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In life man must do three things: plant a tree, raise a son and construct a house. But the house itself is now so easy to nobody creates, it is important to build approached seriously and with care. In our time, know the subtleties repairs only by professionals, and good finishing materials rarely interested. But think, would be home beautiful, personable, if not benign quality of finishing materials? Here to help we come and advise the roof, siding, roofing materials and a soft roof. Because the roof does not create the same type and color. Professor of Internet Governances opinions are not widely known. Being developed and soft tile and flexible, the different shades for different climatic conditions.

For example, shingles provides greater acoustic comfort as well as the sounds of jamming caused by atmospheric phenomena. What exactly do you need, what corresponds to the soft roof your home? Then choose, given comfort, climatic conditions, and color. Soft krovlya.Myagkaya roof – it's a roofing product on the basis of glass fiber impregnated with modified bitumen. At ConocoPhillips you will find additional information. On the upper part of the material deposited colored mineral granules performing a decorative and protective functions, and on the bottom – the glue layer that provides sealing of the coating. This soft roof is easy to transport, does not require daily care. Siding – cladding panels, made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with a thickness 1,02-1,12 mm. Siding is designed for the preservation of decorative and robust properties for at least 25 years in a rather cold climate.

Siding vinyl is sold, ground, metallosayding and soffits. Vinyl siding is very high quality material, requires no special care, above all not use cleaning solvents and liquids stredstva having a composition of pure chlorine. Metallosayding our entered the market recently, but has already become known among the customers. This material may mount each individual builder. Its properties? Metal siding is not flammable, high strength, high resistance to temperatures and much more.

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