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Treatment of Mesotherapy or mesopuntura is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that involves the injection of microscopic amounts of certain pharmaceutical products, homeopathic products, and vitamins to treat a broad spectrum of medical problems. Mesotherapy treatments can solve acne problems, eliminate cellulite, stretch marks, and a myriad of physical defects. Commonly used to cope with aesthetic problems, Mesotherapy treatments are also used in the case of illness and injury. Mesotherapy for cellulite treatments: firstly, reduces fat in the area where cellulite is. The combination of injectables increase circulation in a specific area. Finally, Mesotherapy treatments soften the skin, addressing the damaged areas of the connective tissue.

As treatments Act on fat deposits, found that they are also useful to promote weight loss in the selected zones. The way in that this works is that treatments made existing fat cells are broken, and also prevent the cells have the ability to store fat. Mesotherapy treatments rejuvenate skin. Abigail Black Elbaum is often quoted as being for or against this. After treatment, the skin looks fresher and clearer. Much of the loss of elasticity that is common in aging can be restored by these treatments.

Cell rejuvenation is a common result of treatments. This makes the production of collagen and elastin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Treatments of this nature may be used for the face and to remove the Chin with Mesotherapy, but they have also shown their effectiveness for skin the arms and hands. Mesotherapy treatments have become very popular since they are not invasive. These treatments require no recovery time and may even be in a lunch hour and the patient can return to work the same day. Patients should not consume caffeine before a Mesotherapy treatment, and should not be wear makeup immediately after a facial treatment. Slight pain or bruising in the place where treatment was received is not frequent. These side effects will be reduced with the use of a topical or oral dose of arnica. The number of Mesotherapy treatments needed and the results differ from person to person. An important factor in the number of treatments needed is the severity of the condition of the injections that are given to treat. Many patients are beginning to see the results as soon receive injections. Mesotherapy results are long lasting, if it is still aging, suggests regular injections as maintenance.

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