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NASA Inventions

Travels not only have the Moon in Vista transparent braces translucent polycrystalline alumina (TPA) was developed by NASA to protect infrared antennas of heat-seeking missiles and tracking equipment. Here also the invisible, curly braces the braces are made. It came onto the market in 1987. While the braces in children and adolescents belongs to the everyday picture, long wearing orthodontic devices in adulthood is still relatively rare, although in recent years a proliferation is increasing. There are many possibilities of treatment to correct misaligned teeth. Scratch-resistant glasses are glasses no longer, as it name suggests, made of glass, but rather from plastic produced. However, the problem is: the surface of plastic scratched very quickly.Because of the dirt and the small particles in space, NASA developed a special scratch-resistant coating. This was used for the first time at the sight the space helmets and is today used for glasses.

The plastic coating made ten times more resistant than non-treated plastic the glasses. Visoelastischer foam 1966 waited NASA with Temperfoam a special foam polyurethane. The material was used because of its shock absorbing properties for seats in the space capsule. Among others, football player to bolster their helmets. Now the material is also used for shoe soles or mattresses. Viscoelastic mattresses and cushions the body to adapt. The mattresses feel hard at first. Body temperature and I weight will quickly soften the material, exactly conforms to the shape of the body.

The pressure of your body is minimal, much like a waterbed over the entire surface. For shoes, gel insole technology in athletic shoes is shaped like gel inserts of the technology from the moon boots of Neil Armstrong. Special deposits cushion joints and protect so the joints. In the 1980s, the first athletic shoe manufacturer, this technique have used for their shoes.

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