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Social media marketing takes time. Too much time. The “30 minutes”factor shows that it still: 30 perfect used minutes. More and more German companies rely on social media marketing. Theoretically at least, because at the same time with the desire to act right now finally also here, especially smaller firms and freelancers are again an at first sight impossible task: they are often not only entrepreneurs, but also their best and only employees.

Because the biggest bottleneck is already pre-programmed time. Still a degree of uncertainty with regard to the actual benefits to, which was triggered by the hopelessly exaggerated some of the promises of some pseudo experts to the profitable use of social media is not uncommon. “In his now-published book social media marketing for entrepreneurs: the 30-minutes-factor” cleans up the author Jens Schluter with some social media myths. He is completely honest with the subject matter, weigh risks and rewards and promises nothing, what not over. It is practical, fast and understandable written the ideal companion of the first entrepreneurial steps in the social Web, as well as in the development of an own social media strategy and as a reference book, to digital stumbling blocks”at any time sent out to clear. Guest posts by Lars Schafer, Thorsten Hahn, Monika B. Paitl, Joachim Raj ear and Stefan Harmuth bring additional expertise to the various topics. Bibliography Jens Schluter social media marketing for entrepreneurs the 30-minutes-factor with guest contributions by Lars Schafer, Thorsten Hahn, Monika B. Paitl, Joachim Raj ear, Stefan Harmuth and a preface by Stefan Hagen.

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