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Protective Coating

First layer of the treated coating with a thickness of 3-5 mm removed in a single pass milling machines, grinding and then make 1-2 passes grinders. The maximum degree of exposure of the filler is achieved readout of the surface layer for a total thickness of 5-7 mm. At paper machines to organize a thorough and timely cleaning sludge from the treated surface. Depending on the total area of grinding the operation performed with hand tools or special machine-sludge-podborschikamp CO-181. After the end finishing, mechanical treatment and care of the coating covers the ground near the walls, bulkheads and columns arrange skirting the solution. Surface impregnation flyuatami caulk and concrete pavements produced no earlier than 10 days after placement of concrete at room temperature of 10 C.

Before impregnation coating is dried and thoroughly cleaned. Apply solutions at each impregnation prior to the termination of their absorption. As flyuatov used aqueous solutions of fluorosilicic acid or zinc, magnesium and aluminum salts of this acid, harvested no earlier than 5 days before use. Impregnation produces 3 times at intervals not less than 24 hours at each concentration of the solution process is respectively 3, 7 and 12% by weight. Impregnation coating caulk initially produce liquid glass density of 1070 kg / m, and after 1 day – an aqueous solution of calcium chloride density 1120 kg / m. It shall perform three times at intervals of not less than 1 day.

With repeated treatments used liquid glass density 1090 kg / m solution of calcium chloride and a density of 1200 kg / m. After graduating from impregnating the coating surface is washed with water. Protective layers are preferably polyurethane varnish UR-293 and SD-294, as well as polyvinyl butyral primer VL-278. Apply lacquer coating must pas the concrete in the initial period of hardening – after sanding. The coating surface before applying the protective layer is cleaned of dust, industrial vacuum cleaner, wipe with a damp cloth and primed. Priming varnish UR-293 was diluted with solvent R-189, supplied by the manufacturer together with a varnish, to a viscosity of 9.12 with by viscometer VZ-4. After the primer is applied a layer of varnish UR-293, and then a layer of varnish UR-294. The primer and varnish is applied Manual brushes and rollers or spray. Apply each subsequent layer of varnish can be only after the previous dry out and will not give a tack. In the process of drying, coating each layer protects from moisture or moisture. Concrete flooring should be smooth. Horizontal or slant rack cover test-pattern control with level. Adhesion of the coating with the underlying layer or overlap is determined tapping the entire area. In areas where the change in sound when tapping points to the lack of adhesion, the floor should be left there. Cracks, potholes and open seams in the floor elements, as well as the gap between the coating and baseboards are not allowed.

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