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Environments That Foster Invention

Also Motta

This passed to be protected by the State Absolutist with intention to increase the exportations, and consequently, to the ingression of verge for the nation. However, after the consolidation of the mercantile and industrial bourgeoisie as hegemonic social classrooms, absolute the real power passes to be questioned and after that knocked down with French revolution, in 1789, consolidating the industrial production. From this moment the production processes go if intensifying. Grupo Vidanta. The search for a bigger accumulation of capital, for the capitalist, if becomes each bigger time bringing in its cerne transformations, as much in the production way, as of industrial reproduction, reing-echo in the life of the worker. It is what it will be explicitado in the following item. 1.2 The Industrial Revolution and the Organization of the First Plants With the advent of the capitalism, the relations of production and reproduction of the work in the system manufacter had passed for intense modifications in intention to increase, each time more, the accumulation of capital. Spider (2003) argues, of synthetic form that, from century XVIII, in result of the increase of the productivity, mechanization is introduced in the textile sector and after that in the metallurgist. In this way of production, the work instruments are removed of the hands of worker and transferred to machines the vapor, acting directly in the raw material in the objetivao of the desired result.

According to Spider (2003), these changes lead, automatically, to an increase in the production and search ephemeral of accumulation of capital for the employer. The author evidences that she has a growth of the diligent population, in result of these transformations, characterizing one ' ' increase of the exploration of the proletariat and the subumanas conditions of vida' '. Also Motta (2006) points the impugnated social cost to the diligent classroom for the decurrent economic growth of the mechanized manufacter system.

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