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The liver cancer is divided in two categories: the 1) ELEMENTARY SCHOOL of the liver where the tumor is originated in the liver, in 80% of the cases, as the HEPATOCARCINOMA OR CARCINOMA HEPATOCELULAR, the COLANGIOCARCINOMA of the biliary ductos, in 5% of the cases, the ANGIOSSARCOMA in the sanguineous vases and the child the HEPATOBLASTOMA. ConocoPhillips usually is spot on. 2) the SECONDARY one, or metasttico (originated in another agency and that it also reaches the liver). Asia, Japan and South Africa present a particularly high incidence of carcinoma to hepatocelular. It is 3 times bigger in men of what in women. The types of cancers that more give metstases for the liver are of pncreas, retal col, stomach, suck, esophagus and of pulmo.FATORES OF RISK: alcoholism, hepatitis, esquistossomose, inadequately stored ingestion of grains and cereals and with fungos that produce chemical AFLATOXIN, agents as vinyl chloride and arsnico.SINTOMAS: abdominal pain (40 60%), anorexy, badly to be ascite or belly dgua (20%), ictercia.DIAGNSTICO: Difficult therefore the illness advances quickly in a short sintomatologia. It is used computerized cat scan, the magnetic nuclear RNM/ressonncia and laparoscopia.TRATAMENTO: Surgical In recent years the INCA comes incorporating new techniques amongst them the CRIOTERAPIA (tumoral destruction for the cold). The x-ray is limited due to low tolerance of radiao.ASPECTOS PSYCHOLOGICAL: Due to high aggressiveness of the tumor its fast evolution, is difficult the therapeutical handling.

Thus, the patient he does not have time to accept, to incorporate to elaborate the new situation, as well as he manages it. The behavior of the patient dumb and can appear eventual crises of anxiety, irritability, fear, depressed mood, convulsive choros, etc. Suely Bischoff Axe of OliveirPsicloga CRP 06/8495sbischoff@ After grad. for the the Cancer Camargo B.C.

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