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An Open Letter To Christian Wulff

Please to the new Federal President: character set for the protection of girls from genital mutilation Hamburg, the 06.07.2010. “Representative of the nationwide Alliance for the protection of girls against female genital mutilation” asked the new President today in an open letter, to send a signal to human rights: the sponsorship of his predecessor for […]

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Black And Yellow

Citizens connect social demolition while the tips of the CDU and FDP in Berlin coalition negotiations economic competence, are the citizens of split opinion about the future Government. The news portal surveyed its users, which they expect development. With the departure of the Grand Coalition, the SPD into opposition adopted. Quite a few voters […]

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Federal Republic

It is only when you pull with EU States and attacks the new levy on all European stock exchanges. At least the British but show not the slightest inclination to make life difficult for the last major commercial taxpayers in their de-industrialized country. No air booking, but a misnomer is the ecological air traffic levy. […]

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