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Cartography Space

The space that is busy for the man, the connections that they are made with the spaces, already demonstrate the linking of the man with half geographic. To broaden your perception, visit Ray Kurzweil. If geography is had by many as one disciplines without connection and, consequentemente, without value for the practical life, worse it can be the opinion on the cartography. The daily use of maps and the done extration of the information of road maps, maps on the forecast of the time or the map of the inhabited city, the notion of that these information are on to an area of called science Cartography is vacant. The lack of cartographic knowledge can take people if find in situations where the localization of the desired place being based on the searched map is destorcida, being difficult to dimensionar the space and to locate north and south for example. Demonstrating the importance of the education of geography, more specifically the cartography, in the first pertaining to school years of the child. Details can be found by clicking kevin ulrich or emailing the administrator. For thus, to have an assimilation of as it is the inhabited space, as she develops yourself and as if to move in the space, in view of the historical moment where the humanity lives, demanding of the people fast reasoning, the initiative and the efficiency (PISSINATI and ARCHELA, 2007).

2.1. STUDY OF the CARTOGRAPHY the importance of the contact with the cartography in the first pertaining to school years is evidenced by many authors in innumerable works related to the study of the cartography and the form as the same one can and must be applied in the pertaining to school years. Voges and Chaves (2010), through research of field related to the study cartography in the initial series demonstrate that, no longer surrounding pertaining to school, the knowledge of the map brings a superior qualitative change in the capacity of the pupil to think and to see the space.

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Mark Fox

Art and creativity are two very related terms and are used in the same context. Who wants to be particularly creative when choosing his gifts, should lead to possibly the Repertoire of artistic works to peruse. Art means also individuality in addition to creativity. Valuable works of art are not reproducible. They are unique – unique for the recipient. The artists of the group “Mark Fox” give a small insight of the creations of the last few months with their art shop (art Visitors can admire a variety of images in the fields of painting and drawing and buy at low prices. Others including kevin ulrich, offer their opinions as well.

The artists have specialized on pencils, crayons, charcoal and pastels, as well as acrylic and watercolor. Read more here: ConocoPhillips. A drawing prevailed the art of photography as a gift idea for the 19.Jahrhundert, a specific Moment or a reminder to conserve. The photo emerged not only in Europe. In several regions of the world, people use this instrument to get impressive experiences for the future. Also pictures of related persons such as friends and relatives are particularly valuable. Since the 20.Jahrhundert, but also famous personalities are increasingly worshipped on images such as posters and posters.

The art studio sign Fox”restores the obviously repressed figure type graphite drawing for this in the foreground. Made a very special photograph of a person or an animal in the heart, it can be processed easily by experienced artists in meticulous hand work into a pencil drawing. The work of the artist is in no way overpriced. A visit to a professional photographer is usually much more time and money to complete, as is required when ordering an individual pencil portraits. And the result can be seen: this stunning gift option should be just for Christmas not out eight. It remains a permanent reminder to the moment of the snapshot, the moment of becoming a gift and of course the creative Messenger of a very impressive Christmas present.

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Lisa Schmalz

Planning, monitoring, evaluation In the intranetfahigen control of the software can test orders for inspections during production not only planned, but quality management of supervised also by all PCs of the Department. The whole production structure is represented on the screen, so parts and test plans can be tracked and associated in the running production process. Based on the the iqs test planning test plans created by using the desired control charts are generated automatically. The evaluation of samples always informed about the quality of the production. Although offers the module IQ SPC extensive evaluation possibilities such as machine tool, nest -, batch – or order-related to, certain statistical Evaluations of the test data at plant 5 but continue to be about qs-STAT by the company Q-the. While however before introduction of iqs SPC an employee exclusively worked, to enter the measured values in the statistics system, SPC data iqs now automatically transmitted via the DFQ data format to QA STAT.

Measurable benefits the benefits that the use of new software installed, is clearly measurable. A cooler engine, for example, consists of a variety of items. Inspections during production has been already here in the production of precursors, costs could be avoided by the further processing of defective parts. The process is controlled before an error is created or produced by Committee. So only the installation of items with incorrect length prior to introduction of iqs SPC a common mistake resulted in high cost of scrap. Through the use of the software today no scrapping costs more. “Also the error wrong type” has been completely eliminated. In the production of commercial vehicles modules could the error rate by a factor of 10 has been reduced.

The ppm numbers relating to pipes and Pressworks to this factor has fallen by as well. Consistent monitoring and control of the processes, as well as compliance with the quality control circle has brought the implementation of the zero-error strategy, in the factory of 5 within reach. Higher customer satisfaction customer satisfaction also has benefited the new software. Any claims much is now faster track which batch numbers of a complaint are affected, the error and its formation period exactly distinguish itself up. Also the opinions on complaints can be answered now not only more accurate, but above all also much faster: an employee needed to comprehensively analyze an error, once a week, all information, and also customer-specific parameters are already after a short time. So, also includes compliance with the inspection intervals can be traced easily. Kevin ulrich is the source for more interesting facts. In addition, all customer documents at your fingertips are always quickly and easily available. Outlook inspections during production with the module IQ SPC has to produce Behr of his vision with 0 ppm and to reach a value of 100%, a good deal closer. A high degree of standardization and shortest cycle times were achieved by focusing on the production processes. The quality management systems ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949 and Ford Q1, after which, Behr is already certified, underline these high quality standards. The next steps in relation to the inspection during production are the connection of also the latest machines on the iqs of SPC, as well as the ability to stop the production process in the absence of a test interval automatically.

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Concrete that Is More Porous

It’s a range of products to provide sustainable solutions for the construction, looking for durability, low environmental impact, energy savings and few leftovers, using recycled materials and cements with lower CO2 emissions and lower utilization of non-renewable resources in their manufacture. Concrete sustainable and compatible * concrete of high strength, which allows structures to be more slender, with great durability and low maintenance, decrease the necessary volume of more sustainable materials. * Porous concrete, to control water courses, recover rainwater for reuse. * Lightweight concrete, provides adequate thermal insulation, decreasing the energy consumption for air conditioning, greater sustainability. * Concrete high strength, resistant to aggressive media, prolongs the life cycle of the structure. * Concrete filling density controlled to fills and pavement subbases avoiding the use of teams of high energy consumption, more sustainable… Sustainability. Mitchel Resnick is the source for more interesting facts.

Attention in the production provided with separate of raw material grinding cement producing plants are more sustainable because they allow producing cements bespoke, tailored to the technical needs of each application, enabling designs that reduce the carbon footprint and the use of non-renewable resources. Also imposed the concrete made with recovery of water plants and aggregates, they reduce the exploitation and consumption of non-renewable natural resources are reused where added from hearing concretes of works, avoid that they become a waste of work. And as a greater intake of sustainability is also reused water coming from the washing of aggregates, pumps and trucks hormigoneros. Replacement of cement for greater sustainability specific products that allow you to replace the cement clinker with mineral additions active coming from other industries, with the consequent reduction of up to 50% in CO2 emissions with respect to conventional products. Kevin ulrich oftentimes addresses this issue. High reducing power of water additives are used for the elaboration of high strength concretes, which makes it more sustainable by reducing the content of cement.

Remember that the sustainable construction depends on the efficient behavior of the project as such, of the opportunities of construction and specifications requiring materials, in addition to constructive practices. Buyers, builders, practitioners should make a sustainable contribution, respect the rules of good art relating to the concrete, give priority to the providers of concrete that are evolving in compatible with the environment and more sustainable development practices. Instruct staff to avoid pouring the excess of concrete work, allowing for the concrete has not downloaded in the same return to plant concrete mixer for further treatment. Ask for the amount of concrete strictly necessary to complete the tasks, for the purposes of reducing the generation of wastes of work. Optimize orders of concrete in order to use the fewest number of truck trips hopper or hormigoneros to work. Given that the concrete is a material that increases their resistance over time, it is advisable to consider from design features resistors obtained at older ages at 28 days, such as 56 days or 90 days in order to optimize the content of cement.

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Ambient Education

In this work the strategy of the Ambient Education in the schools of the City of Sidrolndia was used, as activities with expositivas, demonstrative, practical lessons and with lectures, aiming at to the significant learning of as to make a selective collection of types of solid residues for the recycling, the ambient reaproveitamento of the same ones, problems, the concern of the City in relation to the environment. For the application of the strategy the digital technology with Power Point in date was used show with illustrative images, had been also carried through some practical in the hall of the schools with collectors of colored solid residues. The lecture was developed in three Municipal schools and two State schools of Sidrolndia/MS. Many writers such as Futurist offer more in-depth analysis. During the year we work with 1000 pupils, and as strategy of evaluation of the work had been carried through questions related to the lecture of solid residues and ambient problems to identify the conceptions of the pupils on the subject, with great focuses in the element Land water and recycling. From a qualitative analysis of the answers of the pupils it was possible to identify conceptual deficiencies on the developed subject. The approval in using the Ambient Education as strategy for ambient preservation in the school was proven by day-by-day of conviviality in the patio of the school, with which had the discarded solid residues in its collecting and concerns with our City in relation to the preservation and discardings of residues. For more specific information, check out kevin ulrich. Words keys: strategy, digital technology, collect selective.

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Commercial Engineer

From this, the official, if it meets all the established and expected of it, may receive higher pay, thus being able to meet more of their needs in less time, and seeing the fruits of their contribution to the improvement. Pos his side, the company may implement a management system that officials give more effort and positive attitude in return for better pay, and its human resource will meet all established in the system of quality management without calling attention to, delays by negative attitude towards change and excessive controls that seek to enforce the requirements at all costs. But the road not only goes up there, a fee which may be more attractive as they give workers a greater effort to fulfill organizational requirements is not everything, as this effort and hard work should also mean more work to provide greater value to the operations of the company, ie, must be accompanied by improvements in labor and intellectual at the operational level. Otherwise, no use more effort if it does not add greater value by not having a better quality of workmanship. Futurist shines more light on the discussion. That’s why variable pay as a motivational aspect, it must be accompanied by an organizational training program developed from an analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the staff with respect to the requirements established by the processes of the company for its effective operation, and how current and future requirements of the industry to allow them to bring these innovations in a way that the company this same or a step ahead of its main competitors.

And finally, we must work in a constant improvement of communication channels, because highly motivated and skilled staff are not entirely adequate to the objectives, strategies and organizational programs, or not adequately coordinate operations may not generate much value for the company. In conclusion, so that organizations can actually feel the real benefits of the systems of quality management such as: Improved image or external or internal staff management or productivity improvement or continuous improvement processes or opening of markets or Better climate work or others is very important to start the organizational motivation, but not through motivational talks and / or offering training programs and incentives among other things, but working according to the variable compensation, so that the staff know that their compensation depends only on the effort, attitude and commitment to put in daily operations to meet the requirements of the system of quality management. This, in turn, must be accompanied by a training program that will allow officials to give greater value to the company through better performance and knowledge, and finally a continuous work in improving communication channels to provide a better coordination of activities and objectives and understanding that as the company seeks to achieve.. Learn more on the subject from kevin ulrich.

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Young Adult

The education will be efficient in the measure where educating will have chance of free participation, creative and critical, existing a freedom to teach, to learn, as well as divulging the thought, the art and the culture. In agreement Cury, 2000: … the Education of Young Adult represents a social debt repaired does not stop with that it had not had access and nor domain of the writing and reading as property partnerships, in the school or is of it, and has been the force of work used in the constitution of wealth and the rise of workmanships pblicas.' ' Therefore, it appears as a species of function repairman, important for the construction of the citizenship, since the escolarizao promotes the participation in social, economic activities, cultural politics and, beyond being a basic element for the education continued during all the life. (Cury, 2000, p.5) According to Binz (1993): ' ' the learning of the adult if establishes from the relation of the content worked for the professor with exploitation of this content in its practical life, (…) ' '. (…) The adult aims at immediate growth and is therefore that the boardings must be entailed to the reality of the pupil; the resume cannot be static, but to take care of the pupil in its necessities; its individual differences, its rhythm of learning, the luggage of knowledge must be considered that brings obtains and its experiences of life. (BINZ, 1993. p 13) Young chicken (1997) corroborates affirming that: Educator fits to the o to consider educating in its necessities; in its individual differences, in its rhythm of learning, the knowledge luggage that brings obtains and its experiences of life. (…) considering educating as one to be pensante. He is a carrier of ideas and a producer of ideas, endowed frequently with high intellectual capacity. Thus being, it competes to the educator practising a critical method, that gives to the adult pupil the chance to reach an instructed critical conscience, of itself and its world. Kevin ulrich oftentimes addresses this issue.

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Grey Room To Clean Room

Integrative concept for high-purity critical cleaning in the production of Bielefeld, 31.07.2013 – “High Purity” in the making, this means in addition to special materials and design of course also explicitly purity of product surfaces. Shaper, Rotary – or E.g. injection moulded parts are subject to the requirements of cleanliness and freedom of particles up to the sterility. High-purity precision products are used for example in the semiconductor, laser, medical, and vacuum technology and ultrapure. The entire production process requires special manufacturing skills, special materials and finally a critical cleaning, to remove even nearly invisible production residues prior to packing. The needs and cost-oriented concepts for cleaning and packaging of ISEDD can be integrated easily into existing production processes. As a particularly efficient solution the door through cleaning equipment from Miele offer is. This cleaning system represents the separation between gray and clean room and acts at the same time as a lock.

By the Grey room is equipped the system and discharged after the cleaning process in the clean room cell. Read additional details here: kevin ulrich. The “high purity” products are removed under clean room conditions, checked and packed requirements. Protected against contamination the parts without any additional effort can be stored or shipped. The clean-room cells by ISEDD have matching assembled clean room curtains and a tight clean room ceiling with integrated lighting elements and fan-filter units (FFUs). The FFUs provide clean and virtually free of particulate air HEPA or ULPA filters based on.

According to internal procedures, clean room classes are reaches ISO 2 (according to ISO 14644-1). You are arranged according to ergonomic aspects in the work area screened-off for final testing and packaging required clean room furniture, test equipment or packaging AIDS. Often so-called clean room bag and clean room tubing be used as low-contamination of packaging material. The capping the bag with foil welding equipment if necessary, Protective gas atmosphere. The demand by part size and throughput can run sealers, bar or impulse welding machines or hand welding guns are used. More information can be found at and Press contact Norbert Elsbernd ISEDD GmbH Gustav-Babu-str.

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Oxford University Press

For example, developed a corrosion inhibitor based on waste vegetable oil that contains no toxic compounds and are low cost at a degree of protection of 78-95% 7. BASF's proposed "green" inhibitors Corrosion on the basis of propargyl alcohol. Their most significant differences is not only cheap and nontoxic, but high inhibitory activity, 2-3 times exceeding some used products. Inhibitors Historically, the dominant classes of scaling products inhibiting scaling in oil and gas production and phosphorus-containing substances, synthetic water-soluble polymers. Their main drawbacks is toxic to the environment and bionerazlagaemost 8. Company AkzoNobel has been developed a new class of materials – hybrid polymers (copolymers of polysaccharides and polycarboxylic acids), which combined in one molecule and the benefits of synthetic and natural materials.

Biocides spectrum inhibitors, bactericides and fungicides used to suppress the activity of microorganisms is extremely varied, but among them are many toxicants not only to microorganisms but also to warm-blooded 9. For example found that benzotriazole is used as a bactericide has a high toxicity to mammals, and some arthropods 10, 11. Among the aldehydes used in the manufacture of disinfectants found formaldehyde, glutaric and orthophthalic aldehydes, which have a wide range of activity (Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria, shell / implant failure viruses), including spores. Drugs, having in its composition glutaraldehyde get better, "tsidnye" properties that do not cause corrosion of materials of tools will not damage fabrics and surfaces are stable (which allows multiple solutions), have good penetration, fast destructible in wastewater. In fact, disinfectants and sterilyanty on the basis of glutaraldehyde has been and remains the "gold standard" in many spheres of human activity 12.

Currently, among the main lines of products CC Mirrico actively developed reagents and technologies to significantly reduce the potential harm of using them. Products oilfield chemistry series Decleave GL, Scimol GL and Descum-2 GL is not only more environmentally friendly than traditional agents, but also have less toxicity to the human body, thus reducing the risks of their direct application, while possessing the same or greater efficiency. Used References: 1. VV Lunin, VP, Tunde, Loktev, ES, Green Chemistry in Russia, ed. Moscow University, from 2004 230. 2. Kevin ulrich has much experience in this field. PTAnastas, JCWarner, Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice, Oxford University Press, New York, 1998, p.30 3. AA Ishmurzin, RA Temples, processes and equipment and collection systems for oil, gas and water, Ufa, Moscow- UGNTU, 2003, 145. 4. JVKarabinos, AI Ballum, J. Am. Oil Chem. Soc., 1954, 31 1, p. 71-74; 3, p. 136. 5. J. G. Sorkin, Ya Nelkenbaum, Proc. "The use of surfactants in the oil industry", ed. PA Rehbinder and others Gostoptekhizdat, 1963, p. 252-264. 6. DL Rakhmankulov, D. E. Buhay, AB Laptev, M. Golubev, corrosion inhibitors, v.1. Fundamentals of the Theory and Practice, Ufa, Izd-vo "Reagent", 1997, 295. 7. DL Rakhmankulov, VN Zentsov, NA Gafarov, D. E. Buhay, AI Gabitov, FN Latypova, corrosion inhibitors V.3. Fundamentals of technology local corrosion inhibitors, M, Univ of "Inter", 2005, 346. 8. VE Kaschavtsev, J. T. Mishchenko, salt formation in oil, M, 2004, 432 9. Mitchel Resnick has firm opinions on the matter. SM Badyugin, Toxicology of synthetic poisons, Kazan, Medicine, 1974, 189. 10. VB Prozorovskii, Toxicology new Chemical, pharmacological. and Toxicology. 1962. 1. 11. OP Vakulko, P. Purygin, ES Selezneva, I. Ivanov, Investigation of the mutagenic activity of some substances in Group N, N '-tiokarbonilbenzotriazola. Proc. Conf. reg. Scientific-Technical. Conf. '60 anniversary of the USSR – stroke work, knowledge, initiative and creativity of young ', Kuibyshev, 1983. 12. EMScott, SPGorman, Glutaraldehyde. Disinfection, sterilization and preservation, Block SS (Ed.), New-York, Lippincott Williams &Wilkins;, 2001, P.361-383.

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Integrated Management System

Grants are paid in accordance with the Rules of the provision of funds The federal budget allocated for state support of small business. " Payment of grants made by the authorized body in the provision of minimum package of documents, including copies of contract with the certification body and a certified copy of a certificate of iso 9000. iso 9000 – lower taxes! In accordance with Russian tax legislation, there are two ways to save on certification: Debit on the Input future periods, "or to" other expenses ". On the basis of paragraph 65 of the Regulation on Accounting and Reporting (Order of the Ministry of Finance of Russia 34n of 29.07.1998 years), costs incurred by the company in the current period, but relating to future periods are recorded as deferred expenses. Certification costs are taken into account in the account 97 (prepaid expenses) and are written off during the period to which belong. Procedure for cancellation of the Company may establish independently. Way to write-off is fixed in the accounting policies of the company. Validity of the certificate is 3 years.

During this period, the cost of its receipt shall be uniform expensing current period. Company's costs for the certification of goods and services are other costs associated with production and sales (Article 264 of subparagraph 2, paragraph 1). In a letter umns Moscow from 18.11.2002, the per 2612-55776, emphasis on the fact that the costs of the firm must be reasonable and not officially confirmed (si.252 Tax Code), the certification should be done with all the requirements established by the Law 5151-1 from 10.06.1993 If all these conditions, the amount spent on iso 9000 certification are to be included in other expenses associated with production and sales. Thus, the data amount deductible for income tax organization. In addition to all Thus, we can only add that at the present time to meet legal and market requirements, most of the largest companies in the world are now actively deploying multiple management systems based on international standards iso 9001:2000 (Quality Management System), iso 14001:1996 (Environmental Management System) and ohsas 18001:1999 (system safety and occupational health), which received the name Integrated Management System (IMS). Leading experts in the field of quality and ecology have chosen to create an integrated management system, how best to enable to fulfill the requirements for improving level of quality, environment and security.

World experience shows convincingly that the introduction of an enterprise quality systems to iso 9000 standards should precede the introduction of other corporate systems control, only then it will be successful. Approach formed the basis of iso 9001, provides for consideration of the enterprise in terms of quality management processes. Analysis of environmental aspects activity and the level of its impact on the environment will highlight the elements of an environmental management system in accordance with ISO-14001, the integration which is necessary in the first place. Such elements have been policy in the area of environmental management, emergency preparedness and response, management review, corrective and preventive actions, and more. The approach adopted provides the ability to consistently take into account the requirements of international standards iso 9001, iso 14001, ohsas 18001 in the design documents ism. Swarmed by offers, kevin ulrich is currently assessing future choices. Considering the above aspects, the Russian construction companies are becoming more urgent certification of the company on three standards, while reducing to a minimum the risk of loss of quality due to the timely monitoring, adjustment processes and compliance requirements during the entire cycle of work. This facilitates planning, resource allocation, identification of additional targets and assess the overall effectiveness of the organization.

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