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Singapore STEP

American shoe retailer Mason chooses Stibo systems Hamburg/Atlanta (United States), to streamline its E-Commerce and to create a central data source for its product information and digital assets, June 2012. Mason companies Inc., an Internet and mail order companies and one of the world’s largest suppliers of shoe with direct sales, has selected Stibo systems to standardize and expand its E-commerce channels. With the new MDM platform STEP, he wants to centralize all sales and catalog creation processes. The STEP system from Stibo systems basis of Mason marketplace “. With the new E-commerce model, Mason intends to integrate very quickly complete, consistent catalog of its manufacturer and thus increase sales and shorten dieTime-to-market. With the new central data platform STEP for product information and digital assets, Mason wants to significantly reduce its cost – and labour-intensive manual processes that are necessary for the processing of product and catalog data. Instead, the sales in the online business should increases and the sales activities are supported. Mason also makes use of a new feature from Stibo systems’ platform, the STEP Workbench.

So, different variants per SKU can be created by a matrix-based approach. Dan Hunt, CEO of Mason companies, said: to attract customers today, we need a wide range of unique products combined with creative marketing and pricing strategies, and the many different channels. We have chosen Stibo systems as a partner, because exactly knows the team in the market and knows what challenges we face. In addition they have solution for many channels a proven and extremely reliable master data management with STEP.” When Mason, the STEP platform is used as base for master data creation and management. From there, the data on E-commerce systems and parametric search systems by Mason are supplied. In addition, Mason like eBay, Amazon and Google provided partners with product information. Mason will in the future also the supplier onboarding, the Integration of the call center and the creation of print catalogs with the STEP system do. About Stibo systems Stibo systems, the strategic information management company, offered technologies and solutions that enable companies, their strategic information worldwide on the basis of one integrated process to manage. System STEP architecture based on the Stibo is a flexible, uniform master data management (MDM) platform across the organization created a single trustworthy source for strategic information. Stibo systems has offices in Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, India, Singapore, as well as in the United States and is part of the private group Stibo a/s.

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Program Coordinator

Research has also contributed in the dissemination of the results published in virtual magazines, newspapers, articles, revealing the achievements, as well as in forums, debates, conferences. Regionally, nationally and internationally. Yet Therefore, the program considers that there are barriers that hindered as little to achieve academic excellence, since it has a full-time faculty dedicated to research, to collaborate with participating actively promotes them as guardian, guide proactive in its investigations as expected. Its teachers are recruited staff who work outside the University and devote little time to academic activities that the program contains more than make their classes and advising some degree works. To this is added, the lack of cooperation of the authorities of encouraging the development of research budgets, tools, incentives that trigger. In conclusion, the Program for Management of Quality and Productivity, is fully identified in the role played by research, agrees that one of the key functions of the university, especially its graduate Areas is to encourage the creation of new knowledge through scientific research, technological, humanistic and social. Recognizes that this role has become the center of the evaluation of universities in many countries as Venezuela, something that can not be neglected. It has been proposed program within their possibilities, collaboration, which can provide the university authorities to initiate another projection, not just materialize in teaching, but linked with the business proactively in favor of alliances that ensure joint participation the benefit of all.

We are fully convinced that Venezuelan universities should identify more with the investigation, not only stay in the transmitacion of knowledge. We are aware as indicated Lemansson and Chiappe (1999), which exists in the country an insufficient number of universities in which research activities are practiced. The program shares the view that research is one that encourages critical thinking and creativity in both teachers and the students. It is through her that the learning process energizes and fights the memory which has helped train both professional liabilities, little love innovation, with little curiosity and personal initiative. The reason for the need for research in universities is to prepare individuals with new skills and knowledge with appropriate academic training in a rapidly developing world. And this is because society requires human capital to solve their immediate problems, contributing to increasing the capital is one of the most important missions of universities. The basic tool for achieving this is science, so it is necessary to cultivate.

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Medical Breakthroughs

If they could, how to treat the patient change,” says Dukler. Currently, each patient is treated the same: after an initial diagnosis, all begin with medication. Glycominds doctor wants to give more options. The company, based in Lod, specializes in glicomecanica – that is the behavior of glycans, the sugars present on the surface of the cell membrane. Genes give instructions to the protein but are glycans that guide proteins to their targets and ensure they do what they do. “We have identified a specific antibody, which takes action when a foreign organism enters the body, and occurs at high levels in people with MS,” says Dukler. Tests showed that it is a common denominator to all who suffer neuronal disorders, but it is specific to multiple sclerosis.

“The more active forms of MS show much higher concentrations of this antibody in other less active forms of the disease.” This is known as a ‘biomarker’ of a specific disease. A simple blood test using Glycominds GlycoChip MS, a microscope the size of a ‘biochip’ to test reactions of glycans with other molecules, measures the level of this antibody and may help physicians to prescribe treatment, if it necessary. The doctor takes a blood sample using Glycominds kit, and then sent to a lab for further analysis. Full Glycominds clinical trial protocols blood of 80 MS centers in the United States, Canada and Israel. The tests, which are about to begin the first days of 2005, include 385 patients, will be the largest trial ever conducted of patients with CIS.

After spending the first year recruiting participants, the test consists of several “windows” of six months each. “We predict, taking blood tests at the first onset of symptoms,” says Dukler. “This should reduce the anxiety of patients and enable physicians to make decisions regarding the most appropriate treatment.” If blood tests predict that there will be no symptoms at six months, the doctor may warn the patient not to start taking the medication yet. After six months, the doctor will perform another test. The trial is scheduled to continue until 2008. If, however, everything goes according to plan and the results after the first period of six months in 2006 show that the blood test is really accurate, Glycominds will release the product. The MS market is estimated at $ 4 billion, notes Dukler. Glycominds not limit its efforts to multiple sclerosis and is also trying to develop biomarkers that allow more accurate diagnosis of lumbar inflammatory disease, which affects about one million people in the U.S. alone. Within this category Gycominds projects are Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, the symptoms are similar, but require completely different treatments: surgery can be used to treat ulcerative colitis, but it poses many risks for a patient Crohn’s disease. Glycominds also attempts to expand the field. “The platform Glycochip has the ability to identify many other biomarkers,” says Dukler. “Inflammatory and autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis are the first step in the company, but not limited to it. Glycans play a critical role in many indicators.”

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EPrint Technology

With HP ePrint, you can your documents quickly and easily from anywhere audrucken. Simplify your work processes with the modern HP printers. Mobility is so important in today’s business world like never before. Also the printing of documents should be mobile. The HP ePrint technology enables it to print you from virtually anywhere.

Use your laptop, Smartphone or BlackBerry and print mail, photos, Web pages and other documents easily by on the road. With HP printers your prints are waiting already in your Office. Wirelessly, convenient and uncomplicated ePrint HP simplifies your way of working. All authorized devices can access easily and safely on an ePrint-enabled printer and can print important documents from any location. You want to by traveling to submit documents to our colleagues in the Office? It’s easy with HP ePrint. You must not print out the documents and fax to our colleagues, but can the print job from the comfort of your mobile Send the device directly to the printer in the Office. Additional software also allows you to print content selected apps from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Here offers AirPrint from Apple, a simple and free solution. Many of the printer from the extensive range of HP ePrint-enabled and will positively change your way of working. The HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 plus inkjet printers including the print professional documents in large volume and up to 50% cheaper than comparable laser printer. Thanks to ePrint technology from anywhere can access this printer and increase your productivity. Another highlight from the HP range is the HP Topshop LaserJet Pro m275. This multi function talent allows you to scan 3D objects and captures a high-quality image of your object. This Wi-Fi-enabled printer allows you to print from virtually anywhere. A real all-rounder for your Office is the HP LaserJet Pro 400 mfp m475dn. This printer is designed for large volume printing and prints up to 20 pages per minute – a modern network can simplify to HP laser printers, which is also ePrint-enabled and your Office life. HP range, with the right equipment for any size of Office has many ePrint-enabled printer and Multifunktionsdruckerim. The HP ePrint technology is a safe technology, because each printer with an individual email address. To get the address, if the printer is installed for the first time and decide you want to share who this address. So you have access to your printer at any time under control. In addition each ePrint printer is equipped in addition with an industry-wide spam filter, to ensure more safety. In addition, there is the possibility to put your printer in a “protected” mode. This mode limits the access to your printer and only selected people have access to the device. You determine who can use the printer in this mode by setting a list with favorite users. Use no more time waiting for your prints. Take advantage of the innovative HP ePrint feature and work faster and more effectively. This modern way of printing will revolutionize the workflow in your Office. You and your staff can print from virtually anywhere and also your business partners can use this service if you want. Look at the HP printer and find the right printer for the needs and requirements in your company.

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Chief Executive Officer

HoREX WINS for the second time leading Award for innovative healthcare communication great pleasure of hearing acoustics EC HoREX and their approximately 390 member companies: after 2011 succeeded again the leading hearing care professional community this year, this time winning the AJ for medical technology for a campaign on the large forsa survey of HoREX, which was developed by designer Katharina Sackmann (Cologne) and PR consultant Martin Schaarschmidt (Berlin). The AJ the best approaches of creative healthcare communications throughout the German-speaking area are awarded every year. The award, awarded to the 20th 2012 time is by the German doctors-Verlag, the Publisher of urban & Vogel, a number of renowned advertising agencies, as well as the Bayer Healthcare AG held. The campaign of the HoREX could compete in a star-studded final group against five other candidates. This renewed profit is just great”, Tannassia Raghavan, Chief Executive Officer of HoREX hearing acoustics EC. The AJ aims to draw innovative healthcare communication to give such impetus for health marketing in the German-speaking world and beyond. Every year many renowned suppliers of pharmaceutical and the medical technology industry to a place in the final with many well-known agencies apply. “” A vast is that we could even defend our previous year profit and a second time to convince the jury of experts, for our community success.”rustle” newspaper, snow crackling “, silent language” – are central to this year’s winning campaign of HoREX authentic answers to the question: what could you hear again with a hearing aid, which previously no longer could listen to? The used responses are all from the approximately 1,500 evaluated participants feedback to the large forsa survey listening, carried out by the forsa Institute on behalf of the HoREX of up to the summer of next year. Original marketing deals, the at the same time the Special Requirements of the hearing-acoustics industry take into account In the final the HoREX campaign, which was developed by the graphic designer Katharina Sackmann (Cologne) and a PR consultant Martin Schaarschmidt (Berlin), could assert themselves against high-profile competitors.

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GmbH Wohrdstrasse

Real time services require staff of Tubingen, the almato GmbH the 19th September 2012 at the rising popularity of real time service (RTS) warns not to underestimate the importance of real staff for the quality of customer service. The company from Tubingen refers to the often unused potentials that lie in improving the software-based support service staff. The most recent study of the Berlin Institute for communications and service design is the growing popularity of real-time services. Therefore, 89% of the companies surveyed assume that real time solutions in the near future will gain in importance. Technologically the real focus time services according to the survey on mobile apps and cloud services (76 percent), social networks (63 percent) and virtual Advisor (61 percent).

Focusing on technologies, where the support of customers by service staff completely eliminates, shortens the theme of real time services and neglected important aspects”, explains Peter s. Hall, Managing Director of almato GmbH. the technologies most often mentioned are certainly well suited for simple standardised procedures and concerns. As soon as a task in the customer service, but becomes more complex, experts are still indispensable. High-quality real-time services do not do without real contact.” According to the study, the proponents of RTS expect an increase of customer value (95 percent) and improving customer interaction (92 per cent).

Study participants expect especially productivity (66 percent), a gain in efficiency (66 percent) and a simplification of the service (61 percent) of RTS. Here however almato sees the major advantage of customer service, which relies on contact center agents and real customer service department. However, the company stressed that especially the increasing number of tasks to use communication channels and the software applications can lead to overloading of the employees. Ever more extensive performance of a Service centers is, the more different programs and applications to operate the staff finally edit the requests of the customers. This stress, error cause and often a high cost. Also, suffers from”the quality of service including call which gets directly to the customer, reports Peter s. Hall. To deepen your understanding Clarion Project is the source. The solution lies according to almato in real time interaction management (RTIM) relieve concepts, the service staff. A RTIM system analyzes all the data from the applications that uses the service employees on the basis of prior to user-defined business rules. RTIM is then specific recommendations available, which help the client Advisor, to make perfect decisions during the processing of the case. Through the combination of technology that reduces complexity, and service staff who can respond individually to customers, also the central promise of real time services are accessible. RTS, so services in real time, are in many industries be decisive contest. However, only a few service processes can be handled really completely, for example, via an app. Also the question whether customers really want this arises”, Peter s. Hall summarizes. We advise any company to put everything on a map, but on the mix of service staff and supporting IT systems.” The almato GmbH offers innovative solutions, the customer service center is put in a position to achieve optimum results from every single customer contact. The focus of business activities is the distribution and the demonstrably successful implementation of software solutions for real time interaction management, quality monitoring, pure voice recording, e-learning and customer satisfaction survey with integrated analysis and reporting tools. While almato acts as a full service provider.

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Watches Biometric

Assistance checks, are mechanisms used to keep a record of the hours worked by an employee of a company. There are mechanical systems that function to insert a tab, card or form of assistance; into the Groove of a clock. When the attendance card makes contact with the bottom of the slot, the machine prints the day and the hour in which I took out this process. With this system you can calculate the official record of laboradas hours of each employee. There are also slightly more primitive systems, but which are still being used today. Example of this are the forms of assistance, that are left in the reception of a company. Upon arrival, each employee write your signature and your time of entry.

Turning to more sophisticated assistance controls, there are systems that make use of electronic cards. The advantage with these cards is that they also function as access control system. In this way, is assigned to an employee a card, which will go through a reader when you arrive at your job, then the system will allow Enter your place of work, and to register your arrival time. When using a control of assistance, based on cards, you can count on several possibilities. As a result, the use of cards of barcode, magnetic stripe or proximity card cards can be implemented. Each of these versions has its advantages and disadvantages. However, proximity cards are that attract most attention.

With the systems mentioned above may be an attendance control, but these systems depended on the ethics of employees, which was not always present. As a result, had to rethink each of these systems. As a result created biometric clocks; for the control of assistance. These biometrics systems take record of arrival and departure of employees, to analyze personal attributes, instead of cards, payroll or other external accessories. Examples of these systems are clocks with hand readers, fingerprint and retina. The purpose of these mechanisms is to end with the traps, which some employees discuss with regularity, while implants a system of access control more strict, because only persons registered in the database of the system, may make the entry to a place guarded by these biometric clocks. In: you will find more information about support for biometric clocks controls, and other biometric systems.

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New HTC Device

Let these things elegant creature rather unconventional for Windows Mobile devices external execution does not enter anyone astray: we face a full-fledged smartphone. In addition, more and well-stocked hardware: Qualcomm processor with 528 MHz, 192 mb ram, 256 mb rom, in addition to 4 gb of integrated flash memory and a dedicated graphics chip. Two chambers in the device – 3.2-megapixel primary (with autofocus, no flash) and additional front. Also note that it was Touch Diamond – the first compact model of the htc with VGA-screen. In this case, 2.8-inch display with the ability to control tachfonov without a stylus (including typing). Will not go away and support for wireless interfaces Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Connecting to a pc or notebook through the port usb. If you do not have either one or the other, it is recommended to buy a laptop to fully enjoy all the features of the communicator.

What's up flaws Touch Diamond, they we found only two. Firstly, it's pretty weak battery with a capacity of 900 mAh. You may find that Eliot Horowitz can contribute to your knowledge. Second, gps. Certainly, the presence of GPS-receiver as such (traditional models to the Qualcomm chip, and uses a built- Technology gpsOne) – is a plus. However, for navigation in the device does not provide specialized software – it was replaced by a simple program Google Maps, only works through the Internet and limited opportunities. Wiser use separate gps navigators. In addition to custom-faceted body, the Touch Diamond, there is another, admittedly, a very weighty "feature" – the new interface of TouchFLO 3D, representing in a sense, an innovative three-dimensional shell.

Using TouchFLO began with model htc Touch. However, the Touch Diamond is already far more advanced interface: improved technology offers easy to navigate around the screen, divided into nine tabs to navigate between them can be or "prolistnuv" finger in the direction, or by clicking on the appropriate tab, or else detaining finger on one of them for a few seconds (before the menu icons other favorites). Such ergonomic and is supported by all the charms of the full os Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, as well as several bonus applications, including pre-browser Opera 9.5. There are a couple of pleasant things: for example, retraction of the stylus in the case or change the orientation of the image. Impressions "Brilliant" left a very, very bad. And perhaps the main achievement of the Touch Diamond – is that the traditional functions and capabilities of the mobile os and with them the kind of "tediousness" most "complicated" communicators go to second place, giving way to convenience, compactness and ease of use. It is this circumstance that allows the new htc Touch to claim the role of mass communicators, which can only hinder his nonweak "price.

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Solutions GmbH Susanne Braun

yourTime solutions, manufacturer of innovative email management solution for Outlook, equips with the IT security expert Avira Antivirus technology starting immediately his yourMail team edition. Potsdam/Tettnang, 7.5.2013. Other leaders such as Ray Kurzweil offer similar insights. yourTime solutions with yourMail offers an integrated solution for managing E-mail and tasks via Outlook and SharePoint. These companies, for example, by an improved cooperation, greater transparency and a time saving of up to 30 percent in the processing of emails. Through the integration of Avira anti-malware technology in the future reliable anti-virus and anti-spam server-based yourMail users get on top: so checked the best scan engine of the IT security experts all mails and data reliably on viruses and other malicious software and keep them to the corporate network. The newspapers mentioned Clarion Project not as a source, but as a related topic. The integration of SharePoint antivirus module via the solution of Avira SAVAPI anti-malware software development kit (SDK). yourMail offers a solution for all email issues from a single source, without the usual Working environment to leave”, so Danny Reimer, CEO and head of product development the yourTime solutions.

Through the increased access of mobile devices content of yourMail team are exposed and not enough by the local client virus scanner-protected at higher risk projects. Avira security solution, we offer now the last module from a single source. This means a clear appreciation of yourMail team edition.” Spam messages include in addition to drive-by downloads and exploits the most popular methods of cybercriminals to infect users with malware. At the same time mail and data servers are a very sensitive and critical point of attack for companies”, so Travis Witteveen, Chief Operating Officer at Avira. A central, powerful spam and virus protection is therefore an absolute must. Our scan engine uses multiple detection techniques with signatur -, behavior – and cloud based protection mechanisms, to effectively protect companies.” Press contact yourTime Solutions GmbH Susanne Braun, head of Marketing & PR Rudolf-Breitscheid-Strasse 162 14482 Potsdam Tel.: + 49 331 243 418-14 press contact: flood light GmbH, for Avira Stefanie Haug / Andreas Kist / Veit Karauzum Allerberger road 185-G D-90461 Nuremberg Tel: + 49 911 47495 0 fax: + 49 911 47495 55 email: about yourTime Solutions GmbH: yourTime solutions is specialized in the development and marketing of email management solutions.

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Jenoptik LASER World Laser

The Division of Jenoptik lasers & material processing provides their products for laser material processing on the LASER, stand C1. 320 at the trade fair of Munich between May 13 and 16 before. Efficient laser material processing by the new single emitter and laser bars by Jenoptik. The new Semiconductor Laser by Jenoptik are the perfect pump sources for fiber lasers and disk lasers. Due to their high efficiency by over 70% with very low beam divergence, they guarantee high output power and a high brilliance for long service life and low costs.

The 9xx nm single emitter with an aperture of 90 microns have a power output of 12 Watts. The efficiency of this performance and installation to passive heat sink is 64 percent. The maximum attainable efficiency is 74 percent. The 9xx nm mini bars are a perfect laser source: combine the high brilliance of the single emitter, with the low cost of mounting the bars. Maximum efficiency at an output of 55 watt and Assembly on a passive heat sink is 69 percent.

The improvement of the efficiency of the full bars for 976 nm with a fill factor of 20% particularly evident. These ingots reach an efficiency of 66 percent at 80 watts of power. For the optical pumping of disk lasers, the bars for a wavelength of 938 nanometers and 50 percent developed fill factor. Their efficiency when mounting on passive heat sink and a power output of 200 Watts is 64 percent. All the Jenoptik semiconductor lasers are manufactured under strict process control and meet the demands for highest quality, reliability and service life. New fiber-coupled diode laser module for materials processing. Jenoptik introduces a newly developed fiber-coupled diode laser module on the basis of half bars on the LASER in Munich. With this module, which a power output of 200 Watts from a 200 Micron fiber with 0.2 delivers, lasers & material processing Division expanded its product portfolio in the field of high-brightness fiber-coupled OEM modules.

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