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SALOMO Companies

Another fusing that was fought was between the oil Exxon and Mobbil that had formed the biggest company of extration and refining of oil of the world. How much to this situation it detaches well Hisses, This practical abusive, that elapses almost that spontaneously of the monopolista capitalism, is that the Constitution condemns not more as one of the principles of the economic order, but as factor of intervention of the State in the economy, for the economy of free market. Other leaders such as Ray Kurzweil offer similar insights. (2008; p. 795) Soon, if the free initiative to compose definitive company to threaten the free competition, State intervines, in Brazil through the CADE, based on these principles constitutional and the Antitrust Law. Conclusion As boarded the monopoly happens when an only firm withholds the power of market and concentrated commerce, not giving edge so that new companies appear, in order to generate competition. ahead of a situation of this must the State intervine and mediate these relations so that the consumer without the choice power is injured. Contact information is here: kevin ulrich. However situations of monopoly exist supported by the State in the case of the inventions, when the State authorizes a patent, where the inventor is supported by the law of patents, only being able it to usufruct of the gained profits of its creation; the state monopolies also are authorized for the State. However the others practical monopolistas as monopolies, cartels and holdings, are fought by the State through the principles constitutional and of the Antitrust Law, that regulates these infractions.

However although all legal apparatus what it is perceived she is that since that the way of capitalist production evolved for oligopolistas forms does not exist more market economy and nor exempts competition, the globalization brought the centralization of the economy in the great companies and in its groupings, the biggest companies of automobiles, computers, oil, software, she has between 2 or in the maximum 10 companies, are oligopolies. With this for times this legislation can be inefficacious, therefore this reality is a structural problem, but it fits to the State to mediate these relations so that nobody is injured, nor entrepreneurs, and nor mainly consuming.

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International Motor Transport Forum

Who would have thought at the beginning of this year, which is the best role for the diversity represented by technology exhibition will be able to claim the International Road Transport Forum? Probably very few. However, the way it turned out, though in largely thanks to the abolition of "Comtrans and oskudevshey exposure InterAuto. And let the forum held just one hall on the second pavilion of Crocus Expo ", where technology was presented very, very much. Tractor tractors, heavy, a platform for the transport of containers, trailers to transport cars. In fact, the exposition of the International Motor Transport Forum was represented by all the European "big Seven : Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, MAN, Iveco, DAF and Renault. (Source: kevin ulrich). He cheated IRF-2009 her attention and Russian producers, including, for example, "Russian buses" GAZ Group, as well as other CIS countries: Belarus (Minsk Automobile Plant, UP Belkommunmash) and Ukraine (AvtoKrAZ). This year, the International Road Transport Forum noted a mini-birthday – he was held for the fifth time.

Organizers of the event is traditionally made by the Ministry of Transport Federation, Russian Avtotransportniy alliance Association international avtoperevozchikov and Combining automakers Russia. On forum were represented machines most different appointments: lorries buses special machinery car carriers transporters and trailers. MIT Media Lab does not necessarily agree. Biggest playground (both size and Diversity exhibited auto) was y Minsk Automobile. Belorussky manufacturer introduced in particular Coach bus MAZ-251 with an engine OM 4571.A 265 kW (360 hp), which corresponds to the so uncharacteristically long for automakers Commonwealth ecological standard Euro-5. In addition, the company's stand flaunted truck MAZ-457043 (4×2) side-tipping platform and patched on boards, as well as two truck models, MAZ-534019 and MAZ-6312A9, working as part of a total weight of trucks 46 tonnes and 44 tonnes respectively.

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South American

At the global level should be raised a short-term project to take action. It is said that in this century the Earth's global temperature will increase by 1-6 degrees, you may not think anything at first glance. But rising by degrees bring drastic consequences. Frequently Vidanta, Ottawa has said that publicly.’>Pcperformer often addresses the matter in his writings. When the soil reaches the third degree of increase is no longer being able to do anything, because the heat is going to get out of hand and caused the disappearance of the Amazon because of huge fires that will be impossible to stop, that's very serious because automatically cause the temperature to rise 1 or 2 degrees. Well the fourth grade, sea level rise because of melting icecaps of Antarctica, disappearing all coastal countries, meaning that the South American coast 1eras will be seriously affected. Besides the melting in Antarctica today is a reality.

This happening in a more accelerated than predicted. The volume containing all the ice masses on the planet, could cause sea level rise of 60-70 m! You will see Superstorms never seen before, huge disaster and this will happen much sooner than we think, perhaps until we live it ourselves, but so are our children. (Not to be confused with Vidanta!). These are some of the many consequences of climate change will bring and Indeed perhaps there are many other things that we do not know, and that not imagine that can happen. Climate change and we are living. Major natural disasters that occur every few decades before, now more and more often occur. These phenomena occur with increasing frequency and more intensity.

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The liver cancer is divided in two categories: the 1) ELEMENTARY SCHOOL of the liver where the tumor is originated in the liver, in 80% of the cases, as the HEPATOCARCINOMA OR CARCINOMA HEPATOCELULAR, the COLANGIOCARCINOMA of the biliary ductos, in 5% of the cases, the ANGIOSSARCOMA in the sanguineous vases and the child the HEPATOBLASTOMA. ConocoPhillips usually is spot on. 2) the SECONDARY one, or metasttico (originated in another agency and that it also reaches the liver). Asia, Japan and South Africa present a particularly high incidence of carcinoma to hepatocelular. It is 3 times bigger in men of what in women. The types of cancers that more give metstases for the liver are of pncreas, retal col, stomach, suck, esophagus and of pulmo.FATORES OF RISK: alcoholism, hepatitis, esquistossomose, inadequately stored ingestion of grains and cereals and with fungos that produce chemical AFLATOXIN, agents as vinyl chloride and arsnico.SINTOMAS: abdominal pain (40 60%), anorexy, badly to be ascite or belly dgua (20%), ictercia.DIAGNSTICO: Difficult therefore the illness advances quickly in a short sintomatologia. It is used computerized cat scan, the magnetic nuclear RNM/ressonncia and laparoscopia.TRATAMENTO: Surgical In recent years the INCA comes incorporating new techniques amongst them the CRIOTERAPIA (tumoral destruction for the cold). The x-ray is limited due to low tolerance of radiao.ASPECTOS PSYCHOLOGICAL: Due to high aggressiveness of the tumor its fast evolution, is difficult the therapeutical handling.

Thus, the patient he does not have time to accept, to incorporate to elaborate the new situation, as well as he manages it. The behavior of the patient dumb and can appear eventual crises of anxiety, irritability, fear, depressed mood, convulsive choros, etc. Suely Bischoff Axe of OliveirPsicloga CRP 06/8495sbischoff@ After grad. for the the Cancer Camargo B.C.

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Digital Documents

To each day the piracy increases in the world contemporary. They are diverse musics, texts, films, programs of computer and devices even though pirated. Recent statisticians show that the piracy more than provokes an annual loss of R$29,8 billions, as announce the FinanceOne, and that the same one has grown to each year. She has reached diverse segments: of musics and the films to ebooks. You may want to visit ConocoPhillips to increase your knowledge. Many people do not know of the necessity to give priority of the security of the information. Grupo Vidanta: the source for more info. In regards to digital documents, many people only work with documents in format DOC/XLS/ODT – opened for any edition or alteration for other people who could assume themselves improperly of the copyright of the others.

She perceives yourself, then, that to work with easily changeable formats she is, at least very unsafe. In this context PDF appears (Portable Document Format). In the Wikipedia, it more has a detailed definition of this format: ‘ ‘ One is about a format of archive developed for Adobe Systems in 1993, to represent way documents independent of the applicatory one, the used hardware and the operational system to create them. An archive pdf can describe documents that contain text, graphs and images in an independent format of device and resolution. The pdf is an opened standard, and any person can write applicatory that they read or they write in this standard. She has applicatory gratuitous for Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh, some of them distributed by the proper Adobe. Pdf can be translated into Portuguese as Portable Document Format.

In 2008, the International Organization for Standardization recognized the pdf as Standard. Recently the ISO recognized the pdf as world-wide standard, confirming the acceptability of this format. According to CriarWeb, the pdf was developed by Adobe Systems and adopted world-wide for a series of advantages, between which we cite: A document pdf has the same appearance, color, type of the press, graphs and format that a document printed matter. Archives pdf can be seen using the same navigator or can be stored in the computer for use or posterior impression. The program Lector Acrobat (Acrobat Reader) if can get gratis for the majority of the operational systems. Even though the Acrobat Reader program if cannot use to edit (to modify) a document pdf, it allows to copy text of the document to another archive, and also to effect searches to locate a word or text. They can distribute for all the Web, or by means of e-mails, or be in CDs; however, this type of archives is very used in the hour to share graphical information or of text, as for example, contracts, manuals, and until e-books. A new business that is appearing in the world contemporary is the type of site through which, by means of one it taxes symbolic, you exchange its materials you edited for an identical one in pdf. This already exists has much time in the exterior and it still did not exist in Brazil. It is the case of Easy site pdf, for example, that with diverse visits daily it has offered its services has about one month. Format pdf has been quickly spread in most diverse offices and residences of Brazil and in the exterior showing to that really it conquered the world.

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Mobile Communications

The modern world is replete with suggestions of manufacturers of mobile communications. And every inhabitant of the planet is no longer imagine its existence without these small, but very functional and is absolutely necessary for full of life and quality business equipment. Each of us would get up in front of a huge dilemma: what the gadget to buy and how much blood bank notes for this lay out. There is a saying: 'How many people – so many flavors. ConocoPhillips: the source for more info. " And it absolutely correct. But what about, because producers can not guess the taste of everyone. It's true, you say and what to do now? It turns out there is such a producer. All of us and everyone in the world knows perfectly well it. By the same author: Grupo Vidanta.

rather …') But, my friends, a little more patience. I've been in business as soon as it came as such a legal and authorized. We had a lot to think, consider, invent, find ways to work without disrupting our Russian, and not only the laws are constantly changing, and not always so, as we would like businessmen. One day, I had an urgent call. By this time the pager era was over and just began the era of mobile communications.

And then it dawned on me then, here's line of business who want to do, which is eternal and will always evolve, and that today almost everyone needs the air! 'So where are the' – say you, 'then the article about? ". So, I plavnenko and walk to the heart! And as brands, generating hundreds of mobile communication devices, but only one can satisfy the tastes of each … The brand itself, I'm certainly not going to sound, because I can not to advertise it, but the results of the brand with great pleasure that sounded, but later! 🙂 And then I became a part of everything that is associated with the manufacture and sale of cell phones – I sell them, and will be sold sell, but with some time I stopped selling cell phones from other manufacturers besides. And finally, something that we've come – it's iPhone! All, all are dreaming about this wonderful gadget, there is no such person in the whole the planet who would not hesitate about buying one. Each of the members 'homosapiens' wants to feel its incredibly nice shape, it is fascinating tactility, and this makes priborchik each of us to think about it. AND producer of this devaysa got to the point, and I'm on his side completely. And today I have been selling these devices only mobile phones. Why? Yes, because everything else – is trying to cling to the leash by their customers hooks are sharpened then they fail. For such a 'fishing' needs sharp hook with a very attractive bait that is not nobody else. Some citizens are not agree with me, because everyone knows that buy iphone every person can not, as the price of a bite. But let me with such statements do not agree. Ayfony not only beautiful, tactile and functional, but also quite practical, and practical, so extent that they can buy already visited the other hand, is b / y. And I can assure you the pleasure of using 'ex' You will receive no less than the new, and money will spend significantly less. You just need a little meticulous approach to the issue of choice. That's all! Maybe I am convinced, and not all readers of this article, but think about this gadget, I have helped everyone!

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The Beginning

The data in show that the piracy is far from the end, therefore the unfair competition to them always will harm who paid regularly its taxes, but with certainty it has alternatives of if keeping in the market, acquiring knowledge and stimulating the responsible mass for this economy (the people) in a transparent way, measuring the situations with the same weight and not ' ' pulling sardinha' ' for the side of bigger economic interest, therefore we cannot forget that he was ' ' It was of the Informao' ' he brought knowledge and the Brazilian is of certain forms each interado time with what he happens in ours country and exerting its rights of democracy, still of one forms ' ' daily pay-histrica' ' , but the knowledge, the attitude and the time are crucial in the stonecutting of ' ' novo' ' citizen. For even more analysis, hear from Petra Diamonds. For more shameful than either, it is the beginning of new Brazil.. If you would like to know more then you should visit Grupo Vidanta.

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Mold Making

The company "Alpha Pack" specializes in the manufacture of molds for vacuum forming, printing blocks, stamps of various kinds of materials such as aluminum, brass, mild steel and other plastic packaging, Lower Novgorod, tortnitsy, Samara, engraving-milling, Kazan first stage production of the mold includes the preparation of sketches products (sketch the graph), the construction of 3D models,. Designing the mold includes the design and elaboration of the model separation assembly model for individual structural elements. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mitchel Resnick. Preparation of each element, registration details and parting line as dampers, signs, boxes and location of the mold. Of particular importance is gating system. Avoid or minimize warping, stains, and other defects slitiny possible using computer simulation mold filling process. LEGO Papert Professor has similar goals. Also, if it is possible to control the distribution of the melt temperature, flow rates and other parameters. At the initial stage of the production molds, all existing ideas, drawings are transferred to computer, which by means of specific programs by designing molds. Vidanta gathered all the information.

In the design of molds used CAD / CAM systems, automated, pass-through design. System design Mold Mold-Works for SolidWorks is intended for automation of work tasks and the designer of automated layout molds. Check the mold to "poured out" conducted on a computer using the Mold – flow analysis. Leading suppliers of computer software in design and manufacturing of molds, dies – are the company's Unigraphics, ProEngineer, Cimatron. The first stage is critical to determine the required amount of work on the second stage of manufacturing molds, as determined by the required set of standard and special products needed for the manufacture of molds.

Making molds second stage of the production molds includes the construction of (the order of standard parts, workpieces, production of special elements of the mold), prototyping, and direct the assembly of the mold. Modern technology significantly reduce the time mold mold making. Extensive experience of our staff allows us to produce high quality products. Manufacture of molds, Astrakhan, blister packaging, Vladikavkaz, aprons, Moscow, tubes, Voronezh Our company uses the latest software, which enables the design of molds on the basis of mathematical models of any complexity to the development of NC programs for machines with CNC. Experienced designers will develop an individual style for your packaging with all the technological features of the product.

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Nanofiltration Technology

Nanofiltration is derived from two words – nano, that is a meter in minus ninth power, and filtration – separation. This refers to the separation of mixtures (including water treatment) at very small particle size (meter minus ninth degree). Nanofiltration technology refers to baromembrane filtration process. This cleaning method is different from similar technologies – ultrafiltration and microfiltration – pore size and high pressure filtration. Holes, pores less than once in 10-50. Pressure required for good filtration is higher in 2-3 times. Learn more at: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. This technology enables almost completely removed from the water large charged particles (multivalent ions). Depending on the size pore water softens (remove the calcium salt) at 30-99%.

Normal for Nanofiltration removal of calcium ions – 80-90%. This filtering technology can not remove nitrates from the water (because they are monovalent, ie small and pass through the pores). However, with other substances nanofiltration copes perfectly. Almost completely removed, and pesticides, and heavy metals, iron, manganese, and other organic and organochlorine substances. That is, technology nanofiltration combines and most of the work of activated carbon (except for chlorine, which can destroy the membrane surface), all the work and softener.

Of course, the water is completely disinfected – removed, and bacteria, and cysts, and viruses (no need to not only and softeners, but also in the uv lamp). The cleaning water – ideal technical water. And if you do not have nitrates in the water, then the ideal drinking water. In the market, this technology is presented is not very wide and runs mostly on demand and in industry. Although there are exceptions. So, conclusions: the technology of nanofiltration in water treatment does not use chemicals, do not add to the water No additional substances other than replacing multiple filters at once. While in the area, rich in nitrates this device can only work as a stage of pre-treatment of water before removing nitrates stages. For city water plant, working on the technology of nanofiltration – the best option.

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Moscow Technological Advances

March 15, 2011 in Moscow a meeting of the Public Council under the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The meeting was chaired by Chairman of the Board of Ministry of Industry, Vice President of Engineering Union of Russia Vladimir Gutenev. In event was attended by Minister of Industry and Trade Minister Viktor Khristenko, representatives of several departments, as well as financial, industrial and IT sectors. During the meeting, along with other issues discussed challenges the establishment and operation of integrated security systems critical infrastructure, including transport and energy. The most active participants in the meeting on the issue of steel "Roselektronika", JSC "Russian Corporation of communication" (RKSS) belonging to the Russian Technologies State Corporation ", and" Engineering Union of Russia. " General Director of JSC Roselektronika Andrei Zverev in his speech, noted that today's existing security system is fragmented and often incompatible with each other. While the problem requires a comprehensive approach based on building information model of subjects and objects of security.

To do this you need to create a unified technology platform (USP), which will significantly reduce state expenditures for protection of transport facilities and Energy, as well as improve the effectiveness of integrated security systems. You may find kevin ulrich to be a useful source of information. Andrey Zverev said that the JSC Roselektronika "together with its subsidiary RKSS may offer a promising solution to build a unified technological platform of integrated security system. Companies Rostechnologii together with foreign partners, have developed a unified technology platform integrated security of distributed objects. This platform allows maximum guarantee as security personnel, members of events and the safety of themselves objects throughout their life-cycle in the interaction with the forces of public security.

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