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On the basis of the study of the Managing Committee of noBrasil Internet (CGI), that it demonstrates to the evolution of the use of technologies of the information ecomunicao (TIC) in the Brazilian governments and the dosgovernados degree of envolvement in the approach with its managers, more becomes basic avaliaodeste advance in the relation citizen and government of located form. When we have access the sites doExecutivo municipal ( and state ( we perceive that to the management of the public thing it is each time more to the reach dapopulao, even though with the governing we can establish contact. In the mbitomunicipal, current mayor Beto Richa interacts with its townspeople by means of ' ' Virtual&#039 cabinet; ' (gabvirtual@ and Robert Requio, current governor of the Paran, uses ' ' He speaks with oGovernador' ' (governador@ The quefica question is if these canals can effectively be considered a way to dedemocratizar the public administration and a space of interaction between managers civil esociedade? In the attempt of qualificarmais this questioning I opted to trying the functionality of these canals. For in such a way, I sent a request of information on And-Governments for both efiquei I wait in it. After two days, the assessor of the governor, Marisa Villela, gave a return to me.

But, pera, waited a reply of the Requio, after all decontas the device is ' ' It speaks with the Governador' ' not ' ' It says with the Assessor doGovernador' '. However, obviously, as the necessary governing nobleman administrar399 cities, it needs the filtering of an assessor. Through the email ' ' He speaks as Governador' ' he is possible to make critical, suggestions, to take off doubts and with maisraridade compliments. In the first day of functioning, in January of 2003, the dogovernador box of entrance received only six messages.

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