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Auto Catalyst

Autocatalysts – spetsustroystva formed to reduce the emission of harmful compounds in the air space. They are designed for mounting on both diesel engines and internal combustion engines. The first in the world catalytic converter was invented by scientists named Houdri. The device is then fixed on the car passenger car (we are talking about the mid-seventies), then the device continuously rationalized; unmodified equipment found application elements. Oxy-Catalist – a company Houdri, which he formed to produce vehicles that promote clean air space from the harmful impacts machines.

The engineer made the world's first catalytic converter in the fifty-third year of the twentieth century, but the mechanism was produced without result, as in gasoline at that time was a huge proportion of the element – Lead, which does not allow for a fruitful exercise filtering used substances. The device itself was not used until the time when an element is not stirred into the finished fuel as an additive to gasoline. It should be noted that only in the late 20 – x centuries there was an amendment to the law 'On the Clean Air Act' prohibiting the use of lead metal in the cars. Leaded gasoline was no longer produced in the third quarter of the 20 century, when federal law to any whatsoever cars were equipped with automotive catalysts. Team of experts led by Charles D. China, retool the original car catalyst specialized for passenger transportation. This modernized catalyst identified catalytic converter with three ways – it was actually right decisions for the implementation of control actions associated with an increase in the outflow of hazardous substances in natural space. Houdri died in 1963, it was, and not knowing how he invented a catalyst for cars began to change our lives.

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