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Environments That Foster Invention

Josef Lichtenberg

Customers enjoy faster delivery times the article the French company Mauviel range nearly 1000 references. It is difficult to keep enough inventory in stock. The Josef Lichtenberg shipping from Konigswinter has accepted this challenge and in July 2009 started to expand its stock of these articles again. A prerequisite was a good observation of the […]

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Inventory Management

The Initiative Mittelstand INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2009 awarded again ASS_Mobile service with IT INNOVATION Prize”of the Huber Publishing House for new media GmbH ( the bridge between innovations and the middle class hits since 2004 annually. It features the most innovative and the most appropriate for mid-market products, solutions and services of in information technology. “Award for […]

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Beneficial Solutions

Easy to use, mobile inventory data collection as are in the inventory data collection many different company processes the same, whether in large -, medium-sized or small enterprises, it has can be the macro task made IDENT, used solutions, for most industries. So a large amount of development effort is not applicable for the user. […]

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Barcelona Fashion

Hippies with bandana and bathing suits of washed printings. Awkward people, rays, stars, steering wheels to all color. And joy to return to house. Totn Comella did not march past in its native city since the Gaud footbridge disappeared in 2005. In the evening its company/signature TCN yesterday abri the appointment 080 Barcelona Fashion – […]

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Invented Lodger

Small Guide to the tenancy to a lease to can end prematurely, some tenants come up with pretty imaginative stories. However, they should not underestimate the regulations of landlord/tenant law. Resourceful landlord know very well to resist, as recently a case before the Federal Court in Karlsruhe showed such tricks. The real estate portal […]

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Reinventing The Crisis

Leading companies are continually looking for new ways to conquer the market. They know perfectly well that the success in the present can be simply the prelude to future failure, and therefore there is no than rest on the laurels. This is a simple lesson that everyone should always bear in mind. Companies such as […]

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European Championships

World Cup: final Germany against England is once again: by the German group and the second place of the English behind the United States (!) there are – already – in the second round of the World Cup in South Africa the pairing, on which we have all been waiting for: Germany against England. “For […]

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Earliest Invention

The paper is an ancient human invention. According to historians, it was invented in China. The method of making paper was so simple and effective that it has reached our days. Of course, the rate of production of paper, technical tools and materials have changed. Today paper is of various colors, sizes and quality. Recycling. […]

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Aardman Animations

Concolino whets the appetite for research, science and technology and presents “Wallace & Gromits world of invention of Hamburg (03.08.2011) – reason to cheer for the numerous fans of the unusual plasticine Duo”Wallace & Gromit”!” The popular inventor Wallace who is a creative mind behind such high-profile creations such as the techno trousers and a […]

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Michael Kohler

the inventor and corporate/investor Portal new in Darwin that inventors and corporate/investor portal (, “the inventor Kinderwelt”, this can feel children and teenagers up to 16 years when it comes to the subject of inventions and ideas, because you are the great inventors of the future. Why are you asking the inventor Kinderwelt? You can […]

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