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Finishing Wood Furniture

Most things in the operation loses its beautiful appearance. The surface may become darker, the paint peeling in places and left behind. Finishing furniture can be opaque and transparent. First, as a rule is called masking and is applicable to ordinary wood: pine, spruce, birch plywood and other species. Transparent finish filled with a variety of ways: high-gloss finish – way to varnish varnishes Alcohol-based, nitro lacquer and oil varnishes. Mirror coating – a way buffing polish alcohol (used to finish more valuable furniture). The quality of color is largely dependent on preconditioning the wood surface. For dirty surfaces or lacquer paint stick is not very good and colorful film may peel off.

First, line the surface with a loop (Woodworking tools such as steel plate, with a curved blade at right angles to the lateral planes), after polishing. Not hard woods loop does not handle. Used for grinding skins – first coarse, then fine-grained. When sanding block (wood, stone) obvorachivayut sandpaper and polished with no particularly heavy pressure. After grinding the surface of wood rubbed with a cloth dampened with water or a weak solution of wood glue. After drying – grind fine grit sandpaper. Before you begin to furnish a resinous wood, and equally to remove old paint or varnish, the surface of the furniture cleaned with a brush soaked in acetone (one part by weight) with water (three parts by weight) or soda solution, heated to 60 degrees Celsius (2 – 3 tablespoons per liter of hot water). After that furniture should be wiped cloth or brush dampened with warm water to remove soda. Source: RemontMoskvy.RU – News and articles of construction and repairs, classified ads

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