Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Michael Kohler

the inventor and corporate/investor Portal new in Darwin that inventors and corporate/investor portal (, “the inventor Kinderwelt”, this can feel children and teenagers up to 16 years when it comes to the subject of inventions and ideas, because you are the great inventors of the future. Why are you asking the inventor Kinderwelt? You can easily answer that, children are resourceful and imaginative as adults, only children have a problem, you you don’t listen, we already and with an own world for the kids, because unless the kids can in this world access to nobody. Here, the kids can announce to your heart’s content, your ideas and visions. Should something put his man could it is possible as the big a patent, utility model make royalty or even a project, we support actively in and it all goes to make it with right things. Also the ability to sell a plan, much like the big a drawing or an idea. Of course nothing happens here without the consent of their parents. Just kids your Darwin children inventors look team supervisor Michael Kohler

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