Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Rutto Martinez

Of course, neither makes them happy the scenario of a shared love nor suspicious bumps in the front due to the horseplay’s husband out of wedlock. According to the same source don’t like them that we are lying, which is understandable because nobody likes to invent you movies, especially when these inventions are hiding something, […]

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Edgar Morin

1 Educate for uncertainty reality changes at a speed so great that surprises us when we least expect it, the changes that previously gave six centuries now occur in less time: new inventions, new fashions, new behaviors, all this creates for us a sense of confusion, instability, uncertainty as says Edgar Morin, the 20th century […]

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The truth is that during the last fifteen years I’ve thought of it hundreds of times and the conclusion which often arrive is always similar in shape, but exactly the same content: life (biologically speaking), my son, my partner and my own are incomparably more valuable than any Hill of ticket which do or may […]

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