Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

The Sprouting

Already the parents, in its majority, feel themselves anxious and divided between perspective to see its children conquering new spaces, at the same time, to have that to leave them with unknown people. Not rare times are felt threatened to lose the love of its children or to have that dividiz them with others. It […]

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The Life

Culture (of the Latin culture, to cultivate the ground, to take care of) is a term with some meanings, in different levels of depth and different especificidade. They are practical and social actions that follow a standard determined in the space/time. If it relates moral beliefs, behaviors, values, institutions, rules that permeiam and ' ' […]

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Free Software

Therefore what is sought is to create pieces of software that really have a momentous evolution and that really contribute to social development because of the ease to acquire copies. The magic and power of unix at home: Unix is a fairly reliable operating system for high performance that was specially designed for mainframe computers […]

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Big Bang

Time-space is measurable. Therefore, they are not movements that if give in the infinite. The sequence of movements in finite time and space has that to be finite. that the universe is finite if understands, for being material it. Being the measurable substance, the universe has that to be finite. That the universe is finite […]

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Social Ability

We suggest four components of the social ability: mannering (CABALLO, 2002 and 2003), cognitivo (CABALLO, 2002 and 2003), physiological (CABALLO, 2003) and situacional (CABALLO, 2002 and 2003). Still according to this author, in relation to the reply classrooms that had been accepted amongst as much, we can cite: 1. To initiate and to keep conversations […]

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Cardsharing NTV

Analog transmissions, which appeared about 10 years ago, marked the beginning of satellite television. Huge expensive satellite antenna with a maximum number of channels in the hundreds, and the presence of noise when viewing – That the realities of satellite TV last time. Please visit Eliot Horowitz if you seek more information. Even then, the […]

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SALOMO Companies

Another fusing that was fought was between the oil Exxon and Mobbil that had formed the biggest company of extration and refining of oil of the world. How much to this situation it detaches well Hisses, This practical abusive, that elapses almost that spontaneously of the monopolista capitalism, is that the Constitution condemns not more […]

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International Motor Transport Forum

Who would have thought at the beginning of this year, which is the best role for the diversity represented by technology exhibition will be able to claim the International Road Transport Forum? Probably very few. However, the way it turned out, though in largely thanks to the abolition of "Comtrans and oskudevshey exposure InterAuto. And […]

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South American

At the global level should be raised a short-term project to take action. It is said that in this century the Earth's global temperature will increase by 1-6 degrees, you may not think anything at first glance. But rising by degrees bring drastic consequences.’>Pcperformer often addresses the matter in his writings. When the soil […]

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The liver cancer is divided in two categories: the 1) ELEMENTARY SCHOOL of the liver where the tumor is originated in the liver, in 80% of the cases, as the HEPATOCARCINOMA OR CARCINOMA HEPATOCELULAR, the COLANGIOCARCINOMA of the biliary ductos, in 5% of the cases, the ANGIOSSARCOMA in the sanguineous vases and the child the […]

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