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In our time, generally, the following types of plasters, which are used in exterior and interior finishing works: plaster, cement and sand, limestone. Increasingly, for interior apartment Gypsum plasters are used. And not in vain, because the cast has a number of distinctive features: plaster quickly prepared and just as quickly hardens. Plaster can be applied in one layer, and layers – without sacrificing quality coverage. For comparison, the cement stucco is applied in three independent sloya.Gipsovaya stucco is economical because of its relative deshevizny.Takoe coverage is universal – it almost immediately after the application is ready for oklevaniya wallpaper, tiling, painting and drawing t.d.Vysokaya speed allows you to process a large area just a few hours. Gypsum, compared with cement much more pleasant to the touch, and has better heat and sound proof pokazatelyami.Gips more durable – it does not get dirty as chalk, do not fall off as flakes of mortar, plaster a wall covered in if necessary spike, twist plugs and anchors.

The only requirement for gypsum plaster is a relatively stable low humidity, so the cast is mainly used in internal repair jobs. Knauf MP-75 – dry mortar, based on gypsum binder with polymer additives. Designed for high-plastering walls and ceilings by machine, for example, by plastering machines PFT G5, PFT G4, PFT Monojet, which provides a significant advantage in performance compared to the manual method, especially for large volumes of work. Is applied to all the usual solid foundation (masonry, cement plaster, concrete, etc.). Plastering machine used for such tasks: preparation and application of the method of spraying plaster and cement plaster on virtually any surface to be treated; fill gender and performance cement screeds, mortar preparation, construction adhesives, as well as feed pre-mixes, fills cracks and voids in structures.

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