Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

September Building

Constructed in 1919 for the trader Fortunato de S Gominho, who installed its commercial house there ' ' The New Esperana' '. The Pertaining to school Group ' ' Jlio de Mello' ' , building of mainly ambient value, presenting feio to the taste neoclssico, symmetrical according to its longitudinal axle. In 1929 the building […]

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Imperial Village

The district of Crossroads was servant, through Law n 03 of 18 of October of 1895 for the City council of the City of the Conquest. Of the Imperial Village of Victory had broken the first families who had installed the first farms of cattle in the district of peace of Crossroads, of which the […]

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Huyssen History

During a good time this event was conceived as a legend, that resisted the time for the orality in the contao of history, in some aboriginal communities the orality is the form to repass the culture of that etnia. Before written the values and customs they were repassed to the too much members of the […]

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Perpetual Truth

Our ancestral ones already looked ways to express the allure for the mysteries of the creation being deified the Nature. But the universality of the human thought, with its metaphors and symbolisms throughout the centuries in the search of the solution, the explanation for the Perpetual Truth and the enigmas and paradoxes of the present […]

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Burial was accompanied by fairly varied inventory. This tools – stone axes, polished with drilled holes in them, bronze knives and awls, weapons – flint arrows and spears, jewelry – bone pins with heads in the form of hammer, drilled teeth of animals and shells, ceramics. The vessels are decorated with various ornaments made by […]

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Europeans African

This previous contact facilitated the appearance in Brazil of ritosreligiosos with African structures, but with the presence of elements catholics. Some originary Africans of the region of Angola and the Congo had accepted ocatolicismo or some of its elements, when dediferentes members became brotherhoods, predominant until today in some religions. They exist muitassemelhanas in here […]

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Purchase Sick Leave

Should I use the purchase-sick leave? A bit of history. In the old 90s all the problems with obtaining the necessary medical documentation for absences closing or execution of the release of physical education solved pretty simple, buy a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates and a district therapist kindly agreed to write the […]

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Same One

Until why, exactly not being determinist, but she is very common that the people adaptem it the customs that it were tax since child, therefore ‘ ‘ a child is apt to the rising, to be socialized in any existing culture. This amplitude of possibilities, however, will be limited by the specific real context where […]

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She is through the inventories (5) that the material question is disclosed, its structure is basic to understand the movement of the evolution, the attributed value the parts, the custom to work in in agreement land the necessities, make of the produced products an exchange currency and even though for the repayment of you divide. […]

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Total Chaos

– it does not leave, please, son, the world this a chaos it are there enters here is safer. Then Bryan answers: – it does not full me mother I go for where I to want I do not need you. While Bryan has left its house, it its house blew up in pieces and […]

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