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Dusseldorf Vodafone

Enthusiastic customers, increasing sales of Vodafone is very happy with his new flagship store concept. Media technology supports Avid customers brand experience, increasing sales of Vodafone is very happy with his new flagship store concept. In the Centre of the first new before flagship store in Cologne is media technology, planned by macom. A new interactive brand experience supports the media concept with many technical refinements. Vodafone praises also the ease of use of the solution. Macom State for Vodafone in the Cologne media technology of the art “planned: all three light walls will be jointly and separately controllable and can play back any content. HD cameras in the store allow live broadcasts on all video walls.

The speakers of the sound system are invisible, an additional mobile speaker system allows a loud sound such as events. Intelligent control concepts make optical fiber for a trouble-free transmission of digital video signals. Macom has also for the entire Media technology developed an intelligent control concept. The control of video content, audio and camera is housed in a front end on an iPad. It is built into the wall at the Office and serves as the Central touch controller for third-party systems, such as the lighting system.

It looks not just perfect, but is also easy to use. And what characterizes the system because our employees cope very well,”says Kai-Uwe Laag, head of sales strategy and site management at Vodafone. Here we have an optimum user friendliness. So is guaranteed that the system is efficiently.” In the Schildergasse simply the fixed media technology connected to let third-party systems. So Kinect cameras capture the movement of visitors, as silhouettes on the wall. We have exploited so far only the technical possibilities of the system at a fraction”, Pascal Nguyen judge the performance of new technology. A wide range of digital productions are possible with the macom solution Live broadcasts, product presentations, training we can implement as many new ideas and increase the value of the experience of shopping at Vodafone.” Claim success at the Dusseldorf Vodafone headquarters is communication not only with the solution in itself, but also the course of the project very satisfied. The verdict by Kai-Uwe Laag about the work of macom is spectacular and very professionally to the detail”. Many theme headaches had prepared at the project, but with the engineering company from Stuttgart you did together only twice, and then you could do yourself on verlassen.macom had the task to coordinate the many trades and monitor. And all this in just eight weeks time, from the start of planning to turn the plant. The macom GmbH is a neutral, independent engineer company for audiovisual (AV) communication solutions. On the market since 1995, the macom GmbH has become the leading German companies in the field of holistic AV planning and AV consultancy in Germany developed. Customers include well-known market leader and top 100 companies of various industries.

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