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Birthday Present

When gifts to more throw the hoped-for joy and with enthusiasm the children whenever children are a year older, the birthday is celebrated extensively. Parents, grandparents, friends, acquaintances and relatives gather around the birthday child, to make it live up. Traditionally, there are also gifts in addition to a delicious birthday cake. If however no […]

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The Desire For A Baby

If that longed for, hoped and expected baby not come will always still considered it in our society is of course, a young married couple soon expecting. If it corresponds to the life plan of the pair, neither is against this view. Unfortunately, it is often so that sits the couple themselves under pressure to […]

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Michael Kohler

the inventor and corporate/investor Portal new in Darwin that inventors and corporate/investor portal (, “the inventor Kinderwelt”, this can feel children and teenagers up to 16 years when it comes to the subject of inventions and ideas, because you are the great inventors of the future. Why are you asking the inventor Kinderwelt? You can […]

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