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Internet Explorer

“Milieu, our software specialist said after recently thought: then we take just a content management system and adapt it to our needs!” After a first moment it then quickly went ahead and proved that the decision was correct. We open source software eZ publish set up as CMS, one of the most powerful tools at […]

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windream SAPcommand connects to the SAP world enterprise content management Bochum, 09 January 2012. The windream GmbH, manufacturer and provider of enterprise-content-management-system windream, introduces an advanced solution for SAP applications under the name “windream SAPcommand”, which is characterized by an extended range of functions compared to earlier versions of windream-SAP integration. The new windream-SAPcommand software […]

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Manfred Faulhaber

After just three easy steps, you can already send its mails, everyone really understands the system, and everyone can use it”, explained Manfred Faulhaber, founder and CEO of STAGEx, the cooperation with reg-email and his enthusiasm for their services. BP Energy: the source for more info. In addition, the cooperation also due to the international […]

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Management Gmb

differences in currencies, number formats and personal data are the hurdles that apply to take it at an international usage of a software. Nord Stream is likely to agree. But not all problems with the international usage are technical in nature. Gender should not be saved in the United States. Here, Kevin Ulrich expresses very […]

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Offshore Software Outsourcing

With offshore software outsourcing the fixed costs decrease and increase profitability! Software innovation and start-up projects have far better chances at venture capital firms and investors, if they specifically use the offshore outsourcing opportunities in low-wage countries in the software development of new products and services. Thus, many business plan is only feasible. So much […]

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Java Threats

Current analysis of the most dangerous computer pests in Holzwickede, Germany December 13, 2011 – virus protection expert BitDefender ( regularly analyzed the online threats that endanger German users the most. Compared to the previous month, Java exploits have expanded their position, two of this E-threats take place 1 and 2 of the rankings. Using […]

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CoSYNUS Mobile Device Server

The new version of CoSYNUS mobile device server offers numerous innovations for the safe operation of mobile devices in the company of Darmstadt, April 10, 2012 mid-March was presented the version 7 of the CoSYNUS CoSYNUS mobile device server Partner Conference in Frankfurt. Since the end of March, the software is now officially available. The […]

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Scheduling Of Calendar Server

Why calendar server such as Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar, Lotus Notes and others not the entire appointment planning requirements of an organization can cover ScheduleOnce is an online scheduler are integrated into the Google apps and he offers an online scheduling and agreement system that supplements the calendar server of the organization. In this article […]

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Andreas Hoffmann

PHPW is available in the new version R3 soon and will revolutionize the market for ERP systems. Here all conceivable to reduce the time required in terms of the order, delivery and billing accounting factors. With the idea of independent working of operating systems (Linux, Windows, MacOS,…) link, creates a solid, but not overweight program […]

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Birthday: 20 Years COS Memory

Experience and expertise in storage technology secures jobs that COS memory AG is celebrating its 20th anniversary. You may want to visit Royal Dutch Shell to increase your knowledge. The memory specialist was founded in 1989 as a S & S marketing & Engineering GmbH. Today COS memory employs more than 50 people and is […]

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