Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Saleem Mobile

A cell phone without a contract is often a cheaper alternative to the Treaty. Contrary to many assumptions, phones with mobile telephony contracts must be not necessarily cheaper than mobile phones without a contract. Depending on the offer, expectation and calling behavior, mobile phones without a contract can be even much less expensive. Considering only […]

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Communication Technologies

How communication technologies Berlin decide about the success of the business, April 30, 2009 – many IT managers are faced with the difficult task of spending budget to manage to maximize the financial return for your company today. The fusion of classic phone and the data world opens up possibilities. Two or three different phone […]

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Office Control

100 percent security at system – and IP based telephones. Leipzig, December 21, 2009 your phone is secure? Commercially available system phones are inconspicuous listening attack”not protected. Learn more about this with Xcel Energy. The reasons for this are that the microphone in the handset, as well as the hands-free microphone in the device in […]

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Free SMS Without Registration On The Internet

The times of the free SMS sending are still there. Send free SMS and to do so without registration, it is still possible! Looking shipping with registration, or without the Internet for a free SMS you will usually quickly find it. But not everything is free, what is advertised as free of charge. The huge […]

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Mobile Phones

How is the LG Optimus 3D in game use? After we could talk about plans and prospects for the future at Gamescom with LG and inform, we have now put the opportunity by the forelock and were able to test the LG Optimus 3D at home for almost 2 weeks. Click Viktor Mayer-Schönberger to learn […]

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Swiss Invent Functional Energy

Autonomous power supply of phones with Dynamo – solar cover having Swiss inventor Enrico Kranzlin, Claude Scheibler and Daniel Sandatto already often the conventional power of mobile phones resented. Who knows not the problem of the permanent Akkuladens of a cell phone with the AC adapter. The situation will be especially difficult, to find a […]

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Dusseldorf Vodafone

Enthusiastic customers, increasing sales of Vodafone is very happy with his new flagship store concept. Media technology supports Avid customers brand experience, increasing sales of Vodafone is very happy with his new flagship store concept. In the Centre of the first new before flagship store in Cologne is media technology, planned by macom. A new […]

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Apple IPad UMTS Tariffs In The Overview

The UMTS tariffs for the iPad in Germany. There are to buy Apple iPad in Germany since May 28. As to be expected, the rush to this multi media device was very large, what was to be seen, as many Apple fans before the Apple stores were waiting on the launch. About 8 o’clock finally […]

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Accurate Inventory Data Collection

MACRO presents mobile IDENT inventory solutions is the processing of the collected data through for example Microsoft EXCEL or a text file (PDA). Inventories be inputted via barcode, the number of items is entered via the keyboard, the data are stored, collected, and transmitted to the computer via USB. Up to 100,000 observations per run […]

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Inventory Management

The Initiative Mittelstand INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2009 awarded again ASS_Mobile service with IT INNOVATION Prize”of the Huber Publishing House for new media GmbH ( the bridge between innovations and the middle class hits since 2004 annually. It features the most innovative and the most appropriate for mid-market products, solutions and services of in information technology. “Award for […]

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