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It is only when you pull with EU States and attacks the new levy on all European stock exchanges. At least the British but show not the slightest inclination to make life difficult for the last major commercial taxpayers in their de-industrialized country. No air booking, but a misnomer is the ecological air traffic levy. Because the Coalition is not trust, to introduce a kerosene tax, the State with the flight of tourists can collect, without to the private aviation. At the end of quotations. I have seen Yes – what was delivered, or may refer only to the debate, in my political experience, with my 64 years. Here concrete is electoral fraud to facts false to the Vorspielung and ultimately in the large-scale (citizens need more from their hard money in your Pocket keep, more net of the gross, etc) all contained.

And it is just that you need to know to the consultation of the federal budget. We are talking 80 billion, in any case, the redemption or repayment of debt, these. The 80 billion serve only compliance with the mast smelling criteria and compliance with the debt brake, which was adopted by the Parliament. During more debt are made of four spar orgy, which, as we now see, can never succeed. This savings binge will have a devastating impact in the social security budget and how it can be different – on the social market economy and have in particular on the internal market.

The savings volume, which reached 80 billion is the largest programme to promote poverty in the Federal Republic of Germany that was ever set up. If it is now (see quotations) is not possible on honest manner about to bring together 11th billions, how is that with the remaining 70 billion go further. Answer: “Without words”. And how should the debt paid off speaks be traced that are both questions on the, until now no answer, there. The total international debt is about the 2einhalbfache of all economic goods of this world. At the same time are set in shares, bonds, government bonds, pension funds, etc. on savings accounts, off er billions. How does all this fit together? We have just bailed out the banks, the also had nothing more, so where is the money and where are the debt? International economists with a worldwide reputation, say it is highest yet so go 2-10 years in our global financial system and then comes the total pop. The debt bubble will burst when something happens. What must happen nobody knows exactly. What I told here is not a conspiracy theory, and also with conspiracy to do nothing. It is the naked truth and a financial Apocalypse that we are heading towards. The world leaders are the horsemen or the lemmings that we run into the abyss. People who worry about under such international prospects -, whether you would have to cut the pension of Hartz IV recipients or give more to them, are truly no help and the problem never recognized nor understood. There is the attempt a reply or encounter (…), maybe even more. I know only my and have heard nothing from the other. Wolfgang Bergmann author of renewable cash, renewable means of payments

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