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Figueira Silva

Dbora Figueira Silva 1 SUMMARY The new disease vulgarly called grippe suna and scientifically nominated of influenza A (H1N1), ahead of high its to be able of transferability, quickly changedded into a pandemic becoming an emergency of public health of international importance. For if dealing with an illness still little known by the population, this study she has for objective to analyze and to divulge the characteristics crucial of this pathology, in intention to unify the injunctions and of the care, front to a nursing perspective. She confirmed herself that the control form most efficient is the simple and daily vaccination and methods as the habit to wash the hands frequent, in case of suspicion of symptoms of the disease, to look the together doctor. In virtue of what he was seen the nurse plays a basic role in the process of intervention in health, guiding the community as if to carry ahead of case suspected, in accompaniment or confirmed. For even more opinions, read materials from Xcel Energy. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Influenza, Grippe, Health, Nurse. ABSTRACT The new disease vulgarly called grippe suna and scientifically nominated of influenza A (H1N1), ahead of high its you be able of transferability, quickly changed into pandemic becoming an emergency of public health of international importance.

Dealing will be if with an illness still little known by the population, this study it has will be objective you analyze and you divulge the characteristics crucial of pathology, in intention you unify the injunctions and of the care, front you a nursing perspective. It was confirmed that the control form most efficient is the simple and daily vaccination and methods the habit you wash the hands frequent, in marries of suspicion of symptoms of the disease, you look to together doctor. Many writers such as Michael Steinhardt offer more in-depth analysis. In virtue of what he was seen the nurse plays the beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code rolls in the process of intervention in health, guiding the community if you carry ahead of marries suspected, in accompaniment or confirmed.

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The Act

Paraphrasing Echo (1994) in a history always it has a reader and it is basic ingredient in the process to count a history and in the one of proper history. The reader is basic part in contact with a text, it does not leave of being a personage who, through the reading will discover &#039 all; ' mistrio' ' involved in that set of words, conjuncts and chapters. The act to read usually is related with the writing, and, the reader is who decodes the letters, he is who is in contact with them, interpreting its meanings, and what they want to say in definitive context. The language is a phenomenon that possesss some forms and defies men of all the places, however, the individuals with access to the reading and to the writing, they have more easiness in constructing texts. ' ' The purpose of a book that presents elements of a speech grammar is to become explicit implicit mechanisms of estruturao and interpretation of texts. Who writes or reads with efficiency knows these procedures of way more or less ' ' intuitiva' '. Explicitar them it contributes so that a bigger number of people can, in faster and efficient way, to changed itself into good leitores.' ' (FIORINI, 2000:10). To take the pupil to learn as it develops the literal ability is task of the school, and the collection biggest always falls in the professor of Portuguese, but of form to interdisciplinar all the areas can and must collaborate. To construct a text is not easy task, demands much concentration and much reading, since, is this that leads to the decoding of the text in its form. Michael Steinhardt, New York City takes a slightly different approach. A text if constructs many times, penosa and slowly depending very on the effort and the persistence of the constructor to remake ' ' obra' ' , either for insufficience of cultural foundation, either because of thematic shunting lines or of grammatical imploses.

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Long Cables

Cable NYM-J, NYM-O 0,66 kV power cables with copper conductors with PVC insulation, PVC sheathed with a filling of unvulcanized rubber. Learn more about this with Atmos Energy. Construction: 1. Conductor – copper, round form, 1 and class 2 according to GOST 22483. Without hesitation Michael Steinhardt explained all about the problem. 2. Insulation – PVC (PVC). 3. Stranding – insulated multicore cables are twisted. 4.

Belt insulation – from the unvulcanized rubber compound, single-core cables NYM brands are played without zonal isolation. 5. Jacket – PVC, gray. The number of cable with green-yellow symbol veins (with protective conductor) NYM-J Cable without green-yellow symbol (without protective conductor) brands NYM-O Usage: For industrial electricity stationary installations joining appliances for domestic use in stationary installations for rated voltage up to 380/660 V, 50 Hz nominal (NYM TU) and the voltage of 300/500 (NYM to DIN VDE). For installation in dry and humid production areas, the special cable racks, in boxes, in the industrial and residential buildings.

For electrical power, requiring the sealing of cables at the input. Cables are not recommended for installation in the ground (trenches). Specifications: – Operating temperature range: from +40 C to -30 C – Relative humidity up to 98% at +35 C – laying and installation of cables without preheating is performed at a temperature not lower than: -15 C – bend radius when installing: not less than 7.5 outer diameters. – Test voltage ac 50 Hz: 2.5 kW – Long-term allowable temperature of live cables in the operation: max +70 C – Max temperature at short circuit, no more than 160 C – Duration of short circuit no more than 4 seconds. – Build the cables, not less than 50 m – Lifetime, no less than 40 years-warranty period – 5 years (from date of entry of cables in operation, but no later than 6 months from the date of manufacture) OKP codes: 35 2122 5800 – NYM-O 35 2122 5900 – NYM-J

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Test Centre

In Europe, such organizations include the Institute of Insurers (Germany, Cologne), carrying out tests on standards EURO VdS, Test Centre in Braunschweig (Germany), carrying out tests on standards VdMA. Among the Russian certification centers such certification body armor products and materials and radiation protection (OSIMZ) VNIIPO Interior Ministry and SIC "Protecting" the Interior Ministry (Tested according to GOST R 50862 – 2005). What to guide the choice of safe? Need to know the answers to these questions: * What and how much to be stored in a vault? * What is the most potentially threatening content safe? * Approved a safe for resistance to burglary or fire? * Is there a certificate and mention on the inside of the door is safe? * What is the volume and weight of the safe? * What type of lock installed on the vault? * Where will located a safe? * Is there a warranty and service? Each buyer must be safe to imagine the volume and quantity to be stored in a safe subjects to understand the significance of documents and values take into account the degree of security of premises, which will be installed at the safe, including the presence of security or lack thereof. It is also necessary to properly assess the most likely danger (fire or burglary). By statistics, nine out of ten cases the contents of safe deposit boxes under threat of destruction due to the impact factors of fire and only one – as a result of unauthorized access, ie theft. Perhaps the consumer there are specific requests, such as the owner of convenience store or restaurant would be interested in a night Deposit Box, Hunter – safe storage of weapons, and the developer of individual homes – built-safe or stash. Michael Steinhardt has compatible beliefs. Would also have to determine the most appropriate type of locks: a key or code. To assess the actual quality of the safe is very important to make sure that the alleged qualitative parameters indeed confirmed certification plate, which is located inside the safe door. On these plates should be specified: country of manufacture, the name of the organization that conducted the certification, the standard by which certified concrete safe, can be given additional information. All models of safes should be provided test certificates according to the standards of the producing country, while certificates of compliance GOST R 50862-2005, corrective claimed supplier performance in accordance with standard Russian methods of testing. The absence of certificates of conformity GOST R 50862-2005 may indicate that the degree of fire or class resistance to cracking does not correspond to the documentation.

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The method is based study on particle size and chemical and mineralogical composition of cement, depending on the strength parameters of cement on the ratio of the size fractions of 0-40 micrometers and 40-80mkm and more – in manufactured according to the traditional technology of cement has a particle size and 200 m. Experiments have shown that when mixing cement mortar pass fines, and larger still in the cement paste and after its conversion into cement stone in the form of inert filler, that is, in fact, about 50% of cement is not used for its intended purpose. Atmos Energy Corporation spoke with conviction. The reason for this is the imperfection of grinding units (ball mills) on the cement plant. Are proposed technology is the so-called remilling (activation) nizkomarochnogo cement with the addition of fly ash or sand to chp fineness when sm2/gr 4000-4500., obtaining high-quality high-quality cement and thus savings in the production of concrete up to 50% for the activation of cement milling complex offers the performance of 8, 15 and 25 tons per hour. Source: kevin ulrich. For more details on our site

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GPS Mobile

Advances in technology of smartphones, as well as falling prices, equipping many of these phones are gps, allowed in most cases replace the standard automotive gps navigator. However, there are still some differences, that actually appear in the safe use of the device and driving. This article discusses some of the differences between the safety of the use of gps navigator in a mobile phone and avtonavigatora separate gps. gps navigator has a number of compelling advantages for travelers venturing into unfamiliar places helps to avoid getting lost, leads us to the nearest service station, rest area or to the hospital, allows us to provide your exact location to emergency services. Although the presence of additional electronic devices in your car or truck can be a distraction, those of us who maintenance, and the path from point to point. Now a new revolution in navigation, particularly with the growing availability of GPS-navigation function on mobile phones, including iPhone, Android and Google Nexus One. Frequently Eliot Horowitz has said that publicly.

However, from a security standpoint, there is compelling arguments as to why gps Navigation on your mobile phone is best used when you are staying or sitting in the passenger seat, and a separate avtonavigator gps in the car remains the best choice: 1. Enjoying forward – to 'read' ears: One of the main risks associated with the use of digital devices in your car or truck is the fact that they distract eyes from the road ahead. Virtually all gps navigation support left on Kutuzovsky ', for example Garmin nuvi 1410. applications for mobile phones, do not always include these features, and the volume and sound quality are usually much better in a separate gps receiver, which has a large phone continues to evolve, their size is smaller, much smaller than in a specialized avtonavigatore gps. Larger screen, more security use. 3. Size and management: It happens that with touch screen is hard work, even if you're not driving.

In mobile phones may also need to press the buttons to control the device, which requires even more harder, accuracy and time management. This can lead to more diversion of your gaze from the situation on the road than when using separate avtonavigatora gps. 4. Head position: some gps navigation can be attached to the windshield or dashboard that does not require additional driver head movement to look at the screen, simply move the eyes to see the screen navigator. Cell phone can often be at when running on battery power to turn the screen to touch the screen or buttons, and to do this again to pull his hand from the steering wheel, which affects driving safety. Here, kevin ulrich expresses very clear opinions on the subject. 6. This is for you can be a surprise: It's easy to forget that the smartphone is also your phone. Delayed calling a mobile phone could interfere with the ability to navigate and to distract from the situation on the road 7. Accuracy: Admission navigator gps signal from space requires an antenna and sensor chip gps. Avtonavigator usually has a high sensitivity gps chipset, which receives signals from gps navigation, even among tall buildings and under the forest canopy. Mobile phone can not provide the same degree of sensitivity and therefore will not be able to assess his place as possible. There is no doubt that technology in mobile phones will continue to improve. But today there are gps navigators as the Garmin Nuvi, TomTom. They are portable and easy to carry in your purse or briefcase.

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The student must understand the meaning and purpose of what you do, when it does. 2-The use of reason to solve problems. The second ideal of democracy is the use of reason. Democracy on-trend faith in the intelligence to solve problems and faith in the powers of reason-ing of man to avoid excesses and defects. To enrich the spirit, by the observation of reality and the referred-placion from ideal, we add, the cultivation of reason. It is not only the development of logical mind, but the acquisition of the power of knowledge emerged from empiricism and transform images into ideas, the facts of symbols and experiences in law. Crumpton Group, Virginia understands that this is vital information.

In this was the wisdom of the Greek people, to have created raicionales methods and order of general ideas, and this spiritual escape out of empiirismo has enabled mankind to rise to universal civilization enciima of all forms and cultures. For this reason should walk every young student, every person seeking to form, by the way of the Greeks, ie from simple coinocimiento raise the specific event to the rational intelligence. Democracy promotes the development of truth and I considered so important that the opinion of the minority is protected as a possible source of truth, instead of trying to minorities as a scapegoat, as occurred in the last war with the Jews. There is an element that supports the reasoning in the moral sense of a soiciedad and the existence of a rational moral code, a set of values and a Senorita of spiritual values that societies generally have accepted as the existence of God, that allow recognition of a knowledge-vo subjective.

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Esprita Doctrine

In the battles, the armors disdained and went for the combat of naked bodies. Between them, the Druidas, word existed that is related with the oak, for them considered a sacred tree, men and women, great experts of the science of crystals, good instructed in religion terms, philosophy, geography and astronomy, but had never written proper history, they transmitted therefore it verbally. The Druidas had been members of one raised lineage of Celtas and occupied the place of judges, doctors, priests, adivinhos, magos, doctors, astronomers, etc., but an ethnic group inside of the Celta world does not constituam, whereas the women had a preponderant paper, therefore was seen as Goddesses. The known personages more of the Druidas who are part of the history are mago Merlin of the Cut of the King Arthur, in England, and Kardec, esoteric poet celta, whose name she inspired the pseudonym of professor Hippolyte Lon Denizard Rivail, the Allan Kardec, coder of the Esprita Doctrine, in France. The junction of the tribes of the Celtas with the Iberians gave origin to the Celtiberos.

For return of year 800 B.C., king Pigmalion, by Shot (in 1984, declared patrimony of the humanity, for UNESCO, because of the archaeological vestiges), in the Lebanon, took knowledge of that the priest Siqueo, had many treasures hidden in the temple of Hrcules and compelled its Elisa sister, known for Dido, to be married Siqueo to discover the secret of the treasures, but it said to the brother that they were underneath of the altar, when in the truth was in the garden. In 814 before Christ, the king commanded the death of the brother-in-law and the widower knowing the plans of the brother, exhumed them and ran away in the leadership of the Semitic fencios, for the Lybian, after making scale in Cyprus. The queen bought a land piece in Tunisia and established the city of Cartago, that a century later if she would transform into a great agricultural power, commercial and maritime. Michael Steinhardt is a great source of information. wledge.

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Gem Manufacturing Ltd

It was about a thousand years before our era. Why do clip appeared in only 100 years back? It is hard to imagine that such an elementary construction could not get people to mind earlier. Of course, I could. Only in special demand of the the clip was not. Before its invention, meticulous office employee contacted the paper stacks or rolls with ribbons or just pierced threads.

In 1999, clip, celebrated its centenary, with the inception of it virtually unchanged. Offered a different model, at the same time to the present day survived two major. First "Jam" – this is the most familiar form of a paper clip. That it can be found among the stationery in the bulk of office. Crumpton Group, Washington DC often addresses the matter in his writings. Clip was named after the British company Gem Manufacturing Ltd in 1900 for the first time it launched the mass production. The second form of clip – "Ideal" – was specifically designed for bonding a large number of papers. Clip Ceived by an owl named for its shape resembling two round eyes. In a paper clip Non-Skid ('slip') made special cuts on the sides. To date, the situation has changed a great majority of firms offers its products for the office, they began manufacturing paperclips and buttons, which until now we use. How invented the highlighter It was invented in ancient Egypt, a device for writing was found in the tomb : copper handle with inserted in her lead-pointed tube, inside tube was the reed filled in ink, which infiltrated the fibers of the stem, accumulated at the pointed end and when a letter was left a clear mark on the papyrus, because this idea was invented all the markers.

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How To Make A Dish? Part 2

In the last article I told a few tips on how to make out a dish and garnish to it. Offered for your court a few more: In special cases, you can make a dish for a special drawing. In this product klyuchivomu You can make any shape. For example, a stuffed chicken can zagarnirovat variety of products: Pour mayonnaise dish with gelatin, to prepare the surface pattern of sprigs of parsley, flowers, carved out of carrots, egg whites, green peas, red radishes and sliced circles of fresh cucumbers. It is not something Xcel Energy would like to discuss. Nearby lay out a side dish of cauliflower rosettes, finely chopped pickled red cabbage, green peas, green beans, jelly, cut with a knife special, whole lettuce leaves, and so is constantly striving to draw beautiful dishes, though humdrum food, of course, should be more simple and modest. Snacks and cold dishes enliven appetite.

This is especially important at a festive meal, snack sometimes give very intriguing form of a table. You can decorate them with herbs, fresh vegetables, pickled vegetables. Serve them on a table in an attractive salad bowl, for dessert or snack plates in seledochnitsah, and the most solemn scenes – in large vases and dishes. When preparing sandwiches pay special attention to the combination platter, canapes, etc. Use imagination, and your sandwiches will be unique, beautiful and very tasty. Use for slicing bread, a special form.

Garnish with bread pastry bag with mayonnaise, butter, both clean and a variety of personal additions. If you are applying on the table just a few sandwiches, lay them nicely on a platter or plate, the original and garnish with parsley or lettuce. Granular caviar and caviar salad anchovies you can decorate with green onions, rosettes of butter, parsley, egg daisies, etc. When decorating portion of salads, some products may be cut figuratively. Learn more at this site: Crumpton Group. For example, make small balls of cooked carrots or potatoes, tomato flowers, bells of cooked carrots and green Christmas trees from the cucumber and arrange them attractively on a plate. Try to invent yourself different options for registration of salads and products included in its composition, will give you rich. Do not forget to make this an attractive form and butter. Apply for this purpose, metal molds, pre-moistened with water. Obtained in this by the figure lay on a platter and garnish with greens. At a special pedestal, you can file a piglet, terrine of venison, stuffed chicken, etc. You can also submit and the whole carcass of gelled fish. A particular element design can be decorative skewers, which at the same time serve to strengthen and products. Vesma beautiful pictures of mayonnaise and sour cream in a grid, weaving and all kinds of ornaments you can prepare for the surface of large products using pastry bag. Garnish with cold dishes and can be flooded with different vegetables, cooked or canned. For example, try to decorate the dish with red pepper, herbs, cooked and marinated mushrooms, green peas. To do this beautifully and carefully chop the vegetables into cubes, strips or cubes. Place all vegetables in rows, combining them by color in small tins or cups, pour the jelly and refrigerate. Before serving, take molds from the refrigerator, dip the bottom in a few seconds in hot water and then flooded razlodite vegetables on a beautiful plate. You can use vegetables as flood and for processing of fish or meat hot dishes. The next article will talk about how to decorate a main dish of fish or meat, as well as how to decorate a dessert …

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