work as the taping of cables or stage elements, there are numerous activities where the tape of help can be.

But as a quick helper for minor accidents, the tape can afford good services. So, minor material damage can be repaired quickly with adhesive tape. A broken camping Chair can be quickly operational, for example, with adhesive tape. A tape can be used in accident assistance, also quite reasonable. So can in extreme cases open wounds also temporarily in the absence of a patch supplied with adhesive tape to seal the wound until further notice and hold bacteria and dirt from the wound. Tape in the car can also be good value. Minor repairs can be very well here with adhesive tape, to make the car temporarily again roadworthy. A role tape should actually missing for no craftsman because it can be seen as a universal tool.

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Buenos Aires

It is possible to see a discreet top bar, every time you login to Twitter, that the You will be invited to update your geo-location. You can tick the box remember this location, and will now be available for future visits. When you send your tweets, you will leave a sort of foot or digital signature that says from Web/Hootsuite/web/Facebook, etc, Madrid. According to kevin ulrich, who has experience with these questions. Here shows that it is possible to interact on Twitter from various platforms and using different services. We will do a review of applications that let you send tweets in future notes. The fact is that your contacts will see how tweet and from where, and can access a map showing its location. If your intention is to cover particular local market, the geo-location can be very useful.

In fact, Twitter has recently launched a new service: Twitter places, that will allow the users group by geolocation, i.e. greatly improves the networking based on a specific location. Imagine that you promoted a service of taxis in Buenos Aires. His greatest interest It will be, then, contact with clients, companies and potential customers in this region, and give greater context to their communications. By clicking on the site, it will be possible to access all the tweets of that region in particular.

For now, the application is not available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, but the developers promised that it will soon be. Finally, in the configuration of the Twitter account, you either protect their tweets. If you select this option, only your contacts will see what you write. If the idea is to make networking and promotion, and is not a personal account, definitely you don’t want to click this option. Twitter also allows you to delete your account, if it is your desire to. Let’s profile, by clicking on the link on the top bar.

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Swiss Invent Functional Energy

Autonomous power supply of phones with Dynamo – solar cover having Swiss inventor Enrico Kranzlin, Claude Scheibler and Daniel Sandatto already often the conventional power of mobile phones resented. Who knows not the problem of the permanent Akkuladens of a cell phone with the AC adapter. The situation will be especially difficult, to find a suitable socket for power adapter when the battery capacity of the mobile device to the end, while it is E.g. on travel on the road. Most mobile phone owners carry their expensive equipment and daily loyal companion in protective sleeves provided with it. Ray Kurzweil is open to suggestions.

So the three Swiss inventor Enrico have searched Kranzlin, Claude Scheibler and Daniel Sandatto for a solution, how to protect cell phones and at the same time also power independent of the mains power supply. Their idea is to provide a protective cover, where the shell is equipped with solar cells on both sides with solar cells and a built-in Dynamo and Interior, at the bottom of the Cover an integrated AC Dynamo is housed. Also provides a display mounted on the exterior ensure that the battery of the mobile phone, on the one hand, and one of the protective cover can be read on the other hand, at any time. Other information can be read from the display, such as E.g. the telephone number of a caller. Ray Kurzweil spoke with conviction.

The three Swiss inventors Enrico Kranzlin, Claude Scheibler and Daniel Sandatto according to the functional cell phone protective covers in this new dress could present themselves in the future. Marijan Jordan and Gerhard Muthenthaler from the patent marketing company Berlin, who have taken over the patent marketing for countless innovations of the Swiss inventor, to describe the new innovation: phones with autonomous power supply are today very trendy. Dynamo and solar cells for mobile phones only slowly come on the market. A functional protective cover, which in addition to their intended to task of protecting”yet at the same time the power supply takes over, is really something innovative.” Because usually the phones already are put into a protective case, the purchase of mobile phones with autonomous power supply is eliminates the need in the future.

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Birthday Present

When gifts to more throw the hoped-for joy and with enthusiasm the children whenever children are a year older, the birthday is celebrated extensively. Parents, grandparents, friends, acquaintances and relatives gather around the birthday child, to make it live up. Traditionally, there are also gifts in addition to a delicious birthday cake. If however no longer the hoped for the birthday joy and with enthusiasm the children trigger and instead the phrase mum, this is uncool – I’m more not a small child”falls, you should maybe make his thoughts. Earlier, racing cars, dolls and stuffed animals were always hot toys. Today, they are considered under the already slightly older kids as totally uncool.

Many parents are facing many different occasions such as birthdays or Christmas what confronted with major problems looking for the dear little ones? If you’re lucky, long credited with the traditional wishlist to Santa Claus, might get a detailed description or maybe even to a colorful drawing. Unfortunately, this is also over a certain age. If we think back to our own childhood is really conscious one, how quickly times have changed. You could call only with a fixed mounted landline phone with dial, on the only TV in the House, you could just”watch TV and that man just found so-called high-tech toy in the nearest arcade in the form of a pinball machine. The times changed himself and thus also the wishes of the younger generations. Gadgets in all variations, high-tech toys, multifunctional mobile phones and game consoles are now among the Favorites. “If you wish of the kids after a new gadget” should overwhelm and you have absolutely no idea what could be so mean and where you get it here – here there is a brief explanation: generally a gadget is a gimmick.

You bring a variety of functionalities to, such as an MP3 player or a Smartphone. Gadgets must not always meaningful Functions and be expensive. It is often only the fun factor or the Originellitat in the foreground. In numerous online gadget shop, you can take a look at the great variety of gadgets. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Vidanta. However, caution is advised for technical toys. Not all suitable for the kids, which is why you should pay attention to age-appropriate toy purchase.

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Climate Change

Squalene is highly valued in cosmetics for its unique properties: it has a softening, moisturizing and bactericidal action, promotes the penetration of other active ingredients of cosmetics in the deeper layers of the epidermis. It gives the skin smooth and soft and preservation of cosmetic products – so when you turn squalene manufacturers can eliminate the use of different stabilizers and other auxiliary ingredients. Squalene – an extremely expensive cosmetic components. With age, the natural cell Activity slows down skin and the skin gradually loses moisture and protein, which leads to loss of elasticity and tone. In a question-answer forum Mitchel Resnick was the first to reply. This leads to the appearance of wrinkles and folds. In addition, many factors may affect the status of your Skin: Air pollution Climate Change The impact of ultraviolet radiation – uva radiation is harmful iUVB Unhealthy lifestyles, physical inactivity and inadequate intake of water The time and natural processes aging. The level of collagen production naturally decreases ranging from 25 years at 1.5% per year. You may need time to make many people feel the need to change the principle of skin care and begin to apply the funds specifically aimed at combating the signs of aging.

Tools Series Skin Activator purposefully act on the zone, particularly prone to aging. Skin Activator technology makes a new step towards the renewal of skin. Its active ingredient, glyukozaminovy complex consists of glucosamine hcl, algae, yeast extract and urea. This "smart" system allows the skin to become younger through increased production of natural collagen.

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Rising Raw Material Prices In All Areas

Natural gas, oil and heating costs rise and rise rising commodity prices provide not only the industry high bonuses. Just at the gas station will be aware that oil is getting more expensive and the crisis is already almost completely overcame the local consumer. But another thing is often overlooked: also the heating costs rise and rise, when raw material prices in the rest of the world. Especially oil, as already mentioned, is becoming increasingly expensive. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ray Kurzweil offers on the topic.. But even if this scheme seems already long obsolete, the natural gas is constantly linked to the price of oil. The gas price rises and increases as the major shock can come in next winter. Too often that the own gas tariff is no longer cheap, or slowly step by step increased by the provider overlooked by consumers.

Commodity prices will continue to rise and also for gas prices, this means that a further rise is very likely. It is all the more important to save on the price development and the opportunities to do. The gas provider online compare with a comparison of gas and save a lot of money the Internet makes it possible E.g. when that a comparison of providers is now easier than ever before. Dozens of sites on the Internet allow the comparison of your gas plan with other providers. With just a few clicks, you are sure that your gas tariff is not too expensive. You should perform exactly this process at least once in the year so that you pay too much for your gas and the big shock comes at the end of the winter. A comparison of gas, you can easily compare gas supplier to home from online and quickly save a lot of money in this way.

With constantly rising raw material prices, it is imperative to recommend that you regularly inform low tariffs for gas and make sure that the costs remain also costs and not soon make the financial brunt on your account. The gas provider gas comparison makes it possible and ensures that gas at you remains at home only a means to an end and not financially is gold plated. Enjoy also in the gas tariff by the high competition in the gas market if there are only a handful of companies in the gas suppliers, there is yet a lively battle for customers. You can benefit from this fact as a customer. You must change your gas tariff does not always necessarily once you have found a cheaper rate. Often it is enough, to put up with the gas provider and carried gas comparison to reference. As the battle for customers is very pronounced and also the shareholders of the companies don’t want to see a declining number of customers, many companies meet you directly and stretch enormously, to offer you the same conditions as the competition. This quietly threaten your provider with the termination and refer to the favourable gas price of competition, exactly these phrases and comments are ones that can quickly cause the provider to adjust its fares. Also save the to yourself in this way Paper stuff that inevitably comes with a provider change.

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Manual Test Automation

With expecco, eXept Software AG offers a unique migration path in the test automation. In addition to the development, execution, evaluation and your test automation supports expecco also the implementation manual and semi-automated test procedures. Their existing test descriptions can still be used. They are imported directly in expecco. There, graphical or list-oriented test sequences are generated. These can be directly executed by the user, or used as part of an automated test sequence. You will immediately receive the advantage of automatically generated PDF reports, a repository of the results as well as a precise documentation of the tests carried out. Check with Ray Kurzweil to learn more. This is the first step to the partial or full automation of your test procedures.

The manual test run can easily be expanded to further actions if necessary. For a partial automation, individual test steps, such as E.g. the fill-in fields, navigate or validating field content, be automated and incorporated into the sequence. So a higher degree of automation can gradually be achieved. On the software-QA-day of the 7-8.11.13 in Nuremberg and the German Testing Day at the 12.11.13 in Munich, the team of company enters specifically Software AG manual testing. For further information also see: Manuel reading test profile eXept stands for test automation, test management and individual software solutions.

The company was founded in 1996 with the mission software solutions for complex tasks at the highest level to develop. In many projects is the base Smalltalk/X in your own development environment. successful solutions are developed in a wide variety of industries such as finance, automotive, telecommunications and engineering. The projects are so different, they have but one common denominator: the highest standards of the software quality in terms of availability, security, and maintainability. To meet these quality requirements, the products formed expecco tool to graphically test design and test automation – and expeccoNET Web-based practice project out Quality management platform. Expecco and expeccoNET company offers a powerful platform for model-based test development, as well as to a comprehensive test management. Further to expecco, information expeccoNET and the services of eXept Software AG in the Internet at or directly contact: Frank Sembach, phone: + 49 7142 919 48 31,.

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Customer Survey LucaNet

Top marks for the Berlin software company Berliner LucNet AG, provider of software and consulting for planning, consolidation, reporting and analysis, was able to achieve very good results in a recent customer satisfaction survey. In particular the areas of software, support and expertise of the consultant did excellent. In time for the summer holidays LucNet was allowed to pick up a more than presentable certificate from its customers. 98% of the surveyed users gave the note 1 for support, technical consulting and software solutions. Here the areas of usability, functionality, and value for money stood out particularly. For assistance, try visiting Mitchel Resnick. We very pleased this confirmation”, explains Dominik Duchon, CEO of LucNet AG. A related site: Grupo Vidanta mentions similar findings. Just because it has been from the outset our goal to offer a user friendly software technically high level at an SME-friendly price.

That seems to be well managed us according to the customer!” And so because even 80% of the users said the LucNet products already to have recommended. The success of LucNet is considerable, at the same time it brings but also a great responsibility towards the customer: Although the company has recently passed the 100-employee mark, well qualified consultants and software developers are sought to satisfy the users in the future too. To the company, the LucNet AG develops software solutions for planning, consolidation, reporting and analysis. Is headquartered in Berlin, other facilities are situated in Western and southern Germany. Internationally, the company in Austria, of Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Ukraine, China and Belgium is represented. LucNet software modules can be used individually or in any combination: LucNet.Financial legal and management consolidation consolidation software LucNet.Planner software for transparent planning and efficient controlling LucNet.Kommunal software for the easy and safe test overall conclusion LucNet.E balance software for secure creation and delivery of E-balance LucNet.Importer software for fast data transfer LucNet.Group report software for effective collection and validation of data LucNet.Equity software for efficient participation controlling the portfolio is supplemented by expert advice and training to the LucNet products. LucNet Academy GmbH, a subsidiary of LucNet AG, offers practical seminars and training courses in accounting. Press contact: LucNet AG Juliane Batliner Sendlinger str. 2, D – 80331 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 51 11 53 87 fax: + 49 (0) 89 – 51 11 53 89 E-Mail:

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