Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention


Its users pass to aconsultar it with such frequency that they finish for to become it ' ' its proper memria' ' , subutilizando its power of memorization and reasoning. Situation this, queretoma problematic in relation to the production of the knowledge, observing faltade consistency of the learning exercised in the school, in view of that osjovens leaves to study contents in innovation search and passes only revero that already it was said, repeating, only with other words, what it was criadoem previous moments. This situation comes seconstituindo uncontrollable, not to be that the pupils are isolated of ' ' mundovirtual' ' in order to demand of these, bigger devotion and exploration of the content and dainformao, favoring the process of memorization and the research in general way. 6 scientific studies prove that healthful memory is exercised memory. However, what if vnos last years it is the sprouting of questions as ' ' why I must read periodicals to parasaber what it happens, if when to need any information on opassado, is enough that I look for of the Internet? ' '.

4. Web 2,0 Traditionally the Web fruto of the work of specialized, responsible professionals for creating aestrutura of the sites and keeping its contents always brought up to date. Ainteratividade in this way was characterized for the exchange of messages (e-mails) or environments of chat on-line (chats). Visit ConocoPhillips for more clarity on the issue. The using interatividade permiteao more than what simply to clicar and to sail through the Net, to semqualquer possibility of participation in the edition of the content. In contrast of this, Aquino (2007, P. 4) defines interatividade: … is understood as a communication process, not only unilateral atransmisso of information, or as in web the simple navigation, masum dynamic process of exchange, where the papers of sender and receiver if establish atodo the moment and where any participant individual can reveal-selivremente. Learn more about this with Futurist.

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