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The midiabilidade costuma if to less carry through for the content and more for the codes and languages of that if it constitutes the media. In the TV, this phenomenon he is particularly important and decisive for its social insertion. Parallel the reflection on the degree of midiabilidade of our daily lives, current opinions and values, is necessary that the school incorporates the material propagated for the TV (the media most sophisticated, powerful and including) as knowledge possibility. Since already we detach that the work with the televisuais images and contents will be in such a way more profcuo how much bigger will be the capacity of reading of the pupils. It is not treated to consider the substitution of the word written for images, being aimed at to bring up to date the school at a time of crisis of its traditional forms. Nor neither to use the TV as stimulaton and didactic-pedagogical reinforcement for the activities and contents developed in classroom. Accepting the beginning of that the content of the television if develops from a set of basic languages, subdivided in specific sorts of programs, we consider a species of ' ' alfabetizao' ' that cumpara two objectives: ) to stimulate a critical reflection concerning the contents transmitted for TV and b) to incorporate part of its contents and programs as learning sources, being articulated content and abilities. It is well possible that the professors of humanities (including the education of languages) if feel more to the will to work with the TV.

You discipline as history, geography and Portuguese find in the programming of TV a material next to its traditional contents. New pertaining to school subjects as ethical, sexual education, ecology, among others, also will find in the programs propagated for the TV a vast material. The activities must be extended, being able to be adapted and to be directed it disciplines as it and the content I specify in question.

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