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International Motor Transport Forum

Who would have thought at the beginning of this year, which is the best role for the diversity represented by technology exhibition will be able to claim the International Road Transport Forum? Probably very few. However, the way it turned out, though in largely thanks to the abolition of "Comtrans and oskudevshey exposure InterAuto. And let the forum held just one hall on the second pavilion of Crocus Expo ", where technology was presented very, very much. Tractor tractors, heavy, a platform for the transport of containers, trailers to transport cars. In fact, the exposition of the International Motor Transport Forum was represented by all the European "big Seven : Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, MAN, Iveco, DAF and Renault. He cheated IRF-2009 her attention and Russian producers, including, for example, "Russian buses" GAZ Group, as well as other CIS countries: Belarus (Minsk Automobile Plant, UP Belkommunmash) and Ukraine (AvtoKrAZ). This year, the International Road Transport Forum noted a mini-birthday – he was held for the fifth time.

Organizers of the event is traditionally made by the Ministry of Transport Federation, Russian Avtotransportniy alliance Association international avtoperevozchikov and Combining automakers Russia. On forum were represented machines most different appointments: lorries buses special machinery car carriers transporters and trailers. MIT Media Lab does not necessarily agree. Biggest playground (both size and Diversity exhibited auto) was y Minsk Automobile. Belorussky manufacturer introduced in particular Coach bus MAZ-251 with an engine OM 4571.A 265 kW (360 hp), which corresponds to the so uncharacteristically long for automakers Commonwealth ecological standard Euro-5. In addition, the company's stand flaunted truck MAZ-457043 (4×2) side-tipping platform and patched on boards, as well as two truck models, MAZ-534019 and MAZ-6312A9, working as part of a total weight of trucks 46 tonnes and 44 tonnes respectively.

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