Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Jacques Derrida

The sign becomes goal in-itself, creating a constructive logic of hermutica, where a parallel universe is servant, occurring one amalgam between possible and the ideal, authorizing us one to act a posteriori referenciado for a priori one and, what it foments a contradiction between abstract and Real. The logic of transmutao between Real and abstract […]

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Evelyn Keller

Nancy Chodorow adopted the concept of system of sex-sort in its study of the social organization of the education in the family, who produces the women as capable of not hostile relations of what the men, but that also it perpetuates the position subordinates of the women by means of its production as people structuralized […]

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Federal Government

But messages subliminares are not newness. The film ' ' I, Rob' ' it is a great message to subliminar anti-communist. Exactly that regimes of Soviet inspiration has not been there great thing close to what they intended, and same that in practical the individual freedoms hardly was curtailed in those countries, it would be […]

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Brazil Great

Since this form of generation of profits by means of the cultivation if accomplished as a sufficiently income-producing economy for the Portuguese crown, the devices, had started to be the main nucleus of the economic formation of the colonial times. The construction of these productive units needed a well-known investment in the infrastructure of the […]

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Studying Philosophy

Series Prof. Silvano BECAUSE TO STUDY PHILOSOPHY the study of the Philosophy it can in providing safe conditions to them for, in rational way, to make a critical one to one definitive reality, system, object or situation. He is that the attitude of the human being of critical sense inhabits, that one there that makes […]

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Super structure: Ideological politics and Is interesting the facts gifts in this set of documents, on the contrary of the Organizations to submit to the norms and rules imposed by the State, is in contrast, ‘ ‘ the State has that to bajular the Organizaes’ ‘. Which will be the explanation for everything this, will […]

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To explain this theory Mezzaroba and Monteiro they affirm that the same one if worries about studies related to the cognitivo aspect and the existing types of knowledge (2008, P. 6-7). Carrying, the theory of the knowledge is directly on to the philosophy, for enclosing related studies the mind, to the knowledge already gotten by […]

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