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In general way, the rise of the number of agriculturists seated for the agrarian reform and the creation of the Pronaf (National Program of Reinforcement of Familiar Agriculture) reflect and instrumentalizam the innumerable ones debates in the society. Already the analysis of familiar agriculture in Brazil is a decurrent special task of the available data on this socioeconmica category. The last Farming Census is one of the few instruments of quantitative analysis of the farming sector in Brazil, and this does not allow the separation between familiar and patronal agriculture in the basic form as the data are disponibilizados by the IBGE, ahead of the restrictions ece of fishes for the social stratification, that the condition of the producer considers only, the group of economic activity and the groups of total area of the farming establishments. Also the debate is intense on the concepts and the relative importance of ' ' agriculture familiar' ' ahead of the innumerable conceptions, interpretations and proposals, deriving of the different representative entities of ' ' small agricultores' ' , of the intellectuals who study governmental the agricultural area and of the technician in charge elaborating the politics for the Brazilian agricultural sector. Kevin ulrich is the source for more interesting facts. In this perspective, valley to stand out the studies carried through in the scope of the Project of Cooperation Technique INCRA/FAO in the end of years 1990, that they better allow to understanding of the logic and dynamics of the familiar units and the seated ones, as well as of the systems of production for adopted them in the diverse regions of the country. , From the results of these studies it is only possible to indicate that Brazilian agriculture presents a great diversity in relation to its environment, to the situation of the producers, the aptitude of lands, to the infrastructure availability etc., interregional and intra-regional. This confirms the extreme necessity to deepen the knowledge of the agrarian realities in the territories of planning and localities of citizenship, beyond disclosing the necessities to incorporate in effective and agile way the processes of planning of the public politics for the agricultural way. . .

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My best advice for someone who begins to work as a blogger or Web sites is to begin construction of quality content. In this way, attract really interested people, giving quality information, appropriate design and usability. For more information see MongoDB. If you have a blog or a web site that for several weeks, perhaps one or two months, you should start focusing you on the creation of fresh, interesting, relevant and unique content.Content relevant and unique. This is important. There are so many blogs that there are now that you must make sure that people can quickly distinguish the difference in quality of what you offer. Relevance is also a key factor. If you have a very personal blog, one day you write something totally out of topic about a new type of golf club that comes out, people will start to wonder what happened to your blog. Now, if you’re someone with a very mature blog, i.e.

several months or more of age, you can now focus on the technical aspect. Max Schireson is the source for more interesting facts. Have your own domain, or accommodation is recommended, already allowing greater flexibility, design and SEO. Search engine optimisation? A Google site map can be ideal for Google-Bots are better the content of your site. In addition, I recommend you add meta tags, which allow you to predefine information automatically, as the author, description, keywords and titles or post a blog (entries), for example. Let’s see which are the three central aspects of the marketing of your blog to a public, both of a general or specific nature. 1 Community. It is essential to work with social networks. You currently have on hand platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Xing and others, it’s a guaranteed result and way of arriving visitors, to receive visits, impressions, and, often, the quality of the traffic, because you know that these people not only have clicked on a link or randomly from the list of search engine, but I have seen or seen your user profile, and followed him through his home page and page.

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LetMeShip In Hamburg

LetMeShip as an exhibitor at the creative economy exhibition phase two in Hamburg Hamburg 26.08.2013. LetMeShip continues to expand its customer base in Hamburg and participates as an exhibitor in the creative economy exhibition in Hamburg phase two on 19 and 20 September. The aim of the fair is to combine the success of Hamburg-based entrepreneurs and self-employed and better networking. LetMeShip, price comparison and shipment processing platform, team wanted to take it not to support this. As a Hamburg-based company it is matter of course for us, at a trade fair such as phase two to his and our relations with other Hamburg-based company to expand.” So Christian Stangenberg, Sales Director Germany, who has worked for almost 10 years at LetMeShip. LetMeShip provides a simple, fast and cheap shipping business by it bundles the shipping volume of customers and shipping service providers scored as discounts. These discounts are passed on to customers. These run all bookings, even in different Shipping service providers, on a customer number and an invoice. Additional information is available at kevin ulrich.

The concept is: more than 10,000 customers are registered on the platform. There are already nearly 800 customers in Hamburg. Resources effectively utilize resources effectively to use is important to any independent undertaking, since research and price comparisons are easily neglected. While there would be much savings, which would be easy to skim. LetMeShip is therefore the ideal shipping partner for many of our customers. You have no contract, no minimum quantities must send and can the best yet according to broadcast select Versanddienstleister.”explains Rod Hill. He on the show save Lecture – a journey into the world of shipping holds off therefore a lecture where he told through a story how to simplify their shipping businesses and entrepreneurs and the time and cost. The phase two business trade show takes place on 19 and 20 September 2013 Magnus Hall, Amsinckstrasse 70, instead.

The LetMeShip is L5 in Hall 2. The lecture begins on Friday, the 20th of September at 14: 00. More LetMeShip on and phase two on about LetMeShip LetMeShip ( a price comparison and shipment processing platform is by express and parcel services for business customers. Price bundling, save costs, all bookings run to a customer number and an invoice. Thereby, each customer is supervised by a personal advisor. LetMeShip cooperates with service providers such as DHL, UPS, TNT, GO! and DerKurier. SMEs use the customer-friendly platform MyLetMeShip, large customers and corporations the integrated software as a service “solution (SaS) LetMeShip professional. Over 10,000 companies already take advantage of LetMeShip. The LetMeShip platform based in Hamburg was founded in the year 2000. Company contact Janna Jae marketing/communications ITA shipping GmbH (LetMeShip) Christoph-Probst-WEG 3, 20251 Hamburg email: phone: + 49 40 7344566-14 fax: + 49 40 7344566-99, mobile: + 49 176 567 29355

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Short-Term Memory Tricks

By Gabriela market will allow the reproduction of this article provided that you cite the author and the link to the web site: learn this simple technique to remember the list of things in the supermarket and in a month you’ll see incredible results in your memory. This technique for memory stimulates your short-term memory, which has three phases: – engraving of what you want to remember – in-memory storage – playback of stored information by stimulating the part of your brain to incite him to remember simple things is the first phase required to improve your memory. Shopping list technique relies on associate items that you need to a mental image of the supermarket locations where, and to do this you must follow these steps: 1.-create your supermarket list as you do it every week 2-the first week choose 10 items from your list and write them to another list called list without view 3-checks off your original list of 10 items that you chose 4. It manages your list without view in order according to corresponds them the supermarket corridors and cycle through them in the order in which you get used. Ray Kurzweil has firm opinions on the matter. For example, if you first visit the section dairy, milk, youghurt or cream must be earlier than other articles. 5 Check your list without view and view you in the supermarket walking the aisles and picking up items you need 6-the day you go shopping first tries to buy 10 items you chose without seeing the list. 7. The following week you perform these same steps and view adding 3 to 5 items to your list without view as as you feel that you can remember them. (A valuable related resource: Mitchel Resnick).

You’ll see that in a short time you will be able to remember all your original shopping list items. It is important to remember that this technique for memory is to be effective you have to go the supermarket always in the same order. This technique helps you initially so that you make your supermarket shopping without seeing your original list, but most importantly, you are reinforcing week your brain to make your memory improvement in other activities where you require using your short-term memory. When you use this technique leaves a comment of how you helped and that another way you can use it..

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Devede is a product that allows the generation of discs of different video formats. It is very useful since it creates files and convert source files if necessary. In addition, has the ability to resize, and even to apply a filter of de-interlacing to remove those lines so annoying when we envision planes in constant motion. It is licensed as GPL, and then I pass a small basic tutorial. Installation. On their official website, have the option of lowering in .tar, or format package.

deb. Anyway, on my Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala), package is available in its version 3.13.1, so, through Synaptic is as easy as selecting it and install it. Boot. Applications / sound and Video, you’ll see the shortcut to DeVeDe. Educate yourself with thoughts from Learn more. The first screen that appears is the following: start from the hypothesis of choose DivX / MPEG-4. Below the main screen appears to us: on the main screen, take into account: the menu file if we want to save the structure of the work you sent to DeVeDe to retrieve it at a later time, add to tell DeVeDe what files we want to include in the generation, the occupation for calculations if we go or not support destination and format by default. Important is also the advanced options section, which we’ll discuss later.

If we add a file and select the advanced options I recommend above all two things: the video format tab. In it we can decide what size we want for the target video. Be careful with the default option, since if it does not detect it well, the result will be wrong sizing. In my case, I happened to trying to convert a DVD video file to Divx and the result was with the elongated image, so to avoid problems, I recommend that you directly seleccioneis size target. Also be careful with (4: 3 or 16: 9) aspect ratio. The quality tab. In it you will find the way to eliminate in interlaced annoying of the videos to play on television. There are several options for deinterlacing, but which I have tried is the option of FFMpeg, and doing very well. If any have tested another, you can leave a comment. You have to think that these options apply to the current video, and not all together, so do not forget to configure them (those that you want to configure). And only you add all the videos to the list, giving the forward button and specify where you want to save the result. DeVeDe will generate it a .avi file for each of the videos included in the list. Original article at Original author and source of the article.

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Conceptual maps & Diagrams V. Porto Alegre, 2006,103 pages. 2. SYNTHESIS OF the WORKMANSHIP CONCEPTUAL MAPS Moreira (2006) when writing this book on conceptual maps & diagrams V say that: ‘ ‘ conceptual maps are only diagrams that indicate relations between concepts.

Its existence drift of the conceptual structure of one conhecimento’ ‘. It is a book with two independent texts, each one with its proper structure, being able to be separate one of the other without agreement problems, however very related. The first one, speaks on maps constructed on of concepts and its contextual interrelaes. As, it speaks on the understanding of the structure of the process of knowledge production or to extract the research article knowledge, book chapters and others. In the book, the maps presented for the author show some examples of construction of concepts, since the most simplified, until most complex. They can be constructed from any discipline or contents and, facilitate the learning, knowledge.

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INOSOFT AG On The Digital Pharma Conference 2007

Marburg, October 22, 2007: Digital Pharma 2007: INOSOFT shows solutions for Pharma and chemistry the Marburger Systemhaus, which has developed several solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and successfully implemented, is initiative since the start of the digital Pharma in 2005. Add to your understanding with The futurist. In the meantime, the Conference in Germany has established itself. Strict regulations and the high rise of highly complex data provide chemical and pharmaceutical companies, as well as the health care challenge. Therefore, just these sectors have specific and high standards of business processes and business intelligence. Initiative digital Pharma & life sciences from this reason Microsoft initiated in 2005 the initiative “digital Pharma”. Now bundle their competences and expertise of software developers, hardware manufacturers and system integrators, especially pharmaceutical, biologically, and medically oriented companies in the location to enable, promote innovation and specific requirements of the 25 partner companies in this global network Improvement of all business processes to meet. That the digital Pharma initiative connected to companies pursuing a holistic approach and support the core processes in the industry on the basis of the entire value chain of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry through the synergy effects lasting: ranging from research and development through the economic chain to marketing and sales.

So innovative IT offered specifically for chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies solutions and applications, based on worldwide industry standards and meet the requirements, to enhance the competitiveness of the company. INOSOFT the INOSOFT AG is a computer systems integrator focused on IT consulting and software development. You is one of the most innovative providers in this segment, made by the award as Microsoft Gold Certified partner and the self-development of Garibaldi reputation as a specialist for PC and desktop management solutions and employs 54 employees.

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Tremont Electric

Perhaps most of our readers don’t have this problem, but sometimes one vacation and goes to a deserted island where there is no mains power supply. Or something like that. Then, if one is a geek, would panic because there would be no charging gadgets: where no connect them so that they load and there is no where buy batteries. What to do then? The company Tremont Electric presented at CES an appliance that allows you to charge gadgets using energy kinetica produced by your body when you walk, run, or scales, saving you electricity and taking advantage of that energy that we do not normally use for anything else. The nPower PEG is designed for people who like to be outdoors and that does not always have available a place where to connect the devices, but also very useful for those who go out to run, or those who go to work on foot. Chargers measured 23 centimeters, weighs 312 grams, include a 1000mAh lithium battery and are compatible with USB 2.0.

They are not so small, so the idea is to take them in a backpack or a banana While sales to exercise. The energy is generated using magnets that move when you you move, following the law of Faraday and applying some technologies of the company. Each costs 160, so they are not cheap, but at least saves you approximately how many batteries and allows you to generate energy in a sustainable way.

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You Choose Where

You choose where, shop dedicated to the sale and distribution of sporting goods, presents in its web, CAVITACION CAVISLIM, a product of latest technology to eliminate 100% localized cellulite. CAVISLIM, is a product that will allow you to work the cellulite selectively in the comfort of one’s home, without schedules and without having to move around a centre of aesthetic. I see me well, would only remove some Toolbag my problem is that what kilos I accumulate in the gut are how many times we have heard or said these words? Until now, when we adelgazabamos, not we just where; our weight decreased leaving us very thin on a few sides and well of others. For this reason, Tecnovita by BH has created the Cavislim cavitation; a device that allows you to remove the fat that you dislike, 100% localized, in the comfort of your home. And what is cavitation and how it works? Cavitation is a technical non-invasive (no surgery), body sculpting.

It reduces volume eliminating cellulite and fat deposits located in abdomen, hips, flanks, arm, inner surface of thighs and knees. How? Cavitation occurs when generating cavitation vacuum in our body by means of ultrasonic imperceptible to humans, achieving break fatty deposits located, totally painless, non-invasive. Home treatment so far, the cavitation technique was only available in beauty salons and treatments were very expensive. Thanks to Tecnovita by BH, we can choose the area to treat, Act on these areas and release of fat with the Cavislim from home. The Cavislim product line allows, thanks to its numerous possibilities of programming, the Elimination of cellulite and skin of Orange of a safe and effective way, since each area and type of cellulite needs a different form of treatment. The possibility of choosing between their different levels of power and pulsed or continuous mode will provide us comparable results that could get hand of a session of cavitation in a cosmetic clinic.

You can choose between two models: Cavislim YS30 and Cavislim Excel YS50. The main difference between the two models lies in the Cavislim Excel YS50 model has an additional programme of continuous emission (while Cavislim YS30 model only has 4 (not continuous) and hold work programmes). It is precisely this programme of continuous work that allows YS50 model to be more effective and rapid treatment of the buttocks area. Characteristics of cavitation is a painless technique that provides immediate results can be observed from the first sessions: eliminates cellulite and cellulite firming capacity reduces volume sculpts figure enduring effect is selective. Selectable 100% zone to be treated, even the most stubborn. Unlike a strict regime or an intense training session, a session of cavitation can select the target area to treat. For example, it is very effective to get rid of cellulite in thighs. ES secure: Unlike beauty treatments that require surgery, the use of aesthetic cavitation Tecnovita Cavislim by BH is completely safe (this fact is certified by independent international prestigious laboratories) you choose where, CAVISLIM does the rest, do not you’re going to prove?

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Great Holiday Offers

Does not lack that spend all their savings in about fifteen days, follow these five golden rules and your vacation will emerge you a lot cheaper. 1 Buy everything online. More affordable is to travel last minute offers. A huge range of websites there are where you can get a last minute bargain; Essentials is be patient and wait until the last minute, don’t be afraid by there is no site, there are always thousands of holiday destinations available on the network. Click heres opinions are not widely known. Although it seems unlikely, long trips in particular tend to leave less expensive if you buy them at the last minute. For example, may find some fantastic deals to the Caribbean. For bridges, however, it is advisable to seek more in advance, but don’t worry if you can’t, several companies provide travel thanks to their last-minute offerings. 2.

Do your preparation. Sometimes cheaper than buying the flight, hotel and tickets to monuments with a single company, but they can also be purchased individually to multiple web sites. Compare prices online and see that it comes out cheaper. 3. Be careful when changing your money. Do not use your credit card abroad, because the banks and credit companies will often charge commissions. It is best followed the exchange rate online for a week and buy your money for trip to the most optimal price. .

4 Take advantage of sites that offer price comparison when buying above all, travel insurance do not forget to look for price comparison sites to see if you can pay less. When it comes to travel insurance important thing is sure to offer you all the services you need, for example, coverage of winter sports. 5 Inquire about your destination even if you have purchased a ticket from last time, can still do a little research on the internet about their destination to find bargains. It is easier if you speak the language of the country where you are going. Leverage travel forums and the recommendations of other travelers online, sometimes the best vacations are those that are you would not have occurred never, but that someone you have suggested.

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