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Social Ability

We suggest four components of the social ability: mannering (CABALLO, 2002 and 2003), cognitivo (CABALLO, 2002 and 2003), physiological (CABALLO, 2003) and situacional (CABALLO, 2002 and 2003). Still according to this author, in relation to the reply classrooms that had been accepted amongst as much, we can cite: 1. To initiate and to keep conversations 2. To speak in public 3. Expressions of love, affability and affection 4. Defense of proper rights 5. To ask for favors 6. To refuse order 7.

To make compliments 8. To accept compliments 9. Expression of personal opinions, also opponents 10. Expression justified of bother, unpleasantness or boredom 11. To excuse themselves or to admit ignorance 12.

Order of change in the behavior of the other 13. To face critical the 14. To request a work satisfactorily They are accurately these answers that will be worked in the training of abilities, that will be seen in the next chapter. When trying to establish a model of the social abilities, we have that sending in them to the period of the infancy that is without a doubt a critical period in the acquisition of these abilities. Resumidamente, studies of Kagan and Snidman (1991), referring to the infantile temperament, indicate that approximately 15% of the children show a mannering standard of extreme distanciamento, shyness and passivity ahead not familiar objects, people or situations. Already others 30% comportavelmente are desinibidas, that is, active, sociable and exploratrias of new situations. Both the groups of these children, if not displayed to the not familiar one, are indiferenciveis. Already ahead of the not familiar one, inhibited children more will expose much less and when making, will not leave themselves very well, receiving little reinforcements for part of the people to its redor. Already the desinibidas children more, will have more pleasant behaviors, more reinforcements (caresses, smiles, compliments), and more chances to learn, to practise, and to be strengthened, retroalimentando this behavior.

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